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ELGYDIUM WHITENING TOOTHBRUSH The ELGYDIUM WHITENING toothbrush is a brush fitted with ultra-polishing microbeads (Microball System) for better whitening efficiency while respecting the enamel. For radiant white teeth. THE ADVANTAGES OF THIS PRODUCT Polishing microball strands Ergonomic handle Head guard for optimal hygiene EFFECTIVE FOR Teeth whiteness Adult cavities RECOMMENDED FOR Teenager Adult HOW TO USE IT Brushing three times a day after meals, with a specific toothpaste, for example ELGYDIUM WHITENING. THE OPINION OF THE DENTAL SURGEON The ELGYDIUM Whiteness toothbrush is complementary to toothpastes and whitening treatments: ELGYDIUM Whiteness toothpaste for daily brushing and ELGYDIUM Brilliance & Care. Available in Soft , in 3 colors

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