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New National Trendy Mahjong Small Puff Wet Dry Dual-Use Easy-To-Apply Makeup Fixing
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Product category: wet puff Imports: no Brand: other Material: hydrophilic polyurethane Size: 4x3 x 2.5 cm Cargo number: hair, medium Soft skin - friendly texture, clothing, bubble water becomes large, wet and dry, Q soft, quick rebound. Even makeup does not eat powder, aperture < 1mm, touch more delicate soft, lift foundation concealer, super saving liquid foundation!!!! This liquid foundation usually uses the blender to make up this effect, sponge gas will absorb the surplus foundation. Make-up is more light, suitable for oil skin, can be very good oil control, dry concealer, wet more clean, foundation isolation is available, with powder blush is also perfect!!! Sealed box packaging, ensure safety and hygiene, easy to carry. Water rapid, expansion is before 1.5 times, like tofu Q bounce touch, creative mahjong puff, hair!!!!! With it as if even good luck with the ha ha~~~~~~ novice must enter!Good to see fouls, good makeup helper, from inside to outside, lucky full score!!!!Also with storage box, practical super strong, soft FUFU resilience very good, makeup fast super-clothing, dry powder natural uniformity, wet powder clear delicate~~~~~

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