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Flying Wheel Brine Abalone (10 pieces) x 3 cans

New Look, Quality Even Better!

- Perfect 10, Japanese species whole piece

- Easy open feature

- Ready-to-eat instantly

- Good to pair with any food options

Original Taste the Brine Way

Tempt your taste buds with Flying Wheel abalone – the beacon of premium quality and wholesome deliciousness. Each Flying Wheel contains 10 full-grown Japanese species abalones. Available in Brine, pair it up with other food choices or eat it straight out of the can!

Quality Abalone Harvested from Clean, Pristine Habitat

Quality abalones only grow in the right habitat - the right water temperature, the right water quality and right air condition. Flying Wheel selects only Japanese abalone species for cultivation. Only the quality ones that met our stringent checks are harvested and immediately canned to ensure optimal freshness and locking in the irresistible taste of one of the best abalone brand in Singapore.

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