7 Eco-Friendly Products To Kickstart Your Sustainable Living Today

(Credit: Swzle / Unsplash)

If life were like The Good Place drama series, how many points would you score on a daily basis? We know it’s not easy to live an entirely low-carbon-footprint lifestyle — but fret not, we’re here to help. With our top list of eco-friendly products, you’ll find it a breeze to kickstart your sustainable living.

1. Eco-friendly bags to store your goods, not your shame

eco-friendly grocery shopping bag
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There’s no way one can create a list of eco-friendly products without including reusable shopping bags in the list. But if we’re being honest, most of us wouldn’t be caught dead carrying them around — whoever designed them clearly didn’t consider aesthetics.

Fortunately, things are different with these adorably designed foldable shopping bags (available at Warm Station), which will keep you looking rad while going green. Get your hands on these nifty foldable carriers which are so small they can fit into your pocket. These bags are also ultra-functional, with a fabric material that’s both biodegradable and sturdy.

Searching for something with a more neutral-gender aesthetic? Check out these Bobbie reusable shopping bags instead (available at For Life) — grocery shopping is no longer just a females-only activity.

2. It’s good to suck sometimes

eco-friendly straw product
(Credit: Lisa Fotios / Pexels)

In recent months, metal straws have trended as one of the most popular eco-friendly products on the market, aided by initiatives from various eateries such as Koufu and KFC to wean customers off plastic straws.

And there’s real impact behind reducing straw usage too. Did you know that Singaporeans are producing waste that’ll take up to 440 million years to decompose every day, just by using plastic straws?

If you have qualms about using a non-transparent metal straw, you’ll love our curved transparent glass straws (available at Merciss) and straight transparent glass straws (available at Yolandagoods.sg). These pretty straws are see-through, which lets you detect if the straw is unclean. Take a sip from these perfectly portable, classy glass straws, and you’ll find yourself that much closer to achieving sustainable living.

3. Dine with a peace of mind

eco-friendly products for sustainable living
(Credit: Zanginabox)

One reason so many people are opting into the sustainable living regime is for the overall benefits to their well-being. Plastic isn’t just harmful to the environment, it contains toxicities that you’re exposing yourself with each use. That’s not ideal especially with cutlery, which we come into close contact with every day.

Tuck into your meals with wheat cutlery (available at Zanginabox), a biodegradable and toxic-free alternative to plastic ones. This eco-friendly product is most popular with expecting mothers or parents who want to minimise their kids’ exposure to plastic — but they’re definitely recommended for adults as well! After all, if you want what’s best for your children, why wouldn’t you do the same for yourself too?

4. Brush off the stains, not the wastage

sustainable living toothbrush
(Credit: Hans / Pixabay)

Reduce wastage by replacing the head of your toothbrush instead of tossing the entire toothbrush away. Oral-B and Xiaomi are just some of the brands that have entered the sustainable living market with a foray of toothbrushes with replaceable heads. One toothbrush you’ll want to eyeball is the Xiaomi Soocare X3 electric toothbrush, which has four working modes to meet your different oral care needs.

What’s more, this toothbrush utilises efficient cleaning technology and promises to be suitable even for smokers and heavy coffee drinkers. Get your replacement heads for Xiaomi Soocare X3 (available at Justeasybuy) or for Oral-B (available at Daily.essentials) easily online.

For those who aren’t huge fans of electric toothbrushes, biodegradable toothbrushes are another great eco-friendly product to consider. Try this biodegradable wheat straw toothbrush (available at Krystalshop.sg) that comes with charcoal-infused soft bristles for extra teeth-cleaning benefits.

5. Stay clear of guilt with eco-friendly cleaning liquid

eco-friendly detergent product
(Credit: Melissa-Anna / Pixabay)

Want another sustainable living pro-tip? Pick up eco-friendly laundry liquid from ECOS (available at Agape Babies), which is a hypoallergenic baby-friendly cleaning detergent. This eco-friendly product is great for sensitive skin since it’s free of synthetic perfumes and dyes. As a major plus, the entire product features a biodegradable liquid detergent, recyclable bottle and cap and focuses on plant-based, sustainable ingredients.

You can also take it one step further by adding the ECOS dishmate (available at Pink of Health Pte Ltd) to your pile of eco-friendly cleaning liquids. Similar to its laundry liquid sibling, the ECOS dishmate is largely plant-based. This almond-scented dishwashing liquid functions as a potent cleaning agent while keeping your hands and dishes smelling sweet. Just add a few drops and you’ll find the effect to be more than attractive.

6. Eco-friendliness starts young

eco-friendly products for sustainable living
(Credit: Marimari / Pixabay)

Imagine how much more satisfied you would be watching your kids play on a mat that you know is eco-friendly — because you went out of the way to make it so. No matter what you’re purchasing, chances are there’s an eco-friendly product alternative. And it’s no different when it comes to playmats!

Choose an eco-friendly play mat for your baby or toddler and start them off on the right track towards sustainable living. We personally love this XPE baby playmat (available at Baby Play Mat Home Decoration Store) because it features the outdoors with a beautiful, christmassy feel.

7. Bring your pets into the picture

eco-friendly grocery shopping bag
(Credit: Yanxuan.sg)

Pets are just as important as the rest of our family and we definitely want what’s best for them too. So extend your environmental efforts and get eco-friendly and toxic-free products for your pets as well!

One favourite that’s sure to capture the interest of cat owners is the multi-function deodorising cat litter box (available at Netease Yanxuan Official Store). This closed-type litter box consists of a leakproof design that isolates your cat’s mess from the rest of the house while allowing you to see them through the transparent dodge-gate. The litter box is made with food-grade PP composite resin, an environmentally-friendly material that’s non-toxic and safe for cats.

The best way to lead a sustainable lifestyle is simply to begin. Pick a few of our amazing eco-friendly products and have a go at lowering your carbon footprint! If you’re just raring with willpower and ready to take your efforts up a notch, check out our guide to zero waste. You may not see it immediately, but everything you do makes a difference, bit by bit (point by point, score by score).