Debunking The Myths: 5 Best Baby Milk Formulas For Newborns And Infants

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While breastfeeding is perceived as the norm for feeding infants, it can be a problem for mums who face pumping and lactation difficulties. If you’re struggling, don’t worry — there’s no shame in trying formula feeding. Today’s selection of baby milk formulas are as good as breast milk and are made with ingredients that guarantee that children grow up healthy! New to buying milk formulas and want to know the best baby milk formulas that’ll fit both your needs best? Before diving in, let’s clear some of the myths that have given formulas a bad rep.

Debunking the myths about formula feeding

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1. Nutrients formula can’t compete with breastmilk

Contrary to popular belief, today’s best baby milk formulas can certainly hold their ground against breastmilk. Some formulas even contain a more varied offering of vitamins than breastmilk! While specific vitamins can differ across brands, your child will be getting the same immune boosting and body growing properties — sometimes just as good as regular breastmilk!

2. Formula feeding reduces bonding time

One common myth is that formula feeding reduces chances of bonding between mother and child because of the lack of skin-to-skin contact. However, you can easily surpass this by trying other ways to bond, such as maintaining eye contact and talking to your baby when bottle-feeding. This will dispel any notion of mums being distant and unfocused during bottle feeding sessions.

3. Once you start formula feeding, you can’t go back to breastfeeding

Even if you’re offering the best baby milk formula for your child, there’s the fear that bottle feeding can cause breast milk supply to dry up. This holds some truth as the body tends to produce less when there’s lesser demand from your baby. To ensure a constant supply, pediatricians recommend supplementing bottle formula with breast milk 

Best baby milk formula for nourishing feeding sessions


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If you’re seeking the best baby milk formula that guarantees a healthy upbringing, look no further than the balanced and premium nutrition offered by NAN OPTIPRO 1 (available on Nestlé Infant Nutrition Official Store). With the use of premium whey proteins, this cow milk-based formula relies on 150 years of infant nutrition experience to deliver a comprehensive milk formula for newborns. The formula also boasts DHA and ARA fatty acids, which help to develop your baby’s brain and eyes and supply probiotics to encourage smooth digestion!

2. Enfagrow A+ Gentlease

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For both experienced and new parents, gassiness and bloating are common issues feeding issues . Whether it’s to do with digestion specific proteins or the feeding position that’s causing air to build up, it can be challenging to feed a grumpy baby. Fortunately, baby milk formulas like Enfagrow A+ Stage 3 Gentlease (available on Enfagrow A+ Official Store) guarantee easy digestion with its hydrolysed protein content. Hydrolysed protein allows for faster absorption and reduces the chances for any tummy discomfort. It’s no wonder many parents trust Enfagrow A+ Gentlease as one of the best baby milk formulas you can buy!

3. PediaSure Gold

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Wish there was more variety when it comes to milk formula flavours? The yummy vanilla and chocolate flavours in PediaSure Gold will surely be a treat for your baby’s taste buds! PediaSure Gold Value Pack (available on Abbott Official) is scientifically formulated to boost growth on three fronts. Besides physically helping your child grow taller, PediaSure Gold also promises increased immunity support and bone development! It achieves this by including 34 key nutrients that boost muscle function and bone development.

4. Dumex Dulac

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Stressed out by the monthly milk formulas bills? Don’t let its affordability fool you — Dumex milk formulas are a great option when you want to offer your child the best while on a budget. Dumex Dulac Stage 1 (available on Dumex Official Store) is our favourite budget-friendly option! Gram-for-gram, you’ll be hard pressed to find a milk formula brand that’s such terrific value for money without skimping out on previously mentioned essential nutrients like DHA and ARA. This guarantees that your little one won’t be missing out on nutrients during their crucial formative years!

5. Kendamil Organic Toddler Milk

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If you’re particular about added synthetic ingredients like corn sugar or preservatives in baby milk formulas, give organic Kendamil milk formulas a try! Unlike regular formula milk for newborns and toddlers, Kendamil Organic Toddler Milk (available on Kendamil Official Store) prides itself on letting toddlers enjoy the tastiness of full cream milk without fear of exposure to harmful additives. On top of its full flavour, you’ll also appreciate how Kendamil uses plant-based DHA so you can worry less about potential stomach aches for your little one. Regardless of how fussy your baby is, they’ll enjoy drinking their milk to the last drop thanks to this winning formula!

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