2020 Korean Makeup Trends: From Glossy Everything To Cream Skin and Glitter Shades

korean makeup look trends 2020
(Credit: iu_leejieun516 / Instagram, ponysmakeup / Instagram)
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Whether you’re a fan of Korean makeup looks or a newbie to the K-beauty world, the ever-changing trends mean there’s always something new for you to try! From full red lips spotted on Pony to IU’s clear glossy lips, brush up on the trendiest 2020 Korean makeup trends to rock once going out becomes the norm.

1. Glossy Lips

korean lip tint korean makeup look
(Credit: NAMING.Official)

Go glossy! The plain glossy look is definitely picking up in trend this year. Check out Naming’s Dewy Glow Lip Tints (available on NAMING.Official) for a jelly-like and naturally plumping formula. If you prefer a wash of colour, then you can’t go wrong with Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint (available on ETUDE Official Store). A hardcore fan of lip tints? You’ve got to check out this roundup of the best Korean lip tints — we are particularly digging the peachy tones that’ll be perfect for summer!

2. Cream Skin

(Credit: Laneige Official Store)

Achieving that porcelain, illuminative glass skin was the skin goal of many in 2019. However, it’s a look that doesn’t come easy; cue the tedious 10-step Korean skincare routine. Enter the newest fad — cream skin. Cream skin refers to skin with a smooth, supple finish with a tinge of glow. This 2020 Korean makeup trend is both a makeup style and Korean skincare concept. Instead of piling on serums and face oils, achieve cream skin with just two products — a toner and a lightweight moisturiser.

How to:

Start with the Laneige cream skin (available on Laneige Official Store) in your skincare routine. This 2-in-1 toner and moisturiser has been raved about in the K-beauty world for achieving cream skin with just one product. The star ingredient — White Teal Leaf moisturisers, soothes and strengthens the skin. Reviewers have also pointed out that makeup adheres better to the skin after using this product. Alternatively, you can par down your existing skincare stash and focus more on products like the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Skin Toner (available on Innisfree Official Store) and the Cosrx Moisturising Lotion with Birch Sap (available on Cosrx Official Store).

This only means your foundation will have a higher staying power. We’ve heard good things about the Clio Kill Cover Cushion XP Foundation (available on Clio Singapore Official Store) which promises to hold up in our hot and humid climate.

3. Blush on point

Unlearn all you know about concentrating application of blush to just your cheeks. One of the biggest Korean makeup trends in 2020 is to apply blush on the high points of your face and away from your cheeks. This application will give your face a natural uplift and instantly make you appear more demure and youthful.

How to:

focallure korean trend glossy lips
(Credit: Focallure Official Store [Cropped])
Korean beauty is big on liquid blushers — try the A’pieu Juicy Pang water blusher (available on nearndear.sg) for a dewy finish! Once applied, pat it on the high points of your cheeks for a natural flushed look. Want a deeper blush shade? You’ll adore Focallure Liquid Blush on Hangover Red Wine (available on Focallure Official Store).

We couldn’t leave other Korean blush types out of this list. If you have oily skin, then we’d recommend the O.TWO.O Mineral Blusher (available on O.TWO.O Singapore Official Store) that’ll last on your face for hours. Korea’s copyright on cushion blushes means there’s no dearth of the variety there. Laneige’s Cheek Glow (available on Laneige Official Store) is a compact-style cushion blusher with a mirror — easy for touching up your blusher on the go.

4. Peanut-butter shades

Korean makeup looks with brown shades are the rage in 2020. This warm Korean makeup style has been spotted everywhere even on the stars in Monsta X’s Fantasia X music video — from their face to eye makeup. One of the hottest releases this year was Etude House’s ETUDE x HERSHEY’s Play Color Eyes Mini (available on ETUDE Official Store) with the original palette boasting six yummy brown shades. Read on to find out how you can recreate a peanut-butter Korean makeup style with this palette and other products.

How to:

Step 1 – Start with a base colour eyeshadow, something that’s close to your skin tone

Step 2 – Go in with a matte brown shade and sweep it up to your crease. Make sure the edges are diffused. Sweep that same colour across your lower lash line.

Step 3 – With an eyeshadow brush, pick up Milk Chocolate and apply it to your upper lid and upwards towards your brow bone. This will help open up your peepers.

Step 4 – Using a pointed dome eye brush (available on beautyboxkorea.kr), go in with the shade Real Hershey’s and place that close to the outer edge of the lash line and flick out — just as you would with eyeliner.

Step 5 – Take the eyeshadow brush, go back in with the same dark brown shade and apply more shadow at the outer corner of your eyes. These will give your eyes a nice, chocolatey depth.

[Optional] Step 6 – Pick up the glitter shade, A Sweet Message, with your fingers and place it in the middle of your upper lids and in the centre of your lower lash line. This will tie the entire look with a slight sparkle effect. You can leave this step out if you want to go with an all-matte finish.

Step 7 – Line your eyes with Clio Kill Brown Eyeliner (available on Clio Singapore Official Store) in small dotted motions. Apply your favourite mascara and stick on some of the best fake eyelashes for that vroom effect.

