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NEW[W.DRESSROOM]Season 3/W.DRESSROOM DRESS & LIVING CLEAR PERFUME 70ml / 150ml *BTS Jungkook's Favorite*
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[W.DRESSROOM]💥Season 3💥W.DRESSROOM DRESS & LIVING CLEAR PERFUME 70ml / 150ml💥BTS Jungkook's Favorite💥

💖 For sale at department stores in Korea

👉 As a rule, we make sure to ship the latest products first.

💥 If it's not genuine in Korea, I'll give you a 100% refund and 200% compensation💥

💥 Warning

1. Even if it's the same product, different vendors have different expiry dates.

2. Check the expiry date carefully before you buy it.

3. Watch out for imitations.

4. If the price is low, there's a reason for that.

5. Our mklabel products are safe.

💥 1EA (*70ml/*150ml)

✨Daily Solution.

💥 Product name - 💥HOT NO. ITEM💥

1. NO.97 April Cotton 150ml / NO.97 April Cotton 70ml

2. NO.49 Peach Blossom 150ml / NO.49 Peach Blossom 70ml

3. NO.45 Morning Rain 150ml / NO.45 Morning Rain 70ml

4. NO.34 Always happy 150ml / NO.34 Always happy 70ml

5. NO.11 White Soap 150ml / NO.11 White Soap 70ml

6. NO.98 Secret Musk 150ml / No.98 Secret Musk 70ml

7. No.40 Chic Amber 70ml

8. No.26 Herb Woody 70ml

9. No.03 Baby Green Tea 70ml

10. No.02 Coconut 70ml

11. Seasonal Edition Spring 70 ml

12. new NO.48 PEACH LOVE Osmanthus 70ml

13. NEW Jinx's couple Rainy Aqua (Soo-kwang) 70ml

14. NEW Jinx's couple Sunny Rose (Seulbi) 70ml

💥 Special additional products.

💥 Binggrae Dress Perfume 70ml.

1. NO.1974 Banana flavored milk 70ml. (Banana scent)

2. NO.2004 SAENG TAENG Tangerine 70ml. (Tangerine scent)

3. NO.1985 Binggrae candy bar 70ml. (Soda scent)

💥 Disney dress perfume 70ml

1. NO. 014 Snow White 70ml. (Floral herb scent)

2. NO. 015 Jasmine 70ml (scent of citrus green tea)

3. NO. 016 Little Mermaid 70ml (Aqua Marine's refreshing scent of beach orchids)

4. NO. 017 Beauty and the Beast 70ml (Light floral scent)

😍 Country of manufacture : KOREA

💥Effectiveness and performance

1. Fiber Perfume / Designer Perfume

2. Citrus musk scent that embraces the freshness of the lime with the soft and sweet scent of vanilla

3. Recommendation for use: bedding, in-car, bedroom, daily clothing

👍 Features

1. It is a slightly acidic wash and protects the moisture ballages of alkaline skin that have collapsed

2. 99.9% antibacterial, deodorizing effect, refreshing as if washed every day

3. Use high-quality fragrances that can last for a long time as if you're wearing perfume

📚 Directions

1. Spray 2 to 3 times lightly with a distance of 20 to 30cm on the desired area

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