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Dear customers, Take note that there might be some color differences in the actual product and the picture. For actual product, do have a look at customer feedbacks. Do feel free to speak to our customer service. Royal specialists will be more than happy answer your question. The Royal stand mixer is the perfect appliance for bakers, home cooks and culinary experts. The powerful motor makes quick work of kneading dough, whisking butter and milk, egg whites or meringue powder. This machine can be used for baking everything from sweet treats to savory dishes. It is a must-have for people who do not have time to make cakes, muffins and other pastries by hand. *******Complimentary give away: Secret baking recipes which you can find out only inside our user manual.****** Story of Royal Royal Stand Mixer is a local Singapore based creation. Offering a finest home solution for your home baking needs. The machine is fitted with local 3 pin UK plug. The machine is local Safety Mark Registered, certificate of compliance acquired. Royal offers a warranty period: 1 year, subject to terms and conditions. Ultra high power: 1100W Stainless Bowl Ultra Large capacity: 8L Voltage: 220V-240V, perfectly suitable for Singapore local usage. Speeds: 6 speeds + pulse Dimension of stand mixer: 396mm x 235mm x 349mm Easy to operate: The stand mixer is able to mix quickly at various speeds which you can adjust by turning the knob. Royal stand mixer offers a simple operation with minimum controls. The minimalist and simple design make it easier for anyone to operate. Easy to assemble: All the accessories are very easy to be assembled and replaced. The hood can be raised up and put down with ease by simply pressing and holding the golden button. Secure and safe system: Our product has a protective system. When it is being used over long operation period, it will stop automatically to prevent overheating and unnecessary damages. During operation, if the hood is being lifted up accidentally, the machine will have its power cut off and stop its operation, acting as a safety feature. NOTE TO CUSTOMERS: 1. Dough hook, beater and whisk are suitable for normal dishwasher, If exposed to heat or caustic cleaners, they might become misshapen or discolored. 2. Please allow the parts to dry thoroughly before reassembling the device. 3. It is recommended to apply a small quantity of vegetable oil lightly to the screens after they have been dried up.

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