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Discover the Essence of Elegance with SHOLAYERED Fragrance Body Spray 100ml Subtly Enchanting: Elevate your daily routine with a fragrance designed to linger beautifully. Our Fragrance Body Spray is masterfully crafted to offer a subtle yet memorable aroma that gracefully accompanies you throughout the day. Create Your Signature Scent: Infused with the potential for personalization, our unique formula encourages layering with other fragrances to forge a distinctive and personal aroma. Just a few sprays integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle, adding a refined touch of luxury to your every moment. Versatile Sophistication: More than just a body spray, our product stands out as a versatile choice for any setting. Whether used as a perfume or a cologne, it delivers a natural, refreshing scent that is perfectly suited for professional environments, casual outings, or elegant evenings. Unisex Appeal: Our Fragrance Body Spray is a quintessential accessory for both men and women. It’s designed to captivate with its natural charm, leaving a profound impression on everyone you meet. Its light, refreshing notes make it an essential addition to any fragrance aficionado's collection. Indulge in Distinction: Do not hesitate to embrace the luxurious sensation of our Fragrance Body Spray. Experience the boost of confidence and the enchanting aura it brings to your presence. Make it your daily companion and let your scent tell a story as unique as you are. #Description of the scent can be viewed in the image. About the difference in the color of fragrance Some citrus scent liquid such as lemon peel are yellow, however it is not a defective product so please use it as it is. The reason of the liquid being yellow is because it includes natural essential oil, so the fragrance of citrus tends to turn yellow. Every year, there are differences in the color of fruits harvested by the change of weather, however there are no problems with the quality so please use it at ease.

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