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These high quality pieces are from Brazil and many have rainbows, phantoms and inclusions with nice deep purple color. Amethyst is the stone of St Valentine and of faithful lovers, because St Valentine is believed to have worn an amethyst ring engraved with an image of Cupid.  It was once believed that you can call any love by speaking his or her name in an amethyst! An unpolished amethyst in the bedroom such as this one-of-a-kind piece guards against nightmares and insomnia which is great for children's rooms. Amethyst is known to aid in meditation and visualisation. Did you know that an unpolished Amethyst can be used to recharge your other crystals? Amethyst relieves stress, dispels anger and anxiety. Additionally, Amethyst like all purple stones stimulate the Third Eye Chakra and attracts divine energy. For customers in Singapore: You can choose to buy on Shopee here -- Please note that the unique metaphysical properties of each crystal is based on testimonials and metaphysical experts knowledge. It is not a promise that the crystal will cure any ailments or solve problems. As these are natural stones and crystals, there may be natural pockets or lines in the stone. The color may not be 100% true to the pictures due to the camera but we try our best to reflect the true color.

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