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ELGYDIUM JUNIOR TOOTHBRUSH 7-12 YEARS ELGYDIUM JUNIOR 7-12 years old is the toothbrush for the first permanent teeth. Its perfectly rounded strands have been developed to respect children's teeth and gums. Its scalloped cut makes it easy to clean interdental areas. THE ADVANTAGES OF THIS PRODUCT Non-traumatic rounded strands Scalloped cut for cleaning between teeth EFFECTIVE FOR Children's cavities RECOMMENDED FOR Junior HOW TO USE IT Three brushings per day, after meals, ideally with ELGYDIUM Junior 7-12 year old toothpaste (bubble gum flavor). THE OPINION OF THE DENTAL SURGEON Protecting the first permanent teeth from cavities is essential for healthy teeth throughout life. Good habits taken during early childhood should be nurtured. Good brushing helps maintain the health of your teeth. Available in Soft, in 3 colors

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