Step 8 – For blush, use a mix of some of the lighter brown shades from the palette and sweep it across your cheekbones. Alternatively, we hear the Too Cool For School Art Class By Rodin Shading (available on HOHO_BEAUTY.kr) is a must-try nutty contour shade!

Step 9 – Complete this peanut-butter Korean makeup look with an MLBB shade from Laneige Rose Collection (available on Laneige Official Store) and voila!

5. Wet, glitter, glossy eyes

One 2020 Korean trend that’s here to stay? Glitter eyes! However, it’s not the over-the-top glittery look you’d expect. Imagine a more understated shimmer on your lids, in the corner of your eyes and under eyes. This Korean makeup look can be easily achieved with individual glitter shadows like this Peripera Sugar twinkle liquid shadow or with an eyeshadow palette, like the popular Clio Pro-layering 04- Street Brick Eye Palette (both available on Clio Singapore Official Store).

How to:

Step 1 – With a shadow brush, apply the shade Burnt Coral onto the eyelid, bringing the colour up slightly into the crease

Step 2 – Run the same colour just below the lower lashline. You can use a pencil brush for this.

Step 3 – Pick a new eyeshadow brush and go in with the shade Tiramisu. Apply the shade in wind sweeper shade movements over your eyelids. Line your lower lash line with this shade too.

Step 4 – Use a defining eyeshadow brush and dab it into Cinnamon Toast. Tap off the excess and gently push the colour in from the outer edge of your top eyelid, concentrating the colour to just one-third of the eyelid.

Step 5 – Now comes the glitter! Use your forefinger to pick up Tangerine Soda and press the colour into the centre of your upper lid.

Step 6 – Take a clean eyeshadow brush and dab into Crunchy Bomb. Place the colour firmly onto the inner corner of your eyes and run it lightly onto your lower lash line.

Step 7 – Top off your outer corner with Cinnamon Toast if needed. Curl your lashes, tightline your eyes and draw on an eyeliner flick of your choice.

Step 8 – Coat on the Kill Lash Superproof Mascara (available on Clio Singapore Official Store) for your upper and lower lashline too and you’ve got yourself a seductive glittery, dewy eyeshadow look!

Step 9 – Repeat steps 1 to 8 for the other eye

6. Colour in those lips!

pony red lips korean makeup trend 2020
(Credit: ponysmakeup / Instagram)

Gradient lips are out and fuller, coloured in lips are in! Gradient lips refer to lip styles where the lip colour is concentrated in the middle of the lips and fades out at the edges, to give an innocent appearance. Although gradient lips are still a popular Korean makeup style, we hear fuller, coloured lips are more in trend this season. Pony Effect Powdery Whisper Lipstick (available on ponyeffect_official.sg) is formulated as a full, matte finish by the Korean beauty guru. If the colours are a tad too strong for you, then this CILY Silky Lip (available on beautyboxkorea.kr) will surely satisfy. Their creamy texture, intense coloured coupled with a tinge of gloss will leave you with a pretty pout.

7. Natural, separated, eyelash look

Taeyeon and Red Velvet have been spotted with another Korean makeup look that’s gaining popularity in 2020. Yes, we’re talking about the clumped yet evenly separated lash style. Achieving this look isn’t hard — just remember to keep the eyeshadow colours muted so your eyelashes can do all the talking.

How to:

Step 1 – Start by curling your lashes with a Shu Uemura eyelash curler (available on NANA MALL), making sure to curl the lashes as evenly as possible

Step 2 – Use an eyelash spiral brush (available on vivilash.sg) to comb through the lashes in a zigzag motion and to untangle the lashes

Step 3 – Apply a coat of Neogen Extra Volume Metal Mascara (available on COCOMO Official Store). Hold the applicator vertically and start with coating the innermost lashes.

Step 4 – The key to achieving the separated yet voluminous lash look lies with a round tip tweezer (available on Surpriseprice). After applying mascara to the inner lashes, go in and reinforce the mascara application with the help of the tweezer.

Step 5 – Gently hold the same amount of lashes between the tweezer and lift them upwards. These will form the lash groups that are the highlight of this look. Pro-tip: It’s easier to band together lashes when the mascara is still wet. If it has dried out, quickly apply more mascara and go in again with the tweezer.

Step 6 – Repeat steps 3 to 5 as you move along your upper lash line. You’ll start seeing the results of the separated eyelash Korean makeup look. Repeat step 1 to 5 for the other eye.

[Optional] Step 7 – You can complete the look with fire curling. Burn a small section of a wooden stick over a flame. Place it behind the lashes and position a second wooden stick in front of the lashes. Press the lashes in place between these two sticks. This will allow the curl to hold for longer.

Which Korean makeup look are you going to try first?

The glossy lips trend, the peanut-butter makeup style or the coveted cream skin look? Practice your favourite Korean makeup look before you head back to the office or catch up with friends. In the meantime, perfect the art of self-care with some of the best Korean face masks or convince your boyfriend to get one of these Korean hairstyles for men so you can rock your makeover styles together!