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ELGYDIUM KIDS MONSTER TOOTHBRUSH 2-6 YEARS ELGYDIUM KIDS MONSTER 2-6 years is a toothbrush that has a small head specially designed for small jaws. Its flexible and finely rounded strands have been developed to respect teeth and gum tissue. The cut of the end of the strands is concave to accommodate the bulging surface of the milk teeth. THE ADVANTAGES OF THIS PRODUCT Fun to motivate children Gentle on teeth and gums Handle suitable for children's hands EFFECTIVE FOR Children's cavities RECOMMENDED FOR Children HOW TO USE IT Two or three brushings per day, ideally with ELGYDIUM Kids 2-6 years toothpaste (banana, frosted strawberry or grenadine flavor). THE OPINION OF THE DENTAL SURGEON Colorful strands placed in the middle of the head allow children to dose the toothpaste to place on the brush. Its ergonomic and non-slip handle ensures a good grip and it is provided with a small suction cup at its end allowing the toothbrush to be held upright. It is supplied with a protective head cap for optimal hygiene Available in 4 colors

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