13 Personal Trainers In Singapore Who’ll Motivate You To Achieve Your Dream Bod

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(Credit: FITLUC)

Need some help with getting that dream bod for your New Year’s Resolution? Or do you usually end up talking yourself out of exercising only to regret it later? Most of the time all you need is a trainer to guide you through doing the exercises correctly and to motivate you. Personal trainers (PT) trainers in Singapore are one such group of people — who teach fitness for a living! With dedicated attention from one trainer, you’ll be more likely to see changes over a shorter time period.

Find a list of the best personal trainers in Singapore below — home and gym-based — and the rates they charge for their sessions!

Are personal trainers worth it in Singapore?

  • Experts

Hiring a personal trainer in Singapore may come with a hefty price tag at times, but you can be assured that they’re well worth it! These individuals have committed to going through a certification process to be the best qualified personal trainers in Singapore. And this isn’t easy! They have to attend courses and sit for tests that evaluate how good they are. You don’t ever have to worry about your workout because you’re definitely in good hands when you hire a personal trainer in Singapore! 

  • Customised training

With so many courses they’ve gone through, personal trainers are well-equipped to develop workout plans that can help you hit your goals! They’ll identify your strengths and weaknesses, while having your goals in mind, to formulate a personalised workout plan that is effective and safe for you! Apart from your training programs, they can also come up with complementary nutrition plans to make sure your diet is top-notch! 

  • Motivation

The best personal trainers in Singapore are great companions at your workout sessions! Having a personal trainer is almost equivalent to a workout buddy. They push you when you think you’re at your limit and will make sure you don’t become lax with your training and nutrition plans. These trainers will constantly remind you of your goals and keep track of your progress, so you don’t have to be afraid about slacking off with the best personal trainers in Singapore!

Home-based personal trainers in Singapore

1. Urban Active Fitness

Are you already consistently hitting the gym but not seeing any results? The best personal trainers at Urban Active Fitness will make your time at the gym worth your while so you can finally achieve the goals you want to. 

Depending on your goals, Urban Active Fitness has home-based personal trainers with different specialisations for you to choose from. We suggest going with Samantha if you’ve been wanting to give Muay Thai or Kickboxing a go! She’s one of the best personal trainers in Singapore who has a proven track record considering how she has lost 13kg herself with proper training and nutrition plans! 

Personal Training Rates:
$950/ 10 sessions
$1800/ 20 sessions
Book a free trial here

2. 1- Habit

1-habit personal trainer singapore
(Credit: 1-Habit / Facebook)

Tried many fitness and diet plans and found none have worked for you? Or maybe they’ve worked but just for the short run and you’re now seeing the old habits creep back in? Founder, lead trainer, and nutrition coach of 1-Habit, Aqilah Norazman understands your struggles having gone through them herself. She aims to do one thing and one thing only — to keep you in the best shape without ever slipping.

1-Habit is a fitness studio that primarily conducts small-size classes but Aqilah also provides the best one-on-one personal training in Singapore at a location of your choice. She’ll not only tailor a plan to suit your fitness needs which will more often than not include cardio, strength, HIIT, and yoga but also keep an eye on your diet and teach you why, how, and what you can do to change your lifestyle 1-Habit at a time.

Personal Training Rates:
From $449 for 12 months
Book a free 5-day Habit course here

717 North Bridge Road, S(198685)

3. Trainwithnoop

train with noop personal trainer singapore1
(Credit: trainwithnoop / Instagram)

Are you a mum or mum-to-be? Noop conducts both pre-natal and post-natal exercises and is also a qualified physio and rehabilitation specialist with over five years of experience. She works with new mums, focusing on their health, and creates a workout plan to ease them safely into physical activity. Looking to do pelvic floor exercises or suffering from diastasis recti? Learn the right techniques from Noop and let her guide you into getting back into the best shape and health while being a mama!

Like many personal trainers in Singapore, Noop has also transitioned to online training this year. Hit her up for a customised workout programme — whether pregnancy-related or not and she’ll tailor a workout programme for you with nutritional advice and injury evaluation all through the screen!

