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Selleys SUS304 Kitchen Sink Tap – U Shape comes with changeable cartridge, is made for cold water and complies with PUB Water Efficiency (WELS).


- Comes with changeable cartridge

- For cold water

- Crack resistant

- Comply with PUB Water Efficiency (WELS)

How to use:

1. Turn off the water supply and remove the old tap from sink.

2. Secure new tap to sink.

3. Connect the water inlet to tap.

Handy tips:

- Ensure that the pipe and tap are free from sand and debris before installation.

- This product can be used under water pressure 0.05-1.0mpa, and water temperature 0-90°C.

- Clean the nozzle periodically to ensure water flow is smooth.

- Do not use acid/detergent agents to clean the surface.

- Use plain water only to clean the surface of your fittings with a soft cloth.

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