Call Your Ah Gong And Ah Ma With These 11 Best Phones For Elderly

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Ever had one of those phone calls from your parents checking in on where your ah gong and ah ma are? We feel you, especially when your grandparents have left the house to who-knows-where and you’re caught in a bind. It’s hard to constantly keep tabs on them but you’ll finally be able to check where your grandparents are with these best phones for the elderly! 

How to choose the best phone for the elderly?

how to choose best phone for elderly
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The best phone for your ah gong and ah ma will be one that’s elderly-friendly. These phones have features that will make it easier for your grandparents to navigate and use the functions available. 

  • Large buttons

As your grandparents take time to memorise your phone number, make things easier by getting them a phone with large buttons. They’ll be able to identify the number and alphabets on each button clearly since these have been enlarged. This can also prevent them from making calls to wrong people or even foreign numbers.

  • Large and high-resolution displays

You should get your grandparents a phone that has a large, high-resolution screen with good brightness levels. When the screen is larger and brighter, the items displayed will be more visible for your grandparents who could have poorer eyesight. They’ll be able to ensure that the numbers they dial are correct and navigate the other functions more easily.

  • Larger fonts

It’s best to make sure that the phone you’ve gotten for your grandparents is able to display larger fonts and icons. A larger screen won’t be enough if the fonts and icons can’t be enlarged. Your grandparents will then be able to navigate the phone’s functions smoothly without having to squint at the screen.

  • Good quality speakers

If you constantly have to repeat yourself to your grandparents, then good quality speakers on these phones are important. They’ll be able to hear you loudly and clearly, and can even listen to their favourite oldies with these amazing speakers. You won’t have to hear your grandparents going “huh?!” ever again! 

  • Voice commands

Your grandparents won’t need to remember the steps needed to get to their contact list when they have voice commands on their phones. With pre-programmed voice commands, they’ll be able to carry out simple functions easily. Some phones also have a speech-to-text function where your grandparents can just speak and the words will automatically appear on screen.

  • User interface

Remember to find out the functions your grandparents will need before getting them one of the best phones for elderly. If they don’t need to surf the Internet, a simple phone for just calling and sending text messages will be sufficient. This will prevent your grandparents from accidentally sharing or accessing unwanted information. 

  • Emergency shortcut

You won’t have to constantly worry about your grandparents if their phones have an emergency shortcut programmed. With this feature, your grandparents can easily make calls to emergency contacts with a push of a button. They’ll be able to immediately get help without having to press more buttons to find the emergency contact.

Regular mobile phone vs smartphone: Which is the best for elderly?

smartphone vs regular mobile phone
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Although smartphones have become the norm, not everyone would be keen to own one. Your grandparents may not be very tech-savvy and using a smartphone can be a daunting task. Nevertheless, there are some smartphones that are perfect for the elderly thanks to their integrated senior-friendly features. It’s best to check with your grandparents what are the functions they’ll need before getting them a smartphone or a regular mobile phone. If they only need to make calls and send text messages, then a regular mobile phone is the best option.

Type of phone Regular elderly mobile phone Elderly smartphone
Screen size May not be as large as smartphone due to keypad Larger due to lack of keypad
Button and font size
  • Buttons usually larger on elderly-friendly phones
  • Font size may be adjustable
  • Mostly touchscreen
  • Font size may be adjustable
Speaker quality Good quality speaker where maximum volume is usually higher for elderly-friendly phones Good quality speaker
Price Usually cheaper than smartphones Usually more expensive than regular mobile phones
Internet access Usually doesn’t come with Internet access (i.e. no Internet browser or app store) Comes with Internet access (i.e. has Internet browser or app store)
Usability Easier to use as compared to smartphones More complex to use as compared to regular mobile phones

Best regular mobile phones in Singapore for the elderly

1. Artfone CS182

Artfone CS182 best phone for elderly
(Credit: LED Light Store)

Ever had your grandparents refuse gifts from you because they’re too “expensive”? The Artfone CS182 (available on LED Light Store) is not only affordable, it also has a large battery capacity where the phone can last up to 12 days. With this best mobile phone in Singapore for the elderly, your grandparents can have their endless catch-up sessions without worrying about the battery running out. The phone can last for up to six hours if your grandparents are always talking on the phone. This Artfone phone also has a broadcast feature that announces the numbers as each button is pressed. Your grandparents will not only be able to see the keypad clearly, they’ll also be doubly sure that they’re making calls to the right people. 

