24 Korean Snacks You Have To Try At Least Once In Your Life

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(Credit: SSG.COM, Korean #1 Online Shop, koreafarm.kr)
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CNY Sale 2021 - Shopee Singapore
CNY Sale 2021 - Shopee Singapore
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Korean snacks are not a new phenomenon. They are hot, spicy, sweet and salty. With a myriad of flavours available to suit different palates, Koreans really take their snack game seriously. Whether you’re missing out on the snacks you get in Korea or whether you just want to find out what the hype is about, we thought it was high time we did a guide on some of the most insanely delicious Korean snacks every Singaporean needs to try at least once!

The best Korean snacks every Singaporean needs to try

1. HaiTai X Calbee Honey Butter Chips

honey butter chips korean snacks
(Credit: SSG.COM, Korean #1 Online Shop)

Haven’t tried any Korean snacks ever? Then start with HaiTai Honey Butter Chips (available on SSG.COM, Korean #1 Online Shop)! Probably the most popular Korean snack in the last few years, these salty and sweet buttery potato chips tickle the taste buds in the most delightful ways! Of course, it goes without saying that they’re also very, very addictive.

2. Seaweed Almonds

seaweed almonds korean snacks
(Credit: koreafarm.kr)

What happens when you put Korean seaweed snacks and Korean almonds snacks together? You get a unique combination of Seaweed Almonds (available on koreafarm.kr) of course! A word of caution though, these snacks are not for everyone. Some might not like the mix of almond and seaweed flavours while others might actually like the salty aftertaste of this unique snack! Whichever it might be, this is one unique Korean snack that you must give a try!

3. HaiTai X Sindangdong Tteokbokki Rice Cake

tteokbokki korean snacks
(Credit: Nanas Korea)

You’re probably already aware that Koreans love their spicy food, think Kimchi and Korean instant noodles. Another beloved spicy Korean snack is Tteokbokki or spicy Korean rice cakes. The snack is a crunchier version of the savoury and starchier original rice cake but still oh-so-good! If you think you’ll need a savoury snack during Nintendo Switch game nights, then bring along a few packets of these — we particularly like HaiTai’s Spicy Rice Cake (available on Nanas Korea)!

4. Pepero

pepero korean snacks (2)
(Credit: thestylography)

Similar to the Japanese snack counterpart, Pocky, the South Korean Pepero (available on thestylography) variant brings to the table other flavours like Almond Chocolate, White Cookie and Nude — crunchy biscuits with chocolate filling.

Koreans believe that because of the long and thin shape of a Pepero stick, one can grow taller. Interestingly, Pepero Day or Korea’s V-Day part two, was inspired by this Korean snack. Maybe try the cheeky Pepero stick challenge with a special someone. Each player has to put one end of the Pepero stick into their mouth and bite away. You might just get an ‘accidental’ kiss!

5. Oreo O’s

oreo o's korean snacks (2)
(Credit: MUKBANG.SG)

Hands up if you take your cereals as a snack! Korea’s Oreo O’s cereal (available on MUKBANG.SG) consist of oreo flavoured pieces of cereal and taste just as good as their cream-filled cookie relatives! A packet of Oreo O’s includes chocolate rings, sprinkled with creme and marshmallow bits! We bet you can already imagine the explosion of flavours in your mouth! Simply pour milk over a bowl of Oreo O’s or take it without milk — as you please. Either way, don’t miss out on one of our favourite Korean snacks on the list!

6. Korean Turtle Chips

turtle chips korean snacks
(Credit: SSG.COM, Korean #1 Online Shop)

Before you start to question, no these Korean snacks aren’t made of turtle parts but just shaped like turtles. The ORION Turtle Chip Corn Soup Flavor (available on SSG.COM, Korean #1 Online Shop) is reminiscent of creamy corn soup flavour. Its four-layered chip will leave you munching through these in satisfaction. Turtle chips are also available in Injeolmi, Choco Churros and Sweet Cinnamon flavour. Be sure to try these highly popular Korean snacks the next time you’re craving for something fun and yummy!

7. Dongwon YangBan

dongwon seaweed korean snacks
(Credit: Hi Trading Supplies Singapore [Cropped])

We don’t care what anyone says, but we believe seaweed to be one of the best forms of snacks out there. These crunchy treats promise to tide you through hair-pulling pulling homework assignments or sappy moments of your favourite Netflix dramas — we need them, every. step.of.the.way.

Dongwon YangBan’s Seaweed Laver with Olive Oil (available on Hi Trading Supplies Singapore) is a popular Korean seaweed snack. They are rich in nutrients, low in calories and exclude MSG. And if you’re not satisfied with a snack, we hear Dongwon YangBan’s rice porridges are also widely popular!

8. Samyang Buldak Dried Squid

samyang dried squid korean snacks
(Credit: MUKBANG.SG)

Dried squid is the perfect accompaniment to beer or soju drinking sessions in Korea. This Korean snack is also known as ojingoechae and is made by drying the squid, seasoning it and cutting it into thin strips before packaging it.

The Samyang Buldak Dried Squid (available on MUKBANG.SG) is a fiery hot, chicken flavoured snack that’s perfect for those in the mood for spicy! If you already have a packet of these, don’t miss out on Samyang’s ramen — another must-try from this food production company!

9. Lotte Dream Cacao Chocolate

lotte dream cacao chocolate korean snacks
(Credit: Nanas Korea)

Snacks is a grey area and we think anything smaller than a full-sized meal can be considered a snack. Or maybe we were so desperate to fit Lotte’s Dream Cacao Chocolate into our list, that we couldn’t convince ourselves otherwise!

Lotte Confectionery is one of the best known Korean food producer brands. If you love munching on dark chocolate, then you have to try Lotte’s Dream Cacao Chocolate (available on Nanas Korea). It has a full-bodied chocolate taste and is packed with antioxidants, helping to reduce the risk of heart-related diseases. Cocoa from the cacao tree also boosts energy and endorphin levels — keeping you in a happier mood for longer! Do we need to give any more reasons for you to grab a packet today? We think not!

10. Orion Sticky Choco Pie Injeolmi

choco pie korean snack
(Credit: SSG.COM, Korean #1 Online Shop)

This is one of the most iconic Korean snacks ever with some even considering it as Korea’s national snack. The Choco Pie is most easily characterised by a two-sponge cake with marshmallow filling with an exterior luscious chocolate coating.

Over time, Orion has released many different flavours including this Sticky Choco Pie Injeolmi (available on SMOOVE – www.smoove1.com) flavoured one — a delicious treat for all you Korean rice cake lovers! Although Orion’s choco pies can be easily confused with Lotte’s choco pies, many still prefer Orion’s chocolate pies, stating that it’s moister than the Lotte ones.

11. Alvin’s Healthy Rice Snack

alvins healthy rice snack korean snacks (2)
(Credit: Kidz Ten)

Get your little ones on the bandwagon of Korean snacks! Alvins is a baby food brand that specially manufactures snacks for the youngest members of your families! Their rice snacks contain fresh ingredients like brown rice and seaweed calcium which are beneficial for the growth and development of your little bub!

Choose ALVINS Healthy Rice & Real Grain Bundle (available on Kidz Tent) which feature strawberry, blueberry, apple or even sweet potato and broccoli to get your little ones started on veggies! This is also one of the best natural baby foods before starting them on solid foods!

12. Pringles Butter Caramel

butter caramel pringles korean snacks (2)
(Credit: koreafarm.kr)

Pringles need no introduction. Butter Caramel Pringles (available on koreafarm.kr) flavour was designed especially for the Korean market and was in fact inspired by HaiTai’s best-selling Honey Butter Chips. These Pringles not only come in a pretty pink can but we hear have a lovely mix of saltiness, sweetness and you guessed it — buttery goodness. It’s one of the shiok foods we wished we had around this CNY snacking period!

13. Crown Couque Dasse

coque dasse korean snck
(Credit: Koryo Mart & K-Market)

The Crown Couque D’asse Vienna Coffee (available on Koryo Mart & K-Market) wafer biscuit is the perfect accompaniment with coffee or tea. ‘Couque Dasse’ means ‘cookies from the Asse region’ in Belgium and is filled with silky coffee cream with the melt-in-your-mouth effect. If you’re a fan of the Japanese D’asses biscuits, then you’ll surely love their Korean snack equivalent.

14. Tiramisu Almond Nut

tiramisu almond nut korean snack singapore
(Credit: Korea hit items shop)

Tom’s Farm almonds are one of the most popular Korean almond snack brands to get your hands on right now. From fun flavours like Honey Butter and Tteokbokki to Black Sugar Milk Tea, we’re just spoilt for choice. Tiramisu fans will love Tom’s Farm Tiramisu Almond (available on Lomiand.sg) snacks. These small Korean almond snacks have a nice crunch effect that’ll leave you reaching for more!

15. CJ Bibigo Roasted Korean Seaweed

korean seaweed snack
(Credit: S-Mart by Shopee Official Store)

We can’t get enough of Korean seaweed snacks. If you like savoury snacks then you’ve got to pick up the CJ Bibigo Savory Roasted Korean Seasoned Seaweed (available on S-Mart by Shopee Official Store). Made with premium Korean seaweed, this is a healthy snack alternative to other preservative laden seaweed crackers. These are also Halal certified – perfect to share with your Muslim friends!

16. Orion Market O Brownie

orion market o korean brownie snack singapore
(Credit: SSG.COM, Korean #1 Online Shop)

These brownies in a packet will be the perfect snacking companion on days you need to get through piles of work. The Orion Market O Brownies (available on SSG.COM, Korean #1 Online Shop) are made from chocolate, Korean eggs, minimum wheat and butter, giving it a chewy consistency. If you love brownie but not in the mood to bake one from scratch then this is one Korean snack you must have on hand.

17. Crown Butter Waffle

butter waffle korean snack
(Credit: SSG.COM, Korean #1 Online Shop)

Korean snacks can be overwhelming so we won’t blame you if all you’re looking for is a simple, unassuming looking biscuit to wile away a Sunday afternoon with. The Crown Butter Waffle (available on SSG.COM, Korean #1 Online Shop) is just as its name suggests — a sweet plain waffle biscuit that comes individually wrapped so you can control how many you take in one seating!

18. Banana Kick

banana kick snack review
(Credit: SSG.COM, Korean #1 Online Shop)

If you’re a fan of the famous Korean banana milk then you must try the snack equivalent, Nongshim Banana Kick (available on SSG.COM, Korean #1 Online Shop). From reviews online, this is a hit or miss Korean snack. Although named Banana Kick, it’s actually made from corn flour with banana powder and is a little more on the sweeter side. Some wouldn’t mind the sweetness but if you’re more of a savoury snack person, then this might not be a snack for you.

19. Chicken Pop

chicken pop korean snack
(Credit: SSG.COM, Korean #1 Online Shop)

This sweet and sour Orion Chicken Pop (available on SSG.COM, Korean #1 Online Shop) snack will surely be a winner for many. It’s packed full of flavour and comes in ready-to-eat bite sizes. You’ll also appreciate the smaller packet size so you won’t feel guilty about finishing it all at once. If you’re already a fan of this Korean snack then you’ve got to try the other flavour — the Orion Chicken Pop with Cheese (available on linanshop_korea.sg) for a twist on the original flavour!

20. Bibigo Seaweed Crisps

bibigo korean seaweed snacks
(Credit: Lomiand.sg)

We’re not yet done with Korean seaweed snacks just yet! If you have to have your snacks spicy then these Bibigo Seaweed Crisps (available on Lomiand.sg) will not disappoint. The Hot Spicy flavour combines both the taste of seaweed and chilli for a satisfying crunch that’ll have you coming back for more! These seaweed crisps are also oven-baked and not fried — great for health conscious snackers.

21. Chewy Chocolate Chip

chocolate chip biscuit korean snack
(Credit: Nanas Korea)

We don’t know about you but a chewy cookie definitely constitutes as a snack for us! This yummy CW Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie (available on Nanas Korea) is the perfect Korean snack to chase away any Monday blues. Not only is it a mood-boosting chocolate cookie but it also has an addictive mochi-like texture that’ll melt in your mouth from the moment of your first bite. You’ll be back stocking up on more boxes in no time!

22. Orion Market O Real Cheese Chips

market o real cheese chip korean snack
(Credit: SSG.COM, Korean #1 Online Shop)

Orion does it again with another addictive and quality Korean snack. The Market O Real Cheese Chips (available on SSG.COM, Korean #1 Online Shop) are loaded with a rich cheese flavour that will be hard to resist. These chips contain cheddar cheese with camembert cheese toppings. They are also baked and not fried — perfect for those watching their waistlines. Pair these chips with your favourite beer brand in Singapore for your next soccer night with friends!

23. Jjondeugi Traditional Korean Snack

korean snack jjondeugi
(Credit: All Here)

This traditional Korean snack is making waves! Jjondeugi Korean Traditional Chewy Snack (available on All Here) is a chewy diet snack that’s made of pumpkin and sweet potato. Jjondeugi snack also contains konjac that’s a starchy root which helps to keep you fuller for longer. You can eat the snack on its own or sprinkle some ramen powder before grilling it to bring out its full flavours.

24. Korea Crispy Mozzarella Cheese Breaded Corn Dog

korean snacks crispy mozzarella cheese breaded corn dog
(Credit: Sing Sing Mart)

Featured in popular K-drama Start Up, where the grandma in the series opened a corn dog truck at Yeouido Hangang park, this is one Korean snack that has become wildly popular. The Korean Crispy Mozzarella Cheese Breaded Corn Dog (available on Sing Sing Mart) has a crispy outer layer and an inner layer with a chewy sausage and buttery, tangy mozzarella cheese that stretches with every bite! 

These corn dogs can be prepared easily by heating it up in the microwave oven. Perfect for those of us who want a quick munch to fill our tummies!

The best Korean snacks for the Seoul

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