BLACK V3 Lelit Bianca Pressure Profile Dual Boiler PID Rotary Pump Wood PL162T Espresso Machine
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What are the parts of my machine that come in different coloured wood options?

- Lelit Bottomless Portafilter

- Lelit Spouted Portafilter

- Lelit Tamper for Maple / Spring Calibrated Tamper for Walnut and Black

- Lelit Steam and Hot Water Tap wand

- Lelit Feet

The LELIT Bianca in action!

Patented pressure technology by Lelit concludes a huge breakthrough in Pressure profiling machines in the industry! Drop us an enquiry for a visit & showroom testdrive of the Bianca Espresso Machine🇸🇬

Fret not about after-service maintenance, as official, authorised distributors of Lelit, we have a backbone of experience and support to work on any unlikely minor or major issues or enquiries.

Re-positionable water tank with automatic coupling

Bianca's water tank is seated in the stainless steel external "backpack" to avoid a possible heating up of the water temperature. It can be repositioned on each of the three sides of the machine to better adapt itself to the available space. It can be easily removed to allow an easy cleaning.

Measure the real extraction pressure

Thanks to the manometer on the E61 group you can measure the real pressure on the coffee puck having a much more precise and accurate control of the coffee extraction.

Standard equipment

Comes in Complete FULL ACCESSORIES BOX. 

To find out more:

Lelit Double Spouted Portafilter

Lelit Bottomless portafilter

Lelit-IMS 9-11g, 14-18g, 18-21g baskets, Blind filter

70 L water softener

Lelit tamper in Silver [Depending on the colour you purchase this may vary]

Group cleaning brush

Anti Bacterial Microfiber cloth

Optional 4-hole steam wand nozzle

Accessories for direct water plumbing

Espresso cup rack

Coffee measuring spoon

Stainless steel appliance body and parts(water tray)

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