Notice on selling of Telecommunication Equipment
Under the Telecommunications Act (the “Act”) and the Telecommunications (Dealers) Regulations (the “Dealers Regulation”), any person who wishes to manufacture, import, let for hire, sell, or offer or possess for sale any telecommunication equipment (e.g. mobile phones, tablets, walkie-talkies, wireless devices etc) must obtain the relevant dealer’s licence from IDA.  Please note that it is an offence under the Act to offer for sale or sell telecommunication equipment without the requisite dealer’s licence.  

Those found guilty of offering for sale or selling telecommunication equipment without a dealer’s licence may be subject to a fine of up to S$10,000 and/or 3 years imprisonment. 

Things to note before selling telecommunication equipment

- Apply for a relevant dealer’s licence from IDA via Online Business Licensing Services.

- There are two types of telecommunication dealer’s licence:

o Dealer’s (Class) Licence – The licensee can sell (a) registered and approved telecommunication equipment (i.e. telecommunication equipment registered with and approved by IDA) and (b) telecommunication equipment set out in the First Schedule of the Dealers Regulations. There is a one-time licence fee of S$50.  This licensee cannot sell non-registered telecommunication equipment.

o Dealer’s (Individual) Licence – In addition to what the Dealer’s (Class) licensee can sell, the Dealer’s (Individual) licensee can also sell non-registered telecommunication equipment, but only for re-export purposes (e.g. sale of non-registered telecommunication equipment to tourists for use in other countries).  The licence fee is S$250 for 5 years. 

- If the telecommunication equipment offered for sale is meant for local use, register the telecommunication equipment with IDA via For more information please refer to

- The dealer’s licensee will have to ensure that the telecommunication equipment complies with the relevant IDA technical standards before registering the telecommunication equipment with IDA.

- If the telecommunication equipment offered for sale is not registered with IDA, indicate clearly “For Export Only and not for use in Singapore” in the display or advertisements.

Enquiry Contacts 

- For enquiries related to licence application, please call 6211 1950.
- For enquiries related to equipment registration, please call 6211 1937.

Useful Links

- Guidelines to Application for Telecommunication Dealer’s Licence
- Guide for Registration of Telecommunication Equipment

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