2. Uleway Flip 

Uleway Flip best phone for elderly
(Credit: Gadget Online)

Elderly people struggle with poorer eyesight, but they no longer have to with the Uleway Flip (available on Gadget Online). This clamshell mobile phone is one of the best in Singapore for elderly people because of its larger font and distinct menu icons. Your grandparents will be able to locate the functions they need easily with the vibrant and large icons. If your grandparents love listening to the radio, they’ll be happy to know that this Uleway phone has great speakers. They’ll finally be able to make out what the radio DJs are saying with the highly distinct sound on these speakers. This Uleway Flip also has an SOS button that can dial up to five different numbers. If that isn’t enough, the phone also supports up to 11 contacts that can be speed dialled. 

3. Mafam F899 

Mafam F899 best phone for elderly
(Credit: Saina Electronics Store)

We can’t get over the nostalgic clamshell phones and the Mafam F899 (available on Saina Electronics Store) doesn’t disappoint! This is one of the best mobile phones for the elderly because there are two screens. Your grandparents don’t need to flip open the phone just to answer calls. There’s also an SOS button located on the phone, so they can easily get help when needed. Your grandparents won’t have to worry about accidentally pushing the SOS button because this needs to be held for a couple seconds before it’s activated. This Mafam phone also has a good camera, so your grandparents will finally be able to share what they’re up to when you’re away. You’ll also be able to see what favourite dishes they’ve prepared for your visit – yummy!

4. Y2K 3G Flip2

Y2K 3G Flip2
(Credit: Sonic Connection)

The Y2K 3G Flip2 (available on Sonic Connection) is one of the best phones for your elderly grandparents because of its nostalgic clamshell design. This phone also has two screens so they won’t have to flip it open just to answer calls. The phone’s screen will show who’s calling and they can simply press one of the buttons below to answer or reject the call. The Y2K 3G Flip2 is also the perfect mobile phone for the elderly because of its SOS button. With just a push of this single button, a loud siren will be activated. The phone will then automatically send out text messages and make an emergency phone call.


INOVAGEN 3G best phone for elderly

Your grandparents will thank you when you get them the INOVAGEN 3G (available on INOVAGEN SG). This is one of the best phones for the elderly because of its SOS button that can make emergency calls quickly. The SOS button on this INOVAGEN phone will automatically call up to five emergency contacts when the need arises. Coupled with that, this phone also has a screen that is at least 20% brighter than others, so your grandparents will be able to see what’s being displayed. The big font sizes displayed along with those on the large keypad buttons also makes using this phone a breeze! 

6. SGSONIC CP168 4G 

(Credit: david.lim)

Worried about your grandparents when they travel alone? The SGSONIC CP168 4G (available on david.lim) comes with an SOS function that will send out its users location when activated. This SOS function will allow you to easily locate your grandparents if they were to meet with any accidents. You’ll also be able to send emergency services quickly to their location. This best phone for elderly in Singapore also has great speakers. Your grandparents will be able to chat over the phone without you having to repeat yourself. What we love about the SGSONIC CP168 4G is how it comes with a charging dock. Your grandparents will no longer have to fumble with all the different charging cables to look for the right one. 

7. Y2K 3G Senior Phone 2020

Y2K 3G Senior Phone 2020
(Credit: Sonic Connection)

The Y2K 3G (available on Sonic Connection) is one of the best phones for the elderly because of its huge keypad buttons. The font sizes and buttons are at least three times larger than the regular mobile phones. Your grandparents will now be able to make phone calls and send text messages easily. We sometimes misplace our phones around our house, but the Y2K 3G makes locating it easy. This phone comes with good speakers where the volume of its ringtone is extra loud. Simply dial your grandparent’s number and they’ll be able to find it! 

