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D PROGRAM Allerdefense Essence Sunscreen SPF50 PA+++ (For Normal And Combination Sensitive Skin To Protect Against UV, Pollution & Dryness) 40ml

3 x Defense in 1 Step!

Shield: Develops a uniform separating film on skin, blocking fine foreign particles, dust, UV rays and other allergic substances

Absorb: The separating film is formulated with "Absorbing Powder” to instantly absorb any airborne particles attached to the skin.

Neutralize: The absorbed particles are neutralized so that they are harmless to the skin.

Formulated with Allerdefense Technology NEO to:

*Prevent oxidation of skin

*Anti-friction formula for better adhesion to skin

*Prevent static-electricity by maintaining moisture

Chemical-free sunscreen (UV absorber)

Formulated with DP Complex and super hyaluronic acid to protect the skin from dryness

Protects against pollen-induced skin problems

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