16 Korean Bag Brands You Should Be Sporting Right Now

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While there’s no need for an introduction to Korean beauty brands, are you as well informed when it comes to the Korean fashion department? To give you a crash course, we’ve compiled a list of the latest Korean bag brands well-loved in South Korea and beyond. Whether you’re into casual, elegant, or androgynous styles, we’ve got you covered with the trendiest designs this season!

Trendiest Korean bags brands to try


korean bag brands marhen j roy bag black white
(Credit: Marhen J Official Store)

Founded by the Creative Director of world famous K-Pop groups TVXQ and Twice, MARHEN.J is one of the hottest Korean bag brands in Singapore right now. Hitting the sweet spot between minimalistic and chic, it’s no wonder many K-Pop artists, such as SNSD’s SooYoung, have been sporting MARHEN.J bags as a staple fashion accessory. 

If you’re looking for a bag with a minimalistic yet versatile design, you won’t go wrong with the iconic MARHEN.J Roy Mini Bag (available on Marhen J Official Store). It can be paired with both casual and formal outfits — perfect for 21st century fashionista. The MARHEN.J Roy bag’s ergonomic design boasts practical storage compartments for your 15-inch laptop, A4 documents, water bottle, umbrella and more. On top of that, this canvas bag is waterproof and stain-resistant too. 

Don’t forget to check out other popular designs such as the MARHEN.J Lolly NeoMint — a mini crossbody bag for your phone and knick knacks — and the latest MARHEN.J Amber Bag (both available on Marhen J Official Store)!

2. Find Kapoor 

asian model holding find pakoor bucket bag in beige
(Credit: FIND KAPOOR Official)

We’ve got to admit, Find Kapoor is one of the Korean bag brands with the best designs. In fact, their products look more like a work of art than an accessory. Find Kapoor prides itself in marrying both classic and trendy elements to create original designs that appeal to everyone. Experimenting with colours and patterns, Find Kapoor’s bags are unconventional masterpieces for the modern woman. 

If we absolutely had to choose a favourite, it’ll be the Find Kapoor Pingo 20 Lizard Chain Set Black Bag (available on FIND KAPOOR Official). Sporting a charming, textured, black finish, what makes this Korean designer handbag special is its straps. The bag comes with a classy chain sling and a black wristlet strap. A simple switch of the straps changes the entire style of the bag, making this a versatile piece to invest in! If you prefer something smaller, go for the Find Kapoor Mini Pingo Bag Croco Chain Set (available on FIND KAPOOR Official) which will be just nice to hold your phone and wallet.

3. Koimooi

korean model holding koimooi mini nana bag with top handle in a garden
(Credit: wannabekorea.sg)

If you love experimenting with fun, eccentric designs, KOIMOOI is the one of the best Korean bag brands for you. ‘KOI’ refers to a type of carp that grows bigger in wide waters. At the heart of the brand is a message that encourages women to develop in an environment with no limitations! KOIMOOI bags certainly stays true to this, with an extensive range of designs from colourful to neutral options to choose from. 

The KOIMOOI Mini Nana Bag (available on wannabekorea.sg) is one of their greatest hits – a Korean designer handbag that was seen gracing the shoulders of singer HyunA! Alternatively, if you want something louder, go for the KOIMOOI Mini Nana Bag in Green Tweed (available on  wannabekorea.sg)!

4. Joy Gryson

person holding joy gryson brown margot crossbody bag small
(Credit: her Scent)

Luxe, sexy, and unique. These are the three words that we’d use to describe Joy Gryson – one of the best Korean designer bag brands featuring a myriad of bags for every style and occasion. Those who watched Korean dramas like It’s Okay Not To Be Okay might have also spotted Seo Ye-Ji carrying the Margot Crossbody Bag (available on her Scent), exuding absolute class and style.

The Joy Gryson Claire Bag (available on her Scent) which features a unique half-moon shape was also seen in True Beauty and Vincenzo. Loved seeing how they rocked them? You can too. Get your hands on your favourite Joy Gryson bags and channel main character vibes with them!


ostkaka lycka bucket bag with knot detail in brown
(Credit: objetoss.sg)

OSTKAKA is a Korean bag brand that takes bucket bags to the next level with their creative Swedish-inspired designs. One of their most popular OSTKAKA bags is the Lycka Mini Bag (available on objetoss.sg) – a minimalist and classy bucket bag featuring a simple knot detail. For something extra feminine, go for the Lycka Quilting Tote (available on objetoss.sg), a Korean designer handbag that was featured on actress Oh Yeon So in her Dazed photoshoot! This dainty bag will certainly be the perfect fit for any date night outfit.

