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ELGYDIUM BABY TOOTHBRUSH 0-2 YEARS ELGYDIUM BABY 0-2 years old is a learning toothbrush for toddlers. Its playful design encourages children to brush their teeth. Its perfectly rounded strands respect the teeth and gums of young children. Its head protector ensures optimal hygiene. THE ADVANTAGES OF THIS PRODUCT Playful Gentle on teeth and gums Handle suitable for children's hands EFFECTIVE FOR Children's cavities RECOMMENDED FOR Infant HOW TO USE IT One brushing per day is sufficient. Brush to use without toothpaste until the child knows how to spit it out. THE OPINION OF THE DENTAL SURGEON When the child knows how to spit out, the ELGYDIUM Baby brush can be used with a suitable toothpaste (fluoride dosage less than or equal to 500 ppm) from the eruption of the first teeth (at the age of approximately 6 months). Note that a very small amount of toothpaste is sufficient. Available in 3 colors: pink / yellow, blue / green and green / orange

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