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ELGYDIUM SENSITIVE TOOTHBRUSH The ELGYDIUM SENSITIVE toothbrush is an ultra-soft brush with silky bristles, intended for people whose sensitive teeth require painless and effective brushing. It has an ergonomic handle for an optimal grip. THE ADVANTAGES OF THIS PRODUCT Ultra-soft silky strands Flexible Ergonomic handle EFFECTIVE FOR Adult cavities Sensitive teeth RECOMMENDED FOR Teenager Adult HOW TO USE IT Brushing three times a day after meals, with a toothpaste intended for sensitive teeth, for example ELGYDIUM Sensitive teeth. THE OPINION OF THE DENTAL SURGEON The ELGYDIUM Sensitive toothbrush provides effective and gentle cleaning of sensitive teeth and bare necks. Its silky strands in Tynex (an extremely resistant and hygienic nylon), whose ends have been tapered with a diamond disc, allow a non-aggressive brushing which respects the enamel. Its non-slip handle makes it easier to grip and a head protector protects it from dust and bacteria.

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