9 Upcoming Singapore Running Events 2019 And What You Need To Complete The Race

singapore running events marathon
(Credit: Quino Al / Unsplash)

Even though we’re already halfway through 2019, it’s still not too late to tighten your laces and hit these upcoming Singapore running events! Whether you’re a beginner or a running addict, you’re bound to find an event catered to your fitness level!

Check out some running events to sign up for and the ultimate packing list for an optimal and smooth race experience!

Upcoming Singapore Running Events 2019

1. S.TGR Uglow Marathon 2019

s.tgr uglow marathon 2019 singapore running events marathon
(Credit: The Green Race SG / Facebook)

The S.TGR Uglow Marathon 2019 is one of the most exciting Singapore running events for nature lovers! With a running route across the scenic Coney Island and Punggol Parkway, you get to immerse in the tranquillity and take in the beautiful sights during the race. This hybrid marathon is split into three categories — 10km, 21km and 42km. You can join as a solo runner or as a team with your friends!

Date: 15 Jun 2019
Venue: Punggol Waterway Park, Sentul Cresent, S(821313)
Register for the event here.

2. Meiji Run 2019

meiji run 2019 singapore running events marathon
(Credit: MEIJI RUN / Facebook)

Love to pig out after a good workout? You can do so at the Meiji Run 2019, a family-friendly Singapore running event! Gather your loved ones and participate in the 3.5km fun run which ends with a Meiji snack feast and a movie screening! Meanwhile, serious marathon runners can take part in the 10km competitive run to beat the time and win Meiji cashback vouchers! Not really into marathons? Why not tone up at the mass Meiji Yoga session instead!

Date: 29 Jun 2019
Venue: Palawan Green, Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa
Register for the event here.

3. Unlabelled Run 2019

unlabelled run 2019 singapore running events sports marathon
(Credit: Unlabelled RUN / Facebook)

As its title suggests, the Unlabelled Run 2019 is an annual Singapore running event that aims to encourage our society to fight stereotypes and recognise individuals for their capabilities. This year’s event focuses on freeing youths from labels with a 5km fun run for runners age 6 years and above as well as a 10km competitive run for those 14 years and above. Parents, get the young ones out to break a sweat and champion a cause they can identify with this July!

Date: 20 Jul 2019
Venue: Angsana Green, East Coast Park, S(468960)
Register for the event here.

4. Run For Inclusion 2019

run for inclusion 2019 singapore running events marathon runninghour
(Credit: Runninghour / Facebook)

Run For Inclusion 2019 aims to promote integration and understanding for those with special needs! Organised by Runninghour, run for this noble cause hand in hand with 500 special needs runners this July.

Not an avid runner but would still like to play a part in shaping a more inclusive society? Run For Inclusion 2019 comprises multiple race categories catered to different fitness levels, including a 10km non-competitive run, 3km walk or run and even a 20km non-competitive cycling! The highlight of the race is the iconic Runninghour ‘blindfold’ run, where runners pair up to experience what it’s like running without sight. So grab a partner and spend a fulfilling Saturday together!

Date: 27 Jul 2019
Venue: Punggol Waterway Park, Sentul Cresent, S(821313)
Register for the event here.

5. Shape Run 2019

shape run 2019 singapore running events marathon female
(Credit: Shape Singapore / Facebook)

Beyonce’s Run The World (Girls) is a song you need in your workout playlist at Shape Run 2019, the OG all-women Singapore running event! Round up your girlfriends and participate in the 5km or 10km runs together. Alternatively, grab the family for the short 1.8km family run open to children 13 years and below.

Meanwhile, participants in the Shape Run 2019 are in for a treat as every runner will receive a limited edition runner’s tote filled with attractive goodies. That’s not all, look forward to fun fringe activities such as stage performances and games once you’ve crossed the finish line!

Date: 25 Aug 2019
Venue: Kallang Practice Track, 52 Stadium Road, S(397724)
Register for the event here.

6. Metta Charity X Run 2019

metta welfare association charity run 2019 singapore running events charity
(Credit: Metta Welfare Association 慈光福利协会 / Facebook)

Known for its significant contributions in providing welfare for the disabled and elderly, The Metta Welfare Association is no stranger to most Singaporeans. Join this non-profit organisation in the 10th Metta Charity X Run 2019 where all proceeds will be directed to improve Metta Welfare Association’s facilities and enrich the lives of its beneficiaries. Besides the 5km and 10km runs, parents can also bring their little ones to participate in the X-ceptional 2km parent and child fun run. Who knows, running may just become your child’s new hobby after this!

Date: 28 Sep 2019
Venue: Angsana Green, East Coast Park, S(468960)
Register for this event here.

7. Volvic Force Of Nature Marathon 2019

volvic force of nature marathon 2019 singapore running events
(Credit: Volvic Force Of Nature Marathon / Facebook)

Tired of the gazillion Singapore running events organised on roads? Try something different this time with the Volvic Force Of Nature Marathon 2019, the first and only trail marathon in Singapore! The event spans across MacRitchie Reservoir, covering new and old hiking trails. Whether you’re participating in the 10km, 23km or 43km race, you’d find yourself speeding through rocky terrains and forested hills to cross the finish line. Those up for the challenge will be awarded a super cool finisher medal as a memento for their hard work!

Date: 5 Oct 2019
Venue: MacRitchie Reservoir, 181 Lornie Road, S(297732)
Register for the event here.

