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[SG Stock] Bafu Petrol Additive | Remove Engine Carbon Deposit | Save Fuel | Fuel Injector Cleaner | Boost Performance
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⭐ Product Name: Engine and Fuel System Cleaner for Carbon Deposition Removal.

⭐ Model: G17 PLUS (2 in 1 functions)

⭐ Function: Clean and care for fuel injector, protect ignition plug, save fuel, remove carbon deposition and protect three-way catalyst.

⭐ Special: 2 in 1 functions consisting of Carbon Deposit Removal and Cleaning Agent in one bottle (80ml).

⭐ For Petrol Fueled Car Only.

✅ Buy 5 Get 1 Free.

✅ Buy 8 Get 2 Free.

Problem / Scenario:

Do you find your car having these problems:

⭐ Engine vibration

⭐ Lack of power

⭐ Unsteady Idling

⭐ High fuel consumption

⭐ Difficulty in starting car engine

⭐ This is a common problem due to carbon deposits build up in the engine.

You can solve this problem using petrol additive. Petrol additive can help in the followings:

✅ Remove carbon deposit in the car engine

✅ Clean the fuel injector

✅ Save fuel

✅ Reduce engine noise

✅ Boost performance

Product Features:

⭐ Size: 80ml

⭐ Package type: Slim bottle to pour into petrol tank directly.

⭐ Special: 2 in 1 functions consisting of Carbon Deposit Removal and Cleaning Agent in one bottle (80ml).

⭐ Shelf life: 3 years

Instruction For Use:

✅ Pour 1 bottle of the product in the fuel tank and add 55-75L fuel in the fuel tank

For effective use of the petrol additive, please note it usually will take about 6 bottles of petrol additives to improve the performance of your engine. The various phase is detailed below:

✅ 1st bottle - During the first phase of usage, the fuel and the carbon deposit will mix together and the engine starts to clean up the carbon deposit.

✅ 2nd to 4th bottles - This are the phases where the carbon deposits are cleaned and discharged through the exhaust. You will find the engine noise reduced. However, you may find sometimes more vibrations of the engine. This is caused by the constant discharge of the carbon deposits through the exhaust.

✅ 5th to 6 bottles - In this phase, most of the carbon deposits are already cleaned and removed. You should see improvement in nose reduction, less vibration, etc. This is in maintenance mode.

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