6. Pleats Mama

lady carrying two toned pleats mama tote bag in baby blue and cream
(Credit: moodwhite)

Eco-conscious fashionistas, we’ve found one of the best Korean bag brands for you! Pleats Mama believes in sustainable fashion. It demonstrates this through the use of recycled materials to create all of its products. The Pleats Mama Mini Two Way Shoulder Bag (available on moodwhite) is completely made out of yarn extracted from PET bottles. Its unique material makes the bag lightweight but durable. 

With many vibrant colours to choose from (including lime green and periwinkle blue), we’ve got to give it up to Pleats Mama for striking the perfect balance between style and sustainability! Another key point about this unconventional bag is its ergonomic pleated design. This allows the bag to be folded up like a fan and stored away conveniently when not in use!

7. Stretch Angels

korean bag brands stretch angels flap multi camel panini bag
(Credit: NOTAG Official Store)

Both a clutch and a cross-body bag rolled into one, the Stretch Angels Flap Multi Camel Panini Bag (available on TROPIC.sg) is a convertible bag inspired by panini — yes, the Italian sandwich. It has the same boxy design as panini sandwiches. In addition, it sports a thick strap that resembles the likes of a perfect cheese pull! Simply remove the strap to convert this Stretch Angels bag into a clutch to match a more feminine outfit. In addition, the bag is paired with a complementary card wallet which will come in handy when you’re travelling! 

Not too keen in bright, paddle pop colours? Stretch Angels is the Korean bag brand to turn to when you’re looking for badass accessories. Check out the Stretch Angels Panini Colour Block Bag (available on TROPIC.sg) which will go great with a swaggy streetwear outfit!

8. Summer Honeymood

korean bag brands summer honeymood rattan loaf bag mint ice cream notag
(Credit: NOTAG Official Store)

Have a soft spot for rattan bags? So do we! Summer Honeymood is the Korean bag brand to turn to if you’re looking for an extensive range of cute rattan bags. We especially adore the Summer Honeymood Rattan Loaf Bag Mint Ice Cream (available on NOTAG Official Store) that instantly reminds us of a beach vacation with its fun pop of colours and mini pompoms! 

All of the Summer Honeymood rattan bags are specially handwoven by skilled craftsmen in Bali. Unlike regular rattan bags with a rougher surface that may snag onto your clothing, Summer Honeymood rattan bags have perfectly smooth surfaces and are woven tightly for superb durability. For a classic piece that will never go out of style, choose the Summer Honeymood Rattan Loaf Bag Bubble Gum (available on NOTAG Official Store). It comes with a multicoloured ornament ball charm and a vibrant aqua blue inner lining to brighten up your day!


korean backpack brands bag rawrow square 2 way original bag 114 corduna 15 mustard
(Credit: NOTAG Official Store)

RAWROW is a unisex fashion brand catering to modern individuals who prioritise practicality over aesthetics. Having said that, customers from all over the world – Germany, Japan and Singapore included – adore the unpretentious and thoughtful designs of this Korean backpack brand. 

If you’re on the lookout for a backpack replacement, the RAWROW Square 2WAY Original Bag 114Corduna 15 Mustard (available on NOTAG Official Store) is a great option. While mustard may not be your first choice when choosing a bag, this shade of yellow is easy to wear and match. Additionally, the RAWROW bag is built to last as it’s made out of vegetable leather and Cordura. Cordura is 10 times stronger than cotton and three times more durable than polyester. It’s also designed with many useful compartments for your 15-inch laptop, bottle and even smaller pockets for mobile and gadgets. That’s why RAWROW is one of the best Korean backpack brands worth considering!

10. Alice Martha

korean bag brands alice martha rosie shoulder bag yellow
(Credit: alicemartha.sg)

If you haven’t noticed, Korea’s latest fashion trend is all about going back to the basics. This means clean lines and attractive solid colours. Still rocking bold and loud prints? Maybe it’s time to switch things up by getting your very own Alice Martha bag! As seen on K-Pop idols such as Sista’s Bora, Alice Martha is a well-known Korean bag brand for ladies. 

The Alice Martha Rosie shoulder bag (available on alicemartha.sg) is one of the brand’s best sellers and it’s easy to see why. Designed with an overlaying flap across the opening, the Rosie shoulder bag is simple yet functional. Unbuckling the magnetic clasp reveals a roomy main compartment that will fit daily essentials such as makeup and a water bottle. You can wear the bag in two ways — as a shoulder bag or a sling bag to complement your outfit. With a reasonable price tag, we think the Korean designer handbags from Alice Martha are an absolute steal for girls on a budget!

11. Entre Rêves 

korean backpack brands entre reves guilty pleasure backpack duo chrome
(Credit: NOTAG Official Store)

The cool peeps at Entre Rêves aren’t afraid to go loud with their wild and unconventional designs. From neon hues, sequins and holographic patterns, the backpacks from this Korean bag brand are nothing short of fabulous. Moreover, all Entre Rêves bags are custom-designed and handmade to perfection for the girl who’s looking to stand out! 

