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◈B. I (BI) Official Official Hand Lamp [Bin Bong]◈

✨B. I (BI) Official Official Hand Lamp [Bin Bong]

✨ Content

- Outer Packaging

- Official Hand Lamp


- Maunal

- Photo Card 1 Entry (Random 1 Entry Out Of 2)

❌First PRESS (Photo card 1ea) IS NOT INCLUDED❌

📅 Released 10/2022

※ Very fine scratches or imprints are not a reason for refund or return.

✔Outbox is a protective agent to protect this product, and there is no exchange or refund because of contamination or damage that may occur during the distribution process.

✔There may be some scratches on the product due to the manufacturing process. This is a natural phenomenon that occurs during production and is not a defective product, so exchanges/returns are not possible.

✔In the case of prints and printed matter (photocard), imprints, scratches, press marks, etc. of less are not subject to exchange or return, except for portraits. Also, You cannot exchange or refund the bent photo card that can be unfolded normally again.

✔Products that have been delivered for more than a week cannot be exchanged or refunded and returned.


😊Welcome to Our Store, Kpop merch !

⭐KPOP_merch is Korea based Global Sales Company.

⭐Officially distributed Brand New & Factory Sealed product.

⭐Minor scratches and discoloration of the case can not be exchanged or returned

⭐No Charge for safe packing

⭐No Down payment

#Bi #Bilightstick #Biofficial #Binbong #Official #Lightstick #Bibinbong

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