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ILIFE / W90 Cordless Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaner Self-cleaning (Floor Washer) 0.7L Clean Water Tank 0.5L Sewage Tank Voice Reminder 洗地機 吸塵機 無線 家用 幹濕
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ILIFE W90 is a new intelligent floor washing robot. It can not only clean the floor, but also can  recycle the sewage in real time. The combination of washing and vacuuming can make the floor more clean without remaining stains, saving you more cleaning time.


Intelligent voice prompt system

The working state of the machine will be broadcast by real-time voice, so that you can know the working state of the robot at any time. If the device is turned on or off, or the battery is low, please put it back on the charging base to charge.

There will also be real-time machine failure alerts if the machine encounters problems during operation. If the water is scarce, please add clean water; The sewage tank is full of water, please clean the sewage tank; Please clean the rolling brush, etc.

The display light in the middle of the fuselage can also indicate the different states of the machine for you, which can easily and clearly understand the current state of the machine.


Clean sewage tank separation

The machine uses 0.7L clean water tank and 0.5L sewage tank separately designed, water inlet and outlet double channel separation, clean water tank ejects clean water, sewage tank recycling sewage, put an end to sewage secondary pollution, so that the ground wash more clean, more efficient work.


More comfortable handle design

More comfortable handle design, during the use of the finger does not need to keep in the opening key, ergonomic handle design, even long time use, still can let you maintain good comfort.

The water jet button is located below the handle, which is ergonomically designed. It can be operated with one button according to the work needs and use water as needed.


Cleaner roller design

The rolling brush adopts a combination of soft and hard design, which can not only clean the floor and tile ground of different materials, but also clean the stubborn stains and cracks on the ground more efficiently when running at high speed.


Super long endurance

The machine has a built-in six 3000mAh lithium batteries, running in standard mode, the maximum battery life of 30min, providing ultra-long battery life, one charge can handle more cleaning needs for you


Automatic cleaning button

After the machine is used. Put the machine in the charging tray. After starting the self-cleaning function, the machine will automatically set 1Min self-cleaning time. Can effectively clean the roller, at the same time cleaning residual stains. No dirty hands, no smell, simple and convenient.


Convenient charging tray

When the machine is used and cleaned, it can be put back on the charging base to charge. The charging tray can not only charge, but also store, which covers a small area. The self-cleaning roller can be placed on the tray to dry, which is more convenient and fast


Washable filter screen

The machine adopts washable and replaceable filter screen (sponge). After cleaning and maintenance of the machine, the filter screen can be used again and keep strong suction for a long time.


Warm tips:

一、It is recommended to remove large rubbish such as piles of hair and scraps of paper from the floor before cleaning. So as not to block the suction

二、Only clean water is recommended for the water tank, and it is not recommended to add any cleaning fluid, because the cleaning fluid will damage the water tank




- Model number: W90

- Color: White

- Suction :13000pa

- Continuous cleaning for up to 30 minutes (depending on usage)

- Rated power :150W

- Battery capacity :3000mAh lithium ion battery

- Charging time :4-5 hours

- One-click self-cleaning

- Double tank design technology

-0.7L clean water tank capacity

-0.5L sewage tank capacity

- Noise level :≤75dB

- HEPA Filter (washable/removable)



Company Profile

For years, our robot cleaners have helped Tens of millions of families around the world to create a clean living enviorment. As the world’s leading robot vacuum cleaner manufacturer, we continue our research into robot cleaning technology, developing products that make home cleaning even easier and more efficent.

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