Best smartphones in Singapore for the elderly

8. Energizer E241S

Energizer E241S best phone for elderly
(Credit: Energizer Mobile Official Store)

Your grandparents don’t have to compromise on smartphone features with the Energizer E241S (available on Energizer Mobile Official Store). This phone isn’t just easy to use, but the endless mobile applications available means that your grandparents will be able to have more forms of entertainment. You can help them download messaging apps, like WhatsApp, and even YouTube. You’ll be able to contact your grandparents more often with these messaging apps on the Energizer E241S, and they’ll love you even more for it! The phone also has a camera, so you and your grandparents can exchange photos and videos of your day.

9. Nokia 6300

Nokia 6300

If your grandparents are avid users of mobile applications like Facebook and YouTube, then the Nokia 6300 (available on is the best for them! This best phone for the elderly in Singapore comes preloaded with those mobile applications along with Google Maps. The Nokia 6300 also allows users to tune in to radio channels. Your grandparents will now be able to listen to their favourite tunes on-the-go! This phone also has a speech-to-text function where your ah gong and ah ma can easily reply to your text messages if they’re busy shopping for groceries!

10. realme C25Y Smartphone

realme C25Y
(Credit: realme Official Store Global)

If your grandparents are already pros when it comes to smartphones, then the realme C25Y (available on realme Official Store Global) is the best phone for them! The realme C25Y boasts an extremely large display that is also very bright. Your grandparents will be able to locate the functions with ease and even explore the camera on this realme phone! The camera comes with tons of beautiful filters that will add certain effects to enhance photos. Who knows, your grandparents could be the next Instagram influencer! 

11. OPPO A16

(Credit: OPPO Official Store)

Help maintain your grandparents’ eye health with the OPPO A16 (available on OPPO Official Store). The OPPO A16 has a large display that will display every nitty gritty detail brightly and clearly. Not only that, this OPPO phone has a display that can protect users against harmful blue light. Our eyes are more sensitive to blue light and prolonged exposure could result in eye issues. This best mobile phone for the elderly also has three cameras that can take extremely detailed photos. Your grandparents can now document their days with you and keep these memories in their photo gallery, or close to their hearts!

Overview on the best phones for elderly

Type of Phone Phone Size SOS Function? Camera? Price
Regular elderly mobile phone Artfone CS182 10cm x 6.3cm Yes, calls to emergency contacts will be made Yes $35.70
Uleway Flip 13cm x 10.3cm Yes, calls to emergency contacts will be made No $51.00
Mafam F899 10.5cm x 5.5cm Yes, calls to emergency contacts will be made Yes $48.00
Y2K 3G Flip2 10.4cm x 5.2cm Yes, siren is activated Yes $87.80
INOVAGEN 3G  11.5cm x 5.5cm Yes, calls to emergency contacts will be made Yes $59.90
SGSONIC CP168 4G 12cm x 5cm Yes, location will be sent to emergency contacts Yes $108.00
Y2K 3G Senior Phone 2020 10.8cm x 4.5cm Yes, calls to emergency contacts will be made No $64.80
Elderly smartphone Energizer E241S 12.5cm x 5.4cm No Yes $69.00
Nokia 6300 13cm x 5.3cm No Yes $50.90
realme C25Y Smartphone 16.5cm x 7.6cm No  Yes $179.00 – $199.00
OPPO A16 16.4cm x 7.6cm No Yes $199.00

Keep in touch with your grandparents with the best phones for elderly

We hope our list of best mobile phones for the elderly in Singapore helps you find the perfect one for your grandparents. Looking for some gift ideas for your grandmother this Mother’s Day? Take a look at our list of Mother’s Day gift ideas in Singapore or order a flower bouquet from these flower delivery places in Singapore. Alternatively, you can explore these unconventional ways to celebrate Mother’s Day and jio your entire family out to celebrate the special women in your lives.