Personal Training Rates:
$1,440/12 sessions
See here for more package types

4. Karen Lee Fitness

(Credit: Karen Lee Fitness)

Karen Lee is a health and wellness coach and takes into account helping clients develop a healthy mindset and habits while working on the fitness aspect. She first works on solving the client’s current lifestyle factors, focusing on customising a workout plan (whether in person or through online personal training sessions) that will help you incorporate training techniques for life. She then plans brief and effective workouts that include functional movement, cardio, and resistance training before tracking and accounting for her client’s performance against set goals.

Don’t be beguiled by Karen’s age! With several fitness certificates to her name, this is one of the best personal trainers in Singapore who knows her craft through and through and won’t be afraid to kick your butt if she thinks you need it. Want to get a glimpse of the kinds of workouts she’ll conduct with you? Her self-designed, free-to-watch, online 27-day Move Smart programme includes a workout video each day for you to challenge yourself too!

Personal Training Rates:
Virtual PT: $100/session for 60 minutes (Ad Hoc)
Lite Package: $500/ 5 sessions
See here for more package types
Check out the 27-day Move Smart programme here

5. EzFit

ezfit personal trainer singapore
(Credit: EzFit Singapore / Facebook)

EzFit co-founder, Vanan does not believe in advocating ‘yo-yo diets’. If you’ve had an injury and need rehab training or lower back pain that just won’t go away, Vanan and a team of qualified trainers will see to it and nip the issue in the bud. From postural correction programmes to personal training for fat loss, strength, and conditioning, you’ll be guided on how to do fitness correctly and effectively. Did we mention that EzFit is also Singapore’s first 24/7 home-based fitness provider and will bring all necessary fitness equipment to your location of choice! Yup, there’s no hiding from fitness anymore when you can fit in a personal training class at midnight.

EzFit also has an online personal training app to ensure you keep up with workouts from home. All you’ve to do is load the pre-filmed instructional videos and train!

Personal Training Rates:
$110 – $150/ Session.
Prices range depending on the type of program, check their website for more details.

Gym-based personal trainers in Singapore

6. Strength Avenue

strength avenue personal trainer singapore
(Credit: Strength Avenue)

Strength Avenue is well-known for conducting strength and conditioning training for young athletes, helping them perform at their peak during competitions. The studio’s resident trainers themselves are kettlebell and powerlifting champions, having competed and won medals on international stages. But they don’t just limit themselves to grooming athletes, they’ll train anyone willing to commit.

These best personal trainers in Singapore will tailor a fitness program that’ll suit your needs and 2022 fitness goals. Helmed by head coach, Andyn Kadir who has more than 10 years of coaching experience under his belt, you’ll be in good hands with these personal trainers.

Personal Training Rates:
From $170/ Session
$150 / 2 Trial Sessions
Make an appointment with them via their website — no walk-ins allowed
Address: 57B Boat Quay, Level 3, S(049846)
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 7am – 9pm
Sat – Sun: 9am – 2pm


gymmboxx personal trainer singapore
(Credit: GYMMBOXX / Facebook)

Gymmboxx boasts one of the more affordable personal trainer rates in Singapore. Not only have they spread their wings far enough to reach far-flung places in Singapore (Bedok Point and Keat Hong) but they also throw a gym membership in the package — reminding you that training never, ever truly stops.

We like that this gym’s trainers started as not being in the best of shapes themselves. Soon after embarking on their fitness journeys, they stand before you today as qualified coaches. You’ll be guided on correct and safe ways to use gym equipment to reach your own fitness goals. Want those killer abs or a sculpted physique? We’re sure the personal trainers at Gymmboxx can help you achieve that too!

Personal Training Rates:
From $86 / Session. Check out their website for other package rates
Address: Bishan CC, 51 Bishan Street 13, #04-01/02, S(579799)
Check out other locations here
Opening Hours: 24/7

8. The PIT Singapore

the pit singapore personal trainers singapore
(Credit: The PIT Singapore at 123 Devonshire Road / Facebook)

The personal trainers at PIT Singapore are dedicated to bringing out the best in their clients through a range of training modalities that include traditional strength training — think lifting to Metcon and personal training for Muay Thai.

You’ll be training with champion personal trainers in this Singapore gym with most having achievements in BJJ, powerlifting, or even grappling. This gym is not for the faint-hearted, but if you’re serious about making some changes to your lifestyle this 2022, these bad boys will help you achieve that.

