15 Feng Shui Tips For Positive Vibes In Your New House

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Did you know that the feng shui of your house can improve your quality of life in Singapore? We’re talking about favour in your workplace, better relationships, and a clean bill of health! From your main entrance and living room to your study room and kitchen, read on for the best feng shui arrangement tips for houses in Singapore that’ll channel positive vibes in your life this 2022! 

What is feng shui?

What is feng shui
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Best believe that feng shui has nothing to do with religion, superstition or hearsay. According to Master Kevin Foong (Kevin Foong Consulting Group), feng shui is all about balancing a natural flow of energy called Qi. To have good feng shui is to invite positive energy or Qi into your home. This can lead to tons of success for you and the other residents. On the other hand, an imbalance of Qi in your living space could lead to estranged relationships and a lack of favour in the workplace. 

Will feng shui work for everyone?

Will feng shui work for everyone
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Since feng shui is not part of any religion or faith system, it is suitable for anyone who applies it – even when you don’t believe in it. Master Wesley Lim (East Chen Consultancy) shares that just as the environment you live in doesn’t require faith for it to produce air, water, and food, feng shui also doesn’t require faith to trigger its benefits. 

While people learned and found ways to manoeuvre their environment to stay alive, the feng shui system is the “ways found, accumulated and refined by practitioners to produce desirable results.” Master Lim affirms that the presence of doubt will never affect the outcome of feng shui house arrangements of 2022.

What are the benefits of having a good feng shui arrangement for my house in Singapore this 2022?

feng shui house singapore benefits
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According to Master Adrian Lo (Ju Xuan Geomancy Consultancy), a house with good feng shui arrangement in Singapore can bring you lots of luck this 2022. And this includes wealth, health, harmonious relationships and more! As feng shui involves Qi all around you, this means that it’ll cover all aspects of your life. Master Foong adds that good feng shui can affect your daily decision-making processes. It is believed that good feng shui can influence better decisions which will result in positive outcomes that improve the overall quality of your life. 

Should one consult a feng shui master or interior designer first?

feng shui master or interior designer
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It’s always best to consult a feng shui master before you go all in with an interior designer’s suggestions. Getting a feng shui master at the designing stage maximises the feng shui potential of your home. You’ll also be able to avoid unnecessary time and money lost in making rectifications later. Master Lim adds that it’ll also be easier for your interior designer to work with the feng shui master’s recommendations, so there’ll be no frustration with creating a design that you’ll love. 

According to Master Lo and Master Foong, feng shui experts are trained to identify and alter Qi so that it’ll be beneficial for you and your home. Alternatively, interior designers work with your requests and requirements, navigating layout and design issues such as colours, patterns and shapes for aesthetic purposes. For instance, an interior designer may suggest a certain positioning for different furniture that’ll compliment a certain theme. But when it comes to the feng shui system, the furniture could hinder the natural flow of energy in your home. Thus, this could cause financial issues or health problems for the residents. 

Pro Tip: Many interior designers will ask if you will be consulting a feng shui master during your first consultation. Share with your designer the feng shui plan you have for a smoother renovation experience!

Feng shui for houses in Singapore: Main entrance

It all starts from when you enter the house. Master Foong and Master Lim share that the main entrance is a crucial feng shui spot as it’s the main opening from where Qi enters to interact with the energies in your home. This is why it’s important to consider these suggestions:

1. Keep the main entrance free of clutter

feng shui house singapore main entrance
(Credit: LHSG.SG)

Imagine having your doorway blocked by shoes, plants, and other items. It’ll be extremely difficult to enter your home with these obstacles. Likewise, Master Lim suggests that it’s important to keep your doorway neat and tidy so you can properly welcome positive energy into your home. Master Lim recommends too add a shoe cabinet (available on LHSG.SG) to your doorway. The shoes we wear could accumulate all sorts of energy and they may not be the ones that are beneficial for your home. So it’s best to store these footwear in a shoe cabinet outside as it’ll help shield off unwanted energy. 

2. Install bright lights at the doorway

feng shui house singapore bright light main entrance (1)
(Credit: seasonmall.sg)

Would you like going to someone’s home that’s dark and uninviting? We think not. Other than being dreary, the lack of light actually allows negative energy to accumulate. While this yin energy can help one to rest and relax, too much of it can lead to a depletion of positive (yang) energy. This may cause excessive stress, health issues, and more. Master Foong recommends installing bright lights (available on seasonmall.sg) at the main entrance area as it represents a flow of yang energy into your home. 

