5 Cute And Easy Back-To-School Hairstyles For Girls

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Make your mornings less stressful with quick and cute hairstyles for girls in the new school year. These neat hairstyles are not only pretty to look at but will also keep the hair off their faces so they’ll be comfortable whether in class or during P.E. lessons. From braided to no-braid hairstyles for all hair lengths, we show you how to jazz up your kids’ hairstyles without breaking any school rules!

Simple and cute hairstyle for school girls

1. French braid ponytail

This cute hairstyle for girls is perfect for active girls. If your daughter is in a sports CCA or loves playing outdoors during recess time, then she’ll love this french braid ponytail — braid just till the end of her head and leave the rest of her hair in a pony. This neat hairstyle allows her to play to her heart’s content without any hair strands getting in her face.

How to:
1. Centre part your girl’s hair with a sharp tail hair comb (available on Kent Brushes Official Store)
2. Section off one side and tie with a hair tie
3. Plait a french braid on the other section of her hair
*French braiding is easier than it looks! It’s basically a regular braid with the hair separated into three sections. All you have to do is add a section of hair into the braid as you go along.
4. Use the sharp end of the comb when adding new hair into the braid. This will help the braids look more precise.
5. French braid to the base of her head and tie the rest of the hair in a pony
6. Repeat on the other section of hair

Duration: less than 10 mins, depending on hair length

2. Side twist ponytail

Are hair braids just not your forte? Fret not! You can still create a cute hairstyle for your girls with this easy side twist look. It’s a super simple hairstyle for school girls with shoulder-length hair so no more excuse for not styling her hair just because it’s too short!

How to:
1. Using a hairbrush or a Tangle Teezer (available on Beauty Sense), part her hair to one side
2. If her hair is dry, you can spritz some hair spray or water
3. Brush her hair though again while keeping the parting
4. Start on her left section hair and twist her hair from the base towards the right
5. While holding that section hair with your left hand, do the same on the right section hair and gently twist it towards the left.
6. Tie the hair with an elastic hairband (available on SINMA Official Store). You’ll get a chic side twist ponytail.
7. Tidy up the hairstyle of any flyaways and ta-dah!

Duration: about 2-3 mins

3. Fishtail braid

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We love this stylish and simple hairstyle for school girls. Fishtail braid has a more bohemian vibe compared to the french braid hairstyle! Although not as common as french braid it’s still a cute hairstyle for your school-going girls.

Psst! Practise the fishtail braid before the new school year until you become a pro and you’ll be able to do this in no time before school runs next year!

How to:
1. Comb her hair back and create a slicked-back ponytail. Secure the pony with this invisibobble ORIGINAL (available on Suzanni Beaute Official Store) — designed to provide a strong grip without tugging at the hair
2. Part the pony into two
3. Do the fishtail braid. Part the pony into two and take a piece of hair from the right side and cross over to the left. Take a piece of hair from the left side and cross over to the right.
4. Repeat for the whole ponytail and tie the end with a hair tie
5. Add a dark blue elastic hair bow (available on Flowers Hairwear Shop) or tie a Korean scrunchie (available on Hoseh Life) at the top of the ponytail for a stylish pop!

Duration: about 5 mins, depending on hair length

Still confused as to how to do the fishtail braid? Check out the step-by-step video below!

4. Minnie Mouse bun

Is your toddler a fan of Minnie Mouse? You don’t have to wait for a trip to Disneyland to style this look for your girl. Replicate Minnie’s ears with this super adorable Minnie Mouse bun hairstyle. This is one of the most versatile cute hairstyles for girls! It’ll look especially adorable on both your toddlers and for primary school girls. This is also more suitable for girls with shoulder hair as more hair is needed to create the ‘ears’.

How to:
1. Create a centre parting and tie her hair into two high pigtails. Ensure the pigtails sit high on the head.
2. Comb out each pigtail and spritz hair spray or water onto them
3. Tie an elastic hair tie (available on Warm Station) around the pigtail twice. One the third tie, loop the hair through. Spread the loop out enough so you can fit your thumb or fingers through.
4. Split the tail end of the hair into half and tuck each side into the loop
5. Bring the ends of the loop down so it’s fanned out on the head. Use bobby pins to secure the loop.
6. You can use bobby pins to secure the back of the loop too
7. Spritz on more hair mist spray (available on Saeangmeori Singapore Official Store) or water if necessary
8. Repeat this on the other side of hair
9. Comb out any flyaway hairs
10. Tie hair clips or a hair ribbon to the front of the Minnie Mouse ears and voila!

Duration: about 5 mins

5. Ponytail pull-through

Creating cute hairstyles for girls doesn’t need to be complicated! If you find yourself strapped for time, simply try this easy ponytail pull-through hairstyle. You can also create this hairstyle for the weekends and add as many colourful kids hair accessories you like!

How to:
1. Create a centre parting in the hair and tie into two ponytails. Use thick hair rubber bands (available on Dailybuy18). You can choose to add a scrunchie (in dark blue or black) at the top of the ponytail too.
2. Tie another elastic top section of the hair. Use your fingers to create an ‘open’ space between the hair and pull the ponytail from the bottom through that section to get a weave effect.
3. Gently loosen the hair in that weave before moving along
4. Tie another elastic band around the lower section of hair and repeat step 2 and 3
5. Continue this until you reach the end of the ponytail. You should end up with a ponytail with three weaves

Duration: 3 mins

Which cute hairstyles for girls are you going to try?

We hope this list of simple hairstyles for school girls has given you some inspiration. Browse these hairwear products for other pretty hair accessories, so long as you still adhere to school rules! Don’t miss out on other 2021 back-to-school essentials including these cute stationery items in Singapore. There is still some time before the school holidays are over. Plan a day around these fun things to do with kids all year in Singapore!

This article was updated on 03-01-2021. Additional research done by Abigail Chang.

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great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7
great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7
great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7
great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7