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ELGYDIUM CLINIC 7/100 POST OPERATIVE TOOTHBRUSH ELGYDIUM CLINIC 7/100 POST OPERATIVE should be used for brushing in patients with oral mucosa damage, in particular in the following cases: ulcerative necrotic gingivitis and periodontitis bullous dermatosis erosive desquamative lesions induced radio or chemo mucositis THE ADVANTAGES OF THIS PRODUCT Finely rounded Tynex 7/100 mm strands Flexible handle and thin collar Protective case EFFECTIVE FOR Adult cavities Sensitive gums RECOMMENDED FOR Teenager Adult HOW TO SANITIZE IT Sanitizable in the microwave (1 minute at 600 W in the presence of water) Please read the instructions carefully before use. THE OPINION OF THE DENTAL SURGEON In certain diseases, the use of a classic toothbrush, even a soft one, is not recommended because of the extreme sensitivity of the oral mucosa. However, it is essential for these patients to maintain good oral hygiene to avoid infectious complications. In some patients brushing is part of the treatment! PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USE. If you need more information and advice, ask your pharmacist. If symptoms worsen or persist, ask your pharmacist for advice or consult a doctor.

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