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12 Supermarket Essentials You Can Get Cheaper Online

If you’re like us and absolutely hate the idea of jostling with people in supermarkets for essentials (or every...
healthy snacks in singapore featured image

11 Healthy Snacks To Keep You Awake During WFH

While it’s common to suffer from midday hunger pangs, chomping on sugary and salty snacks will just leave you...
rice cooker recipes singapore one pot rice cooker recipes

From KFC Rice To Bibimbap: 9 Rice Cooker Recipes To Try

Whether you’re a busy mum or a new cook fumbling your way around the kitchen, the rice cooker is...
easy instant noodle recipe shin ramyun recipe

#TikTokMadeMeDoIt Recipes To ‘Zhng’ Your Instant Noodles

Are you already bored of takeout meals? Or have you resorted to cooking instant noodles packets lying around your...

17 Household Cleaning Products To Keep Your Home Sparkling Clean

Home is our safe haven. It’s where we return to unwind after a long day or to relax on...
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The Ultimate Beer Bucket List: 15 Beer Brands You Must Try In Singapore

It’s become a social norm to see beer bottles and pints at parties. After all, nothing hits the spot...

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