Dare to make an impression with the flashy Entre Rêves Guilty Pleasure Backpack (available on NOTAG Official Store)! It’s made of duo chromatic fabric that changes in colour under different lighting. The highlight of the bag lies in the details, such as the seven embroidery patches. From fries to gelato, these patches represent our favourite sinful snacks! There’s also a dainty twin lens Lomo camera charm dangling by the front zipper for extra swag. Other must-own designs include the Entre Rêves Mini Busy Babe Gold Backpack and the Entre Rêves Rose Campbell Backpack (both available on NOTAG Official Store) with mesmerising blush sequins.

12. Bubilian

korean backpack brands bubilian 3way cordura backpack grey black unisex
(Credit: From Seoul)

It’s nearly impossible to browse through Bubilian bags without buying one. As one of the hottest street designer Korean backpack brands, Bubilian bags boast a unisex design that caters to a wide spectrum of styles. Whether it’s a spacious and sturdy rucksack to hold all your travel accessories or a cute and cheerful backpack for school days, Bubilian has got you covered!

If you’re looking for a bag jam-packed with utility, you’ve come to the right place. The Bubilian 3way Cordura Backpack (available on From Seoul) is a backpack and luggage rolled into one. The bag opens up like a suitcase, revealing an incredibly spacious main compartment enough to pack for your next staycation. Moreover, there are two huge easy-to-reach front compartments and a laptop holder at the back — talk about maximising space and storage!

13. Marymond

korean bag brands marymond danthus violet tote bag reusable
(Credit: MARYMOND)

K-beauty fans would have heard of Marymond, a fashion and lifestyle brand that collaborated with A’pieu to produce several hit beauty items like the A’pieu X Marymond Water Light Tint (available on divaferstoresl.sg). Other than makeup, the brand also creates its own line of bags that feature their iconic floral designs. 

The Marymond Dianthus Violet Tote Bag (available on MARYMOND) may not be as fanciful as the other bags featured in this list, but it’s one of the most highly sought after canvas tote bags in South Korea. It features lovely Dianthus flowers and is a great bag for a fun date with your partner. For other designs, check out the Marymond Magnolia Brown Backpack (available on MARYMOND) that’s ideal for school!

14. HAUT Collection

six haut collection bag in different designs korean bag brands
(Credit: 2MASON (taeheung))

If you’re looking for unique bags that stand out from the crowd, look no further than HAUT Collection. It is a South Korean designer bag brand that takes inspiration from Art Nouveau of the Joseon Dynasty – a period in 19th century Korea where decorative arts underwent extraordinary revival. 

Their handmade bags feature gorgeous and colourful prints that range from simple polka dots to elaborate patterned motifs inspired by traditional Korean paintings. One of the most iconic HAUT Collection bags is the HAUT Collection Dama Clutch Bag (available on 2MASON (taeheung)) – a great option for your everyday outfit and for carrying small items like your phone and wallet.

15. Donkie

lady wearing donkie half moon crossbody bag in brown korean bag brands
(Credit: ZIP1141.sg)

Toted around by Red Velvet’s Irene, Donkie bags offers sub $100 options worth your attention. Donkie is a well-loved Korean bag brand that offers functional yet voguish bags that are made of quality material and hardware. For an elegant get-up, we recommend donning the sophisticated Donkie Half Moon Cross Bag (available on ZIP1141.sg). It is a Korean designer handbag that features a classy brown colour paired with gold details that pairs well with any outfit. For something more edgy, the structured Donkie Crossbody Bag (available on pickor.sg) would make for a perfect fit!

16. Kitch Studio

model wearing kitch studio bucket bag
(Credit: btsmart.sg)

Love sporting a casual look? We think you’ll find your It bag from Kitch Studio – one of the best Korean bag brands that offers swanky tote bags and bucket bags. What makes their bag special is their functional pockets that help you keep all your daily essentials neat and organised. No more digging into an endless bottom for house keys anymore! One of our favourite Kitch Studio bags is the Kitch Studio Willy Bucket Bag (available on btsmart.sg). It is made of vegan leather and nylon fabric, complete with a zipper pocket at the back and an open pocket in front. With these elements, you can easily slot in cards and items you reach for often!

Glam up with these chic bags from the trendiest Korean brands

These flattering designer handbags and backpacks from the trendy Korean bag brands like MARHEN.J and Find Kapoor will certainly elevate your outfits for the year ahead. Ride the Korean wave and seize this chance to check out other popular products such as the best Korean lip tints or spice up your meals at home with K-Drama inspired recipes!

This article was updated on 30 May 2022. Additional research done by Liang Shi Nan.

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