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Tramontina Paris Skillet with Tempered Glass Lid, Aluminium/Non-Stick/Starflon Max
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The Paris Line is perfect for those who enjoy preparing many yummy meals for their family and friends.

In addition to pans of different capacities, it also features frying pans, boilers, couscous pans, a bain-marie set, wok, and fondue sets among others.

Made of aluminium and coated with Starflon Max non-stick material inside and out, they ensure uniform cooking and are easy to clean as food does not stick to them.

The internal decoration of the pieces represents the delicacy and dedication of cooks.

The heat-resistant handles, holders, and knobs ensure safe use.

They may be used on gas, electric, or glass ceramic (electric resistance) stoves and are dishwasher safe.

Product Code: 28517624 (2 short handles)

Diameter: 24cm

Dimensions: 37.6 (L) x 25.3 (W) x 13.6 (H) cm

Product Code: 28518626 (Black) / 20510726 (Red) / 28518726 (Red Texture)

Diameter: 26cm

Dimensions: 51.9 (L) x 27.4 (W) x 1.41 (H) cm

- Cookware in aluminium with internal high quality non-stick coating.

- Better non-stick surface.

- Greater scratch resistance.

- Longer lasting.

- Easier to clean.

- PFOA free.

- 5,000 cycles of ScotchBrite abrasion test conducted inside Tramontina laboratory.

- Heat resistant Bakelite handle.

- Lightweight and comfortable for everyday use.

- Can be used on Gas/Electric/Glass Ceramic (electric resistance) stoves.

- Cannot be used on induction stoves.

- Dishwasher safe.

- Made and quality-controlled in Brazil.

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