8. Craze Ultra 2019

craze ultra 2019 singapore running events marathon
(Credit: Craze Ultra – Are You Nuts? / Facebook)

There’s no better way to push yourself and test your endurance than by participating in the Craze Ultra 2019. While most Singapore running events cap at 42km, Craze Ultra 2019 takes running to the next level with its 45km, 55km, 72km and 101km race categories! Before you freak out at the insane distance, the event allows up to 24 hours for those participating in the 101km run to finish the race. You can even bring your own personal pacer to help you stay motivated throughout the run. Make Craze Ultra 2019 one of your greatest achievements this year!

Date: 12 – 13 Oct 2019
Venue: MacRitchie Reservoir, 181 Lornie Road, S(297732)
Register for the event here.

9. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2019

standard chartered singapore marathon 2019 running events
(Credit: Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon / Facebook)

Go for an evening jog along some of Singapore’s iconic landmarks such as Gardens by the Bay at the upcoming Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2019! As one of the best organised annual Singapore running events, the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2019 is a great chance to race with friends from all around the world! Don’t forget to form a team with your friends or colleagues and take part in the Toyota Ekiden relay run to strengthen teamwork and friendship. From the fun kids’ dash to the exhilarating 42.195km marathon, there’s definitely something for everyone!

Date: 29 Nov – 1 Dec 2019
Venue: F1 Pit Building, 1 Republic Boulevard, S(038975)
Register for the event here.

What you need in your race bag

1. Snacks

clif shot energy gel marathon packing list
(Credit: EnergyDrinkLab)

Running long distance may take a toll on your body and you need to have the right ‘fuel’ to keep yourself going. Your much-needed boost can come in the form of energy bars such as the Milo Energy Snack Bars (available on NESTLÉ Official Store) and fruits like banana that you should have at least an hour before the run. Alternatively,  energy gels, like the Clif Shot Energy Gel (available on EnergyDrinkLab) can make for the perfect mid-race top up too.

2. Fitness Tracker

fitness tracker fitbit versa smart fitness watch white
(Credit: Bizgramsg Official Store -“Your Trust It Partner”)

Most Singapore running events involve at least a 10km distance. If you’re a beginner or aiming to beat your personal best record, a fitness tracker or sports watch can be very helpful in tracking your pace. Execute a pacing strategy and stick to it throughout the race with a GPS fitness tracker such as the Fitbit Versa Smart Fitness Watch (available on Bizgramsg Official Store -“Your Trust It Partner”). For a more budget-friendly option, check out the OUKITEl Smart Fitness Watch (available on meigui.sg). Need more recommendations? Check out our list of best fitness trackers for your workout!

3. Water bottle

que collapsible silicone bottle small
(Credit: thebottlestore.sg)

You’ll usually find ample water points at many Singapore running events. Some may even include a bottle in the complimentary race pack. Nonetheless, to play safe and stay hydrated during the event, pack your own collapsible water bottle which can be reduced in size and stored in running belts! The Que Collapsible Silicone Bottle (available on thebottlestore.sg) is lightweight and can hold up to 600 ml when expanded!

4. Sunglasses

queshark polarised sports sunglasses
(Credit: queshark.sg)

If your race flags off in the morning, it’s better to come equipped with a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the blazing sun rays. We highly recommend using a pair of polarised sports sunglasses such as the QUESHARK Polarised Sports Sunglasses (available on queshark.sg) which will provide better grip and protection as the hours wear on.

5. Sports towel

microfiber sports towel marathon fitness packing list
(Credit: babygoods.sg)

Needless to say, you’re bound to sweat buckets during race day. Stop the sweat from trickling into your eyes with the Quick-dry Microfiber Sports Towel (available on babygoods.sg) which has superb water absorbency to keep you feeling dry and comfortable till the finish line!

6. Sports earbuds

anker nb10 water resistant secure fit sport wireless earbuds
(Credit: Anker Official Store Singapore)

Let your music get you through the race with the Anker NB10 Water-resistant Secure-fit Sport Wireless Earbuds (available on Anker Official Store Singapore). These earbuds are great for running as they won’t slip out of your ears during your run. Additionally, they’ll not be damaged by sweat or rain, making them a sturdy and reliable companion to help you stay on the track!

7. Compression sportswear

compression sportswear shorts running exercise muscle
(Credit: Transview)

Many runners worry about marathon fatigue — that dreadful burning sensation in your muscles urging you to slow down. This happens when your body doesn’t have sufficient oxygen to produce lactic acid. Both men’s compression wear and women’s compression wear aid the body in delivering oxygen more efficiently by squeezing the muscles and helping veins push deoxygenated blood back towards the heart. Improve your race performance with SKINS A400 Men’s Half Tights (available on Transview) and SKINS A400 Women’s ¾ Tights Gold (available on Transview).

8. Sunscreen

anessa perfect uv sunscreen skincare milk spf 50 shiseido
(Credit: Watashi Plus by Shiseido Singapore)

Last but not least, sun care products are a definite must-have in your race pack to avoid painful sunburn. Go for sunscreens with high SPF, such as the ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Milk SPF 50+ PA++++ (available on Watashi Plus by Shiseido Singapore) or the Neutrogena Cooldry Sport Sunscreen Spray SPF 50 (available on Johnson & Johnson Official Store) for easy touch-ups throughout the race!


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