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ELGYDIUM ORTHO-X ORTHODONTICS TOOTHBRUSH ELGYDIUM ORTHODONTICS brush is intended for adults with orthodontic appliances (braces). Its patented X-shaped strand implantation technology provides optimal brushing: the crossed outer strands clean hard-to-reach areas and the central strands brush the rings. THE ADVANTAGES OF THIS PRODUCT Strands in Tynex Brushing inaccessible areas Optimal brushing of rings EFFECTIVE FOR Adult cavities Sensitive gums RECOMMENDED FOR Adult HOW TO SANITIZE IT Sanitizable in the microwave (1 minute at 600 W in the presence of water) THE OPINION OF THE DENTAL SURGEON ELGYDIUM ORTHODONTICS Adult toothbrush has external crossed bristles (in X) which pass under the arches of orthodontic appliances and clean difficult to access areas. Its central strands are shorter and resistant for optimal brushing of the rings.

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