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I am studying overseas . The goods in the store are purchased overseas . The quality of the goods will be strictly checked . The commodity overseas purchase cycle is 7 10 days , Please budget the time of receipt , Avoid cancellation of orders in the middle of the journey as unpleasant to both parties . If the goods are not delivered on schedule for more than 10 days , Buyers have the right to cancel orders after contacting us ! ! ! If you receive any enquiries about the product , please contact your customer service directly to answer your questions . If you find the outer packaging of the goods broken and other abnormal conditions during the receipt period , Please don 't pay for the goods first , The customer service will let you know how to handle after the vendor contacts us for confirmation . After receiving the goods , please check carefully whether the goods are defective . If there are defects or commodity queries , please contact the customer service immediately for follow up . Thank you ! I hope you can get the best value for the best price . We 'll never let you down , Because we want to trade again . Do not seek profit , Just ask your shopping for a five star praise , I hope you will encourage the newcomers more than I can . ! Thank you for your support !see more
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