Love Ring Fit Adventure? Try These 5 Nintendo Switch Exercise Games That Are Just As Fun!

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(Credit: Bryant Tay)
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From vigorous high-intensity interval training sessions to religiously counting your calories, being a #fitspo is no easy feat! Thankfully, exercising and staying fit can be fun too. Not a fan of lifting weights or sweating out at the gym? Why not work out from the comfort of your home with these best Nintendo Switch exercise games? You’ll have so much fun trying to defeat monsters or keeping to the beat that you won’t even realise you’re breaking a sweat while you’re at it.

Why Ring Fit Adventure is the best Nintendo Switch exercise game to date

ring fit adventure best nintendo switch exercise game
(Credit: Bryant Tay)

Before diving into this selection of the best Nintendo Switch exercise games, we have to first highlight the game that inspired this list! Despite looking goofy on first impressions with its pilates-inspired ring accessory, Ring Fit Adventure (available on Hoppy Games) gives you a run for your money with its unrelenting exercises. Sweat it out in Adventure mode, where you’re actively jogging through linear paths and beating enemies with squats and knee raíses! Over time, you can level up and unlock even more potent workouts to breeze past enemies.

From rhythm-based bopping and robot crushing minigames to recording your heart rate and reminding you to hydrate yourself, you’ll shed those calories while having a ball doing it. If you’ve been procrastinating on achieving that new year’s resolution, there’s no better way to kickstart it than with Ring Fit Adventure.

Here are some of our other favourite Nintendo Switch exercise games to get active with!

Best Nintendo Switch exercise games like Ring Fit Adventure to get in shape with


Love the boxing minigame in Wii Sports? Engage in some friendly fisticuffs with the frantic Nintendo Switch exercise game — ARMS (available on pagu_games). The game is a visual feast! Its vibrant colours and roster of fighters are immediately differentiable with their unique playstyles. Rather than it being a contest of who can flick their wrists faster, ARMS rewards you for smart play and movement as you tilt and thrust the joycons to dodge and punch your virtual opponents.

Although it might not be labelled as a Nintendo Switch fitness game you’ll definitely be gasping for air after you’re done flailing your arms and dodging your opponents’ hooks with the game’s fast-paced scraps.

2. Just Dance 2020

Just Dance 2020 (available on ShopiTree) is undoubtedly on the top of everyone’s list of best Nintendo Switch exercise games. Refining the established Just Dance formula, the 2020 edition includes bangers like Billie Eilish’s bad guy and Khalid’s Talk that’ll appeal to anyone familiar with the modern pop scene! Mastered all 40 songs? Test your mettle by signing up for Just Dance Unlimited to unlock 500 more songs. Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced dancer, Just Dance 2020 casual nature and varied songs are a definite plus for any Switch owner’s library. Once you’re done dancing, make sure to check the in-game calorie counter and pat yourself for the calories burnt!

3. Super Mario Party

For a game that’s based on charming minigames and stealing stars, you might be confused on why Super Mario Party (available on RPG – Right Place for Gadgets) makes our list of perspiration-inducing Nintendo Switch exercise games. It’s the game’s Sound stage mode that makes the cut as you compete with your friends across multiple rhythm-based minigames. These can range from skewering fruit that’s launched across the screen to wiping windows as you’re ascending a building! Once you’re familiar with the mechanics, ramp up the difficulty and get subjected to faster, more challenging beats.

4. Fitness Boxing

Unlike Nintendo Switch fitness games like Ring Fit Adventure and ARMS, Fitness Boxing (available on RPG – Right Place for Gadgets) skips all the distracting razzle dazzle to deliver a focused workout experience. If you’ve never attended a combat fitness or box-ercise class, Fitness Boxing will prove a satisfying challenge with its endless combos of jabs, hooks and uppercuts — all while boxing to the beat of catchy pop songs!

Fitness Boxing also offers dedicated workouts to target specific body muscles like calves and chest. With handy graphs that track calories burnt and punches thrown, the game doesn’t pull its punches in letting you experience a full-blown boxing workout! For the price of a one month gym membership, Fitness Boxing offers a convenient workout option as long as you’re willing to put the time in.

5. Zumba Burn It Up

Zumba Burn It Up (available on GameStop) is the real deal when it comes to getting active and burning those calories. While the Just Dance franchise is popular with its easy-to-learn dance moves, Zumba Burn It Up takes it up a notch with complex dance moves that can stumble players with two left feet!

For those who’ve signed up at Zumba classes, you’ll feel right at home here with live-action instructors dancing along with you! Love a challenge? Try the 60-minute Full Class option to really get those muscles working.

Heart-racing exercises await with these best Nintendo Switch exercise games

Finding it hard to commit to a fitness regime from these Nintendo Switch fitness games? Start slow! After all, healthy living is a marathon and not a sprint so it’s ultimately the little efforts we make that’ll contribute to our overall well-being.

Thinking of going back to basics? Why not check out these easy 15-minute home workouts. Alternatively, workout at home with these best fitness apps (free apps included) too! If you need more recommendations for Switch titles, read this guide to the best Nintendo Switch games you need to be playing at home right now!