Feng shui for houses in Singapore: Living room

The first thing you’ll walk into from the main entrance of a home is the living room. Master Lim says that “the living room is where all the energies of the unit and its occupants interact and accumulate.” It’s therefore vital that one considers the following feng shui tips for your house in Singapore: 

3. Place your sofa against a wall

(Credit: Paul Weaver / Unsplash)

Let’s not lie to ourselves – many of us are couch potatoes. You’ll probably spend a lot of time lounging on the sofa as you tune into your favourite shows on the television. This is why Master Lo recommends placing the sofa against a solid wall so that you’ll feel safe and secure. Master Lim also suggests positioning the sofa in a way that can welcome guests and energies entering from the main entrance. This can help to  improve your relationships and overall quality of life! 

4. Avoid full-length windows

feng shui house singapore windows
(Credit: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels)

We know how floor-to-ceiling windows look majestic, but Master Lim reveals that these may not be beneficial for the feng shui of houses in Singapore. Since the living room is where all the home’s energies accumulate, it’s important to keep all the Qi in. Therefore, it’s best to avoid floor-to-ceiling windows, especially if your home is facing the sea. It is believed that the strong sea waves, coupled with wind, would lead to an imbalance of energies. Both of these elements are considered negative attacking energies (sha qi), so it’s important to avoid full-length windows otherwise the sea could drag all your positive energy away. 

Pro Tip: If you can’t get rid of those floor-to-ceiling windows, install some day curtains (available on Mrtreeshome.sg) that can shield your home from having its Qi drawn away!

5. Brighten up your living room with lights

living room lights
(Credit: Joel Henry / Unsplash)

The living room should be just as well-lit as your main entrance so that positive Yang energy can be invited into your home. Master Lim also shares that your living room should be more well-lit than your bedroom. The difference in brightness levels forms a reference point that indicates which are the main and subsidiary areas of your home. This will allow for an easy and efficient channeling of feng shui energies in your home that’ll get you the best feng shui results needed for each room.

6. Pick shades of white, brown, and blue

feng shui house singapore living room shades
(Credit: Kenny Eliason / Unsplash) 

A good feng shui tip recommended by Master Fong is to use shades of white, brown, and blue to brighten up your living area. While these aren’t colours that are inherently auspicious, they’re shades that’ll brighten up your living room and make the area inviting for energies to flow and accumulate. 

Pro Tip: If you prefer a certain natural element, you can incorporate them into your wall fixtures and decorations instead of paint. For example, if you have a preference for water elements, it’s better to install a water feature instead of painting the walls blue. Alternatively, for  wood elements, live plants can be added instead of painting the room green or brown.

Feng shui for houses in Singapore: Kitchen

The third most important area to make sure there’s good feng shui for your house in Singapore is the kitchen. Master Foong says one must ensure that the kitchen isn’t in the center of the entire house as this middle point represents the “heart” of your home. As the kitchen contains fire and water elements (think stove and sink), having it in the center of the house symbolises fire attacking the “heart” of the home. This can bring bad energy into your space. A good layout would be to have the kitchen in the south, southwest, north, or northeast part of the home.  The kitchen also represents prosperity, nourishment, and health, so it’s important to ensure there’s good feng shui in that part of your home.  

7. Positioning your stove

stove position feng shui house singapore
(Credit: Eduardo Pastor / Unsplash) 

There are a few things to take note of when you’re deciding where to place the stove (available on aerogaz Official Store). Master Lim advise positioning the stove away from the door or window as these could “blow” away and disperse wealth from your home.  

While induction stoves may not actually have visible flames, they’re still considered a fire element since heat is involved. So it’s best to keep these induction stoves (available on amzchef Cooker Store) away from the door or window as well. 

8. Take note of your sink’s position

feng shui house singapore sink position
(Credit: Kaboompics .com / Pexels)

It’s also important to avoid positioning your sink opposite the stove, as Master Lo suggests that this setup can result in fire (stove) and water (sink) elements clashing against each other. This could ultimately affect the home resident’s health as the house’s feng shui is affected by this opposing of energies. Master Lim advises that it’s good to add a food preparation space between the stove and sink so they won’t be directly next to each other. 

9. Avoid placing your refrigerator in the Southern direction

fridge position feng shui house singapore
(Credit: Alex Qian / Pexels)

According to Master Foong and Master Lim, the refrigerator should not be placed in the Southern part of the kitchen. They explain that placing the refrigerator in the South could invite negative energy into your home. Additionally, if the refrigerator (available on Panasonic Singapore Official Store) comes with a water dispenser, it’s recommended to place it away from the stove. This is because the refrigerator would be considered as a water element that opposes the stove’s fire element. 

Feng shui for houses in Singapore: Study room

A study or work room is where you can achieve the highest productivity. Therefore, it’s important to consider the following feng shui tips for your house in Singapore so positive energy can be invited to facilitate your workflow.

