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Sandokkaebi Washing Machine's Tub Cleanser [450g Large Pack] [100% Authentic Korea]_ READY Stocks SG
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_ READY Stocks SG_

Sandokkaebi Washing Machine's Tub Cleanser [450g Large Pack] [100% Authentic Korea]

Highlights and features :

• SANDOKKAEBI’S tub cleanser will remove mold and harmful gems of washing machine

• Cleanse the residues that build up on your drum, pipes, seals and all throughout your machine, get rid of the dirt and grime that create nasty odors to leave your machine smelling clean and fresh.

• Eliminate to improve your machine's efficiency and protect against breakdowns and expensive repair bills

• Suitable For Front-Load & Top-Load Washers

• Suitable for plastic and stainless steel tub

• Non-corrosive ingredients

• Weights : 450g

• Made in Korea

Recommended application:

1. Use 1 whole sachet of the washer tub cleaner into the drum of the washer.

2. DO NOT pour into detergent/softener dispenser.

3. Run the machine with Maximum water level for 5-10 mins. Best with warm water

4. Off the machine and let it settles for at least 2 hours.

5. Run the machine for a full washing cycle

6. Use one sachet per month for regular cleaning

7. Suggested dosage: 8kg tub uses 450g

8.**Useful tips : use a net scope to scope the floating dirt or debris



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