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Lunavie Disposable Breast Pads design with contoured 3D Shape, these hygienic and comfortable pads fit discreetly & securely onto a mom’s bra with their double adhesive tapes. Individually wrapped, they are leak-proof and super absorbent. Feature: Super absorbent & leak proof – day or night Locks in moisture for optimum dryness and comfort Perfect fitting Contoured 3D shape to provide perfect & discreet fitting Ultra thin & discreet under clothing Helps mums look and feel great between breastfeeds Double adhesive tape Non-slip tapes to keep pads in place Hygienic & Convenient Each breast pad is individually wrapped How to Use: Remove the individually packed breast pad from the packaging Peel off the double adhesive tape Stick the pad on the inside of your bra cup. Make sure the soft cotton lining is facing your skin Caution: Change your breast pad frequently Keep out of reach of children If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Consult your doctor if condition persists

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