10. Consider placing your work desk by the window

work desk by window
(Credit: Nathan Riley / Unsplash)

It’s recommended to place your work desk by the window if it’s facing an empty street or park that isn’t bustling with activity. This is good as there won’t be anything to distract you from focusing. If the view isn’t ideal due to busy traffic, Master Lim says it’s best to position your desk (available on Omnidesk Official Store) away from the window so nothing can draw your attention away. 

According to Master Foong, “placing your workstation near a window in the South, NorthWest, NorthEast, and West will significantly enhance your working experience.” The positive energies in these areas can help you improve your relationship with clients, your reputation, and more favour in the workplace. 

11. Keep the study room clean, bright and fresh

keep study room clean bright fresh
(Credit: Slava Keyzman / Unsplash)

Master Lim suggests going for clean, bright, and fresh colours for your study or workroom. This will help invite positive energies for good feng shui. He adds that painting your ceiling with dark colours should be avoided as it could undermine one’s wisdom. A darker interior can bring about negative yin energies, which can lead one to have more negative thoughts. He advised that “the actual auspicious colour will need to be calculated on sight,” so it’s best to consult a feng shui master before painting your house! 

12. Position your work desk’s seating area against a wall

work desk seat against wall
(Credit: THE 9TH Coworking / Unsplash [cropped])
When placing your work desk, it’s best to take into account where you’ll be seated. For one, Master Foong suggests placing your seating area against a solid wall for support. He says that this represents being supported by benefactors at work. He adds that you should be able to see the door from where you’re seated as this allows you to have a more commanding position over the room. Having your back facing the entryway could make you feel uncomfortable as you’ll lose power and authority over the room. 

Feng shui for houses in Singapore: Bedroom

Another part of your house that you must ensure has good feng shui is your bedroom. This is the room where you unwind and rest, so you’ll definitely be spending about a third of your day here. As you turn in for the night, you’ll be in a passive sleeping state that makes you more vulnerable to different energies. This is why you have to consider the following tips for your house to have good feng shui in Singapore:

13. Go for bright, pastel colours in your bedroom

Bright pastel colours in your bedroom
(Credit: Spacejoy / Unsplash)

Master Foong recommends going for a light, pastel color in the hues of pink, blue, white, and green for the bedroom. Since the bedroom is used for resting and recharging our energy, these colours can help relax our minds. He says that while the bedroom should have more yin energy, it should not have too many dark colours. “The key is to strive for balance,” says Master Foong. 

Additionally, it’s best to avoid strong hues of red, orange, or pink. These hues can also enhance sickness in one’s body and obstruct positive energies from entering. 

14. Consider wallpapers 

Consider wallpapers
(Credit: Vecislavas Popa / Pexels)

With the endless variety of wallpapers available, it’s no surprise that many homeowners are turning to these options to beautify their homes. However, Master Lim warns that it’s important to keep them well-maintained since wallpapers (available on WEI LIANG Official Distributor) can peel off over time. He says that this can impact one’s career luck. Nonetheless, wallpapers are still considered a good home enhancement idea to Master Lim as “they give you a good reason to refresh your place after a period of time”. Changing up the wallpaper can also help to refresh the house’s energy. The house has a new lease of life thanks to this feng shui tip, which can bring you more prosperity and luck in Singapore!

15. Position your bed away from the toilet

bed away from toilet
(Credit: Point3D Commercial Imaging Ltd. / Unsplash)

If your bedroom comes with an ensuite toilet, this feng shui tip for houses in Singapore is for you. The toilet is generally a bad location in the house as it contains the most filth and odours. Master Lo suggests avoiding placing the bed’s headboard against the wall that’s shared with the toilet. In other words, your head shouldn’t be oriented towards the toilet as this, coupled with flushing sounds and filth, could affect your health – and sleep quality! 

Do I need auspicious items for good feng shui for my home?

auspicious items
(Credit: Monoar_CGI_Artist / Pixabay)

Master Lim, Master Foong and Master Lo all agree that there isn’t a need for items or decorations in order to have good feng shui for your home in Singapore. Master Lim adds that the placement of auspicious items has no effect on feng shui, but you can go ahead if you personally appreciate certain art pieces or decorations

Huat up with these feng shui tips for your house in Singapore this 2022

We hope these feng shui arrangement tips for your house in Singapore will bring you wealth and health, prosperity, and good fortune this 2022! Apart from these feng shui tips for your house, check out these moving house feng shui rituals that’ll help you huat even more. Don’t forget to also get the best robot vacuum cleaners and household cleaning products to help with the clean up after all the moving-in is done! 

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