Stay In Shape This 2022 With The 11 Best Home Treadmills

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In the name of “new year, new me”, we set lofty fitness resolutions for ourselves each time we usher in a new year. Truth is, these goals sound great in writing, but when it comes to dragging yourself out for a run or a gym workout, the procrastinators in us take over. If you often find yourself skipping cardio ‘cus the gym is too far, why not bring the gym to you instead? Investing in a home treadmill makes it much easier and more convenient to clock in your daily sweat sesh. If you’re determined to achieve your fitness goals this year, look no further than these best treadmills in Singapore!

How to choose the best treadmill in Singapore for your home?

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(Credit: Daiiak Lifestyle)

First time buying a treadmill in Singapore and wondering what to look out for? Here are some factors to consider to find the best fit for your home!

  • Size

Space constraints are often a cause for concern for us who stay in BTO flats and condominiums, which is why size is an important factor that we need to consider. The good news is, there are plenty of space-saving foldable treadmills that can be stowed away neatly when not in use! It is also recommended to have at least 90cm clearance at the sides of the treadmills, and at least 240cm clearance behind the treadmills. So, make sure to declutter and ensure that your space is suitable for using a treadmill.

The size of the running belt should also be taken into account based on your height and usage. For a general guide, if you’re 180cm or taller, get a treadmill with a running belt of at least 153cm long. Those who intend to use the treadmill for jogging and walking can get one with a shorter running belt of about 127cm long, while those who intend to use it mainly for running should get one of at least 140cm long.

  • Motor power

For motorized treadmills, look out for the horsepower (HP) which indicates the motor power. Refer to the table below for the recommended motor power based on what you’re using the treadmill for!

Usage Recommended motor power (HP)
Walking > 2.0 HP
Jogging > 2.5 HP
Running > 3.0 HP
  • Track speed

Track speed refers to how fast the treadmill can go for your run. In general, a track speed of 10km/h would suffice for most amateur runners. For professional runners or those who want to push their limits, get a treadmill with a track speed of more than 12km/h.

How to reduce noise from a treadmill?

person walking on a treadmill at home best treadmill singapore
(Credit: Daiiak Lifestyle)

Unless you’re staying on the ground floor or landed property, you should apply these soundproofing tips when using a home treadmill! Running and jogging on a treadmill cause vibrations that may disturb your poor neighbours living downstairs. To avoid complaints, here’s how you can reduce noise while exercising on a treadmill:

  • Use a treadmill mat

Treadmill mats are an essential item to get alongside a new treadmill. They help to absorb the vibration caused by running and significantly reduce the noise that travels through your floor. We recommend getting the Kingsmith WalkingPad Treadmill Mat (available on Daiiak Lifestyle) that provides effective shock absorption and stability! Alternatively, you can place your treadmill in a carpeted area in your house, or do both for double protection.

  • Lubricate your treadmill belt

A rusty treadmill belt can cause even more noise – so be sure to keep it lubricated. You can use a Treadmill Lubricant (available on Gymsportz Fitness) to oil your treadmill belt. For detailed instructions on how to use the treadmill lubricant, check out the video above!

  • Soundproof your room

If all else fails and the sound still travels, get acoustic foam panels for your walls to amp the noise reduction up. Get the ones with high density to help absorb the din! It is also recommended to position your treadmill away from the wall to reduce noise.

Best foldable treadmills in Singapore under $1000

1. TKT Home Treadmill($167.63-$210.90)

TKT foldable treadmill with metallic pink rims and phone stand
(Credit: TKT Fitness Equipment Store)

Coming in at only $167, the TKT Home Treadmill (available on TKT Fitness Equipment Store) is the best affordable treadmill in Singapore for those on a budget! We love its sleek and minimalist design that features a luxe metallic pink border and a silver armrest that doubles up as a holder for your phone or iPad. This allows you to enjoy your favourite K-dramas or C-dramas while running – a great way to take your mind off the pain and shed more calories! For those who stay on high floors, the TKT treadmill is one of the best home treadmills to get as it comes with shock absorption features that reduce noise.

Dimensions: 121cm x 13cm x 50cm
Belt size: 100cm x 38cm
Max user weight: 100kg

2. Kingsmith WalkingPad Foldable Treadmill($979.00)

kingsmith walkingpad best foldable treadmill singapore
(Credit: Daiiak Lifestyle)

It’s always motivating to press on towards your goal when you can actually see your results in solid numbers. The Kingsmith WalkingPad Foldable Treadmill (available on Daiiak Lifestyle) gives you just that – providing access to your exercise data when paired with an app so that you can easily track your progress. 

For those who want to use the treadmill for both running and walking, this Kingsmith treadmill lets you do both seamlessly with two exercise modes for the respective activities. It also features a large running platform that prevents the klutz from falling off. Furthermore, it is also one of the sturdiest foldable treadmills that can withstand up to 110kg of weight. 

Dimensions: 142cm x 72cm x 102cm (extended), 71cm x 95.5cm x 22.6cm (folded)
Belt size: 121cm x 46cm
Max user weight: 110kg

3. Xiaomi Kingsmith WalkingPad Foldable Treadmill($409.00)

(Credit: Black Shark Official)

The Xiaomi Kingsmith WalkingPad Foldable Treadmill (available on Black Shark Official) excels in the aesthetics department. Sleek and minimalistic, this treadmill can be folded up to 180 degrees for easy storage. Simply fold it and store it under your sofa or bed! This treadmill also possesses an intelligent Speed Control function whereby it is capable of sensing your steps when you engage in regular walