Blow Wind Blow: 17 Best Portable Fans To Beat The Singapore Heat

best portable fans singapore

Finding yourself complaining about the hot weather? We don’t blame you one bit! Thanks to El Nino, we are experiencing higher temperatures these days. And whether you’re travelling or commuting to work, it’s helpful to have a cooling device with you to beat the heat at all times. Carry portable fans and you’ll never have to complain about the scorching weather again! Read on for our recommendations on the best portable fan in Singapore for all your activities.

Overview of the best portable fans in Singapore (2024)

Type of portable fan Product Weight Battery Capacity  Battery Life Charge Time Price


JISULIFE Mini Portable Fan 129g or 180g 2000mAh – 4800mAh  20h – 46h 3h $21.80 – $27.25
Momax IF15 Ultra Freeze Handheld ​​Fan 195g 3000mAh 13h 3h $49.90
Gadget Mix Mini Handheld Fan 86g 1200mAh  1h 3.5h $14.90
HdoorLink Mini Portable Fan  85g 800mAh  ~10h ~3h $20.69
Simplus Portable Mini Fan 125g 1200mAh  5h 2h $10.90
Konka Portable USB Handheld Fan 140g 2000mAh ~2 days ~3h $39.90

Stroller fan

Homlly Portable Stroller Fan ~200g 1800mAh  2h – 8h ~3h $59.90
JISULIFE Portable Stroller Mini Fan 387g 4000mAh  4h – 15h 3h – 5h $41.42 – $46.87
Minthouz Portable Stroller Mini Fan ~200g 2000mAh  2h – 7.5h 3.5h $17.66
Gadget Mix Gooseneck Stroller Fan ~200g 2000mAh  ~3h ~3h $17.90

USB fan

Thunlit Portable Phone Mini Fan 20g 5000mAh – 16000mAh 21h – 62h NIL $2.73
MUJI Portable USB Handheld Fan 92g 1400mAh 2h – 12h 2.5h $19.00

Neck fan

JISULIFE Portable Neck Fan 250g 4000mAh  4h – 16h ~3h $56.50 – $92.65
VeryPeri Leafless Cooling Neck Hanging Fan 180g 1600mAh  6h 3h  $39.90
NAWIQI Neck Fan Portable Cooler ~250g 3000mAh – 6000mAh 10h ~3h $37.80 – $42.29
TORRAS COOLIFY 2S Portable Neck Fan ~350g 5000mAh 3h – 28h ~2h $279.00

Best portable handheld fans in Singapore (2024)

1. JISULIFE Mini Portable Fan 

JISULIFE Mini Portable Fan
(Credit: JISULIFE Official Shop)

When it comes to choosing a portable fan , the top choice would be from JISULIFE, an established solution provider pivoted at creating sustainable gadgets for personal space. We recommend their JISULIFE Mini Portable Fan (available on JISULIFE Official Shop) which impresses with its 46 hours battery life. This means you won’t need to charge it often. Available in five different pastel shades, this handheld portable fan also doubles up as a desk fan, flashlight and power bank when needed. Talk about versatility!

  • Weight: 129g or 180g
  • Battery capacity: 2000mAh – 4800mAh 
  • Battery life: 20h – 46h
  • Charge time: 3h
  • Price: $21.80  – $27.25

2. Momax IF15 Ultra Freeze Handheld ​​Fan

momax portable fan
(Credit: Momax Official Store)

If you’re looking for an instant icy solution, check out the IF15 Ultra Freeze Ice Handheld ​​Fan (available on Momax Official Shop) equipped with a super cold ice compress function. Psst…you can even use the ice compress in your skincare routine if you keep it clean! As one of the best portable fan choices in Singapore, it is equipped with two modes (fan and ice) and up to 13h of battery life. Although it is pricier than other options, with wind as strong as your hairdryer, 12 months warranty and its sleek design, we say it’s well worth it! 

  • Weight: 195g
  • Battery capacity: 3000mAh 
  • Battery life: 13h
  • Charge time: 3h
  • Price: $49.90

3. Gadget Mix Mini Portable Handheld Fan

best portable fan singapore gadget mix mini handheld fan
(Credit: Gadget MIX Official Store)

The next portable handheld fan on our list is perhaps the teeniest, tiniest one you can find on the market. This portable Gadget Mix Mini Handheld Fan (available on Gadget MIX Official Store) is so small it’s only a little larger than a lollipop! That’s why it’s really convenient to just slip it into the extra nooks in your bag, so you can keep cool while you’re outdoors. 

While it might seem too pricey for its minute size, don’t judge the fan by its cover! As one of the best mini portable fans in Singapore, this Gadget Mix fan is extremely lightweight and weighs just 86 grams. That’s almost the weight of a tomato! Other cool features include a low-noise motor that emulates the sound of natural wind, as well as three wind speeds that you can toggle between. Psst, did we mention that this Gadget Mix fan can also be fixed on a stand to be used on your desk? It’s the ideal multifunctional companion you need to keep cool whenever, wherever!

  • Weight: 86g
  • Battery capacity: 1200mAh 
  • Battery life: 1h
  • Charge time: 3.5h
  • Price: $14.90

4. HdoorLink Mini Portable Fan 

HdoorLink Mini Portable Fan
(Credit: HdoorLink Official Store)

Planning for some fun in the sun at the best Bintan resorts and villas? Don’t forget to equip yourself with a HdoorLink Mini Portable Fan (available on HdoorLink Official Store) in case it gets too hot! This best handheld fan from HdoorLink boasts a cute cartoon design that is sure to be a hit among holiday-goers. Features-wise, it has a low noise and low power consumption which makes it more energy-saving. It also has a USB interface that can be connected with other mobile gadgets too. It’s definitely one of, if not the best portable handheld fan in Singapore!

  • Weight: 85g
  • Battery capacity: 800mAh 
  • Battery life: ~10h
  • Charge time: ~3h
  • Price: $20.69

5. Simplus Portable Mini Fan

simplus portable fan
(Credit: Simplus Official Store)

Another frontrunner on our list of best portable handheld fan options in Singapore has got to be this Simplus Portable Mini Fan (available on Simplus Official Store). Its built-in noise reduction technology makes it ultra quiet even with its powerful wind gathering air ducts. From breezy to strong, you can easily adjust wind speed by clicking the control button. The carabiner design also makes it extra convenient to bring around and doubles as a desk fan!

But what makes this so amazing is its hidden blades. This is ideal for parents or if you travel with kids. You can easily use it on your morning stroll or on your travels without worrying about safety!

  • Weight: 125g
  • Battery capacity: 1200mAh 
  • Battery life: 5h
  • Charge time: 2h
  • Price: $10.90

6. Konka Portable USB Handheld Fan

konka portable usb fan
(Credit: Konka Official Store)

Going on a Malaysia road trip from Singapore with your kids during the school holidays? You might want to pack this Konka Portable USB Handheld Fan (available on Konka Official Store) along with you! That’s because it’s the most handy gadget you’ll need to beat the heat there. And it’s not without reason. This Konka fan has an aerodynamic optimisation-based blade structure design that guarantees a strong wind power performance. This way, you’ll hardly break a sweat again! We can totally see why this is one of the best portable handheld fans in Singapore!

  • Weight: 140g
  • Battery capacity: 2000mAh 
  • Battery life: ~2 days
  • Charge time: ~3h
  • Price: $39.90

Best portable stroller fans in Singapore (2024)

7. Homlly Portable Stroller Fan

best portable stroller fan singapore
(Credit: Homlly Official Store)

Travelling with a kid is no easy feat. Other than getting the best baby strollers in Singapore, you need to ensure the little one is kept cool too! If you’re unsure where to begin, we recommend the Homlly Portable Stroller Fan (available on Homlly Official Store) that has a 360-degree rotation. This means that you can bend, wrap and grip it at any angle you want so it is in the most optimal position of your kiddo! Other than being one of the best portable fan options for strollers in Singapore, this Homlly fan can also be used on baby cots and baby rockers. It’s definitely a gadget all young parents need, which makes it a great baby shower gift idea as well! 

  • Weight: ~200g
  • Battery capacity: 1800mAh 
  • Battery life: 2h – 8h
  • Charge time: ~3h
  • Price: $59.90

8. JISULIFE Portable Stroller Mini Fan

JISULIFE Portable Stroller Fan
(Credit: JISULIFE Official Shop)

The JISULIFE Portable Stroller Mini Fan (available on JISULIFE Official Shop) is one of the best portable fan choices in Singapore that has wowed us with its slew of baby-friendly features. For instance, it has a narrowed grille gap that makes it impossible for babies to insert their fingers into the fan. This prevents unwanted accidents. Even better, it has a brushless motor that creates a soft working sound for the fan, enabling your baby to sleep well during travels

  • Weight: 387g
  • Battery capacity: 4000mAh 
  • Battery life: 4h – 15h
  • Charge time: 3h – 5h
  • Price: $41.42 – $46.87

9. Minthouz Portable Stroller Mini Fan 

Minthouz Portable Stroller Fan
(Credit: Wavlink Official Store)

Nothing quite beats this Minthouz Portable Stroller Mini Fan (available on Wavlink Official Store) when it comes to choosing the best portable fan in Singapore! Powered with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, you’ll save the hassle of needing to get extra batteries for this stroller fan. However, the greatest feature is reserved for its aromatherapy function which effectively protects your baby from mosquito bites outdoors. All you have to do is add some of the best mosquito repellents (liquid ones!) into the accompanying separate aromatherapy box, and let the fan work its magic!  

  • Weight: ~200g
  • Battery capacity: 2000mAh 
  • Battery life: 2h – 7.5h
  • Charge time: 3.5h
  • Price: $17.66

10. Gadget Mix Gooseneck Stroller Fan

gadget mix portable stroller fan singapore
(Credit: Gadget MIX Official Store)

Looking to go on a Krabi resort vacation with your little ones? Then make sure you pack along this Gadget Mix Gooseneck Stroller Fan (available on Gadget MIX Official Store) lest they complain about the heat! With a gooseneck, this portable Gadget Mix fan can easily be bent and clipped onto strollers at your desired angle. This way, your kid will always enjoy a cooling breath of air! As one of the best portable fan solutions for strollers in Singapore, you can also expect to adjust the breeze flow however you like thanks to its three-gear wind speed. 

  • Weight: ~200g
  • Battery capacity: 2000mAh 
  • Battery life: ~3h
  • Charge time: ~3h
  • Price: $17.90

Best portable USB fans in Singapore (2024)

11. Thunlit Portable Phone Mini Fan

thunlit portable usb fan singapore
(Credit: Thunlit Store)

Touted as the best portable USB fan in Singapore, the Thunlit Portable Phone Mini Fan (available on Thunlit Store) offers ultimate convenience for the user. This portable USB fan can be easily used on any device that has a USB port including mobile phones, laptops and even car chargers! Its detachable and mini design has also been highly reviewed for how it can be fitted in every nook and cranny. Furthermore, Thunlit ensures that their portable fans run on low power consumption and low noise so you won’t disturb others!

  • Weight: 20g
  • Battery capacity: 5000mAh – 16000mAh
  • Battery life: 21h – 62h
  • Charge time: NIL
  • Price: $2.73

12. MUJI Portable USB Handheld Fan

best portable fan singapore MUJI Portable USB Rechargeable Handheld Fan
(Credit: MUJI Official Store)

USB fans may be tiny but you should never underestimate their power. For instance, the MUJI Portable USB Handheld Fan (available on MUJI Official Store) is a gadget that’s perfect for both the outdoors and indoors. That’s because of its convertible handle, which can be folded to create a desktop fan. From providing a cool breeze outdoors or ventilation at home, this MUJI portable USB fan can do it all. What’s more, as one of the best portable fans in Singapore, it also comes with a “Rhythm” wind mode, which operates on the low-speed mode, but repeatedly switches on and off every five seconds. And that’s because it was meant to emulate the ebb and flow of natural wind, which you can now enjoy whenever and wherever you are! 

  • Weight: 92g
  • Battery capacity: 1400mAh
  • Battery life: 2h – 12h
  • Charge time: 2.5h
  • Price: $19.00

Best portable neck fans in Singapore (2024)

13. JISULIFE Portable Neck Fan

JISULIFE Portable Neck Fan
(Credit: JISULIFE Official Shop)

Given the current global warming climate, portable neck fans have become a must-have travel essential you need to include in your packing list. We suggest getting this JISULIFE Portable Neck Fan (available on JISULIFE Official Shop) which comes with 78 air outlets around the neck. You’ll definitely have more than enough cool air to go around! And don’t worry, it comes with a mesh air inlet that won’t kiap your hair. Weighing just 250g, this is one of the best portable neck fans in Singapore that is super lightweight too. Hence, this ensures less strain on your neck so you can enjoy the breeze in maximum comfort! 

  • Weight: 250g
  • Battery capacity: 4000mAh
  • Battery life: 4h – 16h
  • Charge time: ~3h
  • Price: $56.50 – $92.65

14. VeryPeri Leafless Cooling Neck Hanging Fan

leafless neck fan singapore veryperi
(Credit: VeryPeri Store)

When it comes to the best portable neck fans in Singapore, the VeryPeri leafless cooling neck hanging fan (available on VeryPeri Official Store) should be right up your alley. This 360-degree bendable neck fan doubles as an aromatherapy machine where you can add your essential oils through the inlet. The wind speed can also be adjusted between three different modes. Finally, this hanging neck fan is perfect to bring on your travels without ruining your outfit since it can be stored compactly even in your mini bags!

  • Weight: 180g
  • Battery capacity: 1600mAh
  • Battery life: 6h
  • Charge time: 3h
  • Price: $39.90

15. NAWIQI Neck Fan Portable Cooler

best portable neck fan singapore
(Credit: NAWIQI Store)

NAWIQI, known for its variety of fan offerings, has one of the best portable neck fans in Singapore. In particular, the Upgraded Neck Fan Cooler (available on NAWIQI Store) impresses with its twin turbo brushless motors that come with five adjustable speeds that cool you like its 15℃. Additionally, the upgraded NAWIQI fan comes with colourful lights, suitable for travelling especially if you want to read on the go. With its LED display on the side showing the real-time power battery life, you’ll never forget to charge it! 

  • Weight: ~250g
  • Battery capacity: 3000mAh – 6000mAh
  • Battery life: 10h
  • Charge time: ~3h
  • Price: $37.80 – $42.29

16. TORRAS COOLIFY 2S Portable Neck Fan

best portable fan singapore torras coolify 2s
(Credit: Metapod Official Store)

One might say that the TORRAS COOLIFY 2S Portable Neck Fan (available on Metapod Official Store) is an ingenious invention. Not only is it a neck fan and portable heater wrapped into one, but it’s also a smart device that can be controlled via the smart TORRAS application. From there, you can easily toggle between and adjust the cooling, heating, and timer settings. With the convenience and comfort that this TORRAS neck fan brings, it has got to be one of the best portable neck fans in Singapore! In fact, this TORRAS COOLIFY series fan makes for a great travel companion, as it can both keep you cool at a tropical destination and help you stay warm in cooler regions. Furthermore, it can run for up to 28 hours – extremely suitable for long outdoor trips.

  • Weight: ~350g
  • Battery capacity: 5000mAh
  • Battery life: 3h – 28h
  • Charge time: ~2h
  • Price: $279.00

BONUS: Best portable watch fan in Singapore (2024)

17. Sanrio Wrist Watch Fan

sanrio portable watch
(Credit: creative11 .SG)

Among the best portable fans in Singapore, the most ingenious one has got to be this Sanrio Wrist Watch Fan (available on creative11 .SG). You can literally wear it on your wrist like a watch! Features-wise, this portable fan has a USB charging port and an adjustable strap for easy use. It also helps that these watch fans are available in four different cute designs. That’s bound to be a hit among young kids. 

What are the different types of portable fans?

portable mini fan singapore
(Credit: OATSBASF Mini USB Rechargeable Fan)

Wondering what types of portable fans there are on the market? Scroll on as we summarise them!

  • Portable Handheld Fans

The best handheld fans come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are often used on travels such as hiking, camping and even during daily commuting. These fans are compact enough to store into most bags easily making it super convenient! Some even have a carabiner design to hook onto bags easily.

  • Portable Stroller Fans

Parents with newborns would appreciate some of the best fans for strollers. These portable stroller fans can be clipped on a baby stroller to provide breeze for the little one – definitely great for those morning walks!

  • Portable USB Fans

USB fans may be tiny but they sure are powerful in providing a little breeze on a hot day. All you have to do is plug the fan into any device with a USB port – like your portable charger! You can also use a cable to get power from your mobile phone.

  • Portable Neck Fans

The best neck fans are designed to look like a pair of headphones, and is worn around the back of your neck, a target area to cool down faster. It provides 360-degrees of air movement, so it will keep your face cool without blowing air directly on it. If you want to keep your hands free, this is for you!

Are portable fans useful?

best portable fans singapore
(Credit: Gadget MIX Official Store)

As its name suggests, a portable fan is useful if you need something portable and easy to carry around. Here are its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros  Cons
  • Available in different variations, depending on your travel needs
  • Small in size 
  • Easy to carry around and use
  • Energy saving because they use less power
  • Some models can double up as power banks
  • Some models require complicated maintenance 
  • Some models are not durable
  • The air produced is not as cold as a standing fan or aircon
  • Portable fans can be quite loud
  • Some may have limited battery capacity

How long does a portable mini fan last?

portable fans singapore
(Credit: Joyroom Official Shop)

The best portable fans in Singapore have an average battery life of 18 hours. Specifically, most of the best battery-operated handheld fans can last for at least 12 hours, with some even up to 46 hours. Meanwhile, the best neck fans can last for up to four hours given that they require more power. 

It is to note that some portable mini fans can still operate fully while they are charging but we wouldn’t recommend doing that all the time as the battery might spoil quickly. On average, it takes about three hours for a portable mini fan to fully charge. As such, do remember to factor in the charging time before heading out to use these portable mini fans.

Cool travels with the best portable fans in Singapore

From the best handheld fans to the best neck fans, our recommendations will surely blow you away. If you’re looking for other cooling fans to use at home, check out the best standing fans to beat the heat. For more premium alternatives, consider the best air coolers and best portable aircons that will keep you as cool as a cucumber. You can also cop great deals and discounts for portable fans during our monthly sales!

This article was updated on 16 May 2024. Additional research done by Chari De Guzman.