Personal Training Rates:
$110- $160/ Session, dependent on package type.
Drop them a message on their
website for more information.
Address: 123 Devonshire Road, S(239883)
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 7am – 10pm
Sat – Sun: 7am – 7pm

9. Fitness First

fitness first personal trainer singapore
(Credit: Fitness First)

If you’re already a member at this ubiquitous gym then why not consider signing up for their personal training sessions and enjoy a more customised workout? Personal trainers use fitness science — we’re talking the likes of DNA testing — to tailor a routine just for you.

With a large pool of personal trainers, you’ll get matched with one whose expertise best meets your goal. Personal trainers at Fitness First also follow a five-pillar fitness curriculum of sorts to get you in top-notch condition. You’ll notice increased mobility, a stronger core, improved strength, and cardio plus even better posture — perfect for those hunched in front of their computers all day!

Personal Training Rates:
From $735/ 8 Sessions
$386/ 8 Sessions (online)
Address: 100 AM,100 Tras Street, #04-16B, S(079027)
Check out other locations here
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 6am – 10pm
Sat:  7am – 7pm
Sun: 8am – 6pm


(Credit: Fitluc)

Gym personal trainers at FITLUC are the best in Singapore to help you become a better version of yourselves no matter your age! The gym has seen clients from ages 13 to 84 walk through their doors and helped achieve their individual fitness goals — ranging from weight loss to muscle gain, pre, and post-natal training, and even elderly training. Celebrities like Maxi Lim, Tay Ying, and Lee Teng have also been trained here.

All of the six gym personal trainers at FITLUC have several fitness certifications under their belt. Each brings different strengths to the table so you’ll be matched with a personal trainer who can help achieve your personal fitness goals. Choose from their in-person or online personal training sessions. You can also request a house-call personal trainer at an additional fee.

Personal Training Rates:
From $50/ trial session, dependent on package type. See here for more package types.
21A Keong Saik Road (Level 2), S(089128)
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 9am- 2pm, 4pm – 9pm
Sat, Sun, and PH: 9am – 2pm

11. Anytime Fitness

anytime fitness best personal trainer singapore
(Credit: Anytime Fitness Valley Point / Facebook)

Did you know that Anytime Fitness offers great gym personal trainer rates in Singapore? Fairuzi Kamal is one of the best personal trainers in Singapore who has been helping people attain their goals since 2011! With more than a decade’s experience under his belt, you can rest assured that you will be able to achieve your goals with his personalised training plans! Recovering from injuries? No problem! Fairuzi can also modify your workouts that are still great for your fitness level! 

Personal Training Rates: $360 / Session
Valley Point Shopping Centre, 491 River Valley Road, #02-02, S(248371)
Check out other locations here
Opening Hours: 24/7

12. Gold’s Gym

golds gym best personal trainer singapore (1)
(Credit: Gold’s Gym Siglap / Facebook)

The personal trainers at Gold’s Gym are anything but ordinary. You’ll meet a team of dedicated trainers who’ll tailor a programme for you backed up by science. Yes, you heard right. At Gold’s Gym, your personalised training program will be complemented with a diet plan. What’s more, is that the personal trainer will share lifestyle modification tips so you can achieve the best results quickly! These best personal trainers in Singapore are always by your side to track your progress and modify your workouts too!

The gym personal trainers here will become more like your friends — hyping you up to reach that goal. If you’re looking for easy-to-follow, effective workout programmes and PTs like friends, you know where to head to.

Personal Training Rates: $70-$110/ Session.
Drop them a message on their website for more information.
Free trial session
Gold’s Gym Siglap, 67 Frankel Avenue, S(458194)
Check out other locations here
Opening Hours: Daily, 6am – 10pm

13. Tri Fitness

(Credit: Tri Fitness / Instagram)

At Tri Fitness, rest assured that fitness will be pain-free and enjoyable. The personal trainers at Tri Fitness care about the clients’ physical fitness and also mental wellness. Your personalised training program will be complemented with a sustainable diet plan. Passionate in their craft, these personal trainers will provide tips to ensure you become the healthiest version of yourselves. 

Personal Training Rates: $70-$110/ Session.
Dependent on package type. Drop them a message on their website for more information.
79 Anson Road, #21-01, S(079906)
Check out other locations here
Opening Hours:
Subjected to outlets. Check out the opening hours here

Sign up with a personal trainer in Singapore and get that hot bod in 2022

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This article was updated on 28 February 2022. Additional research done by Phua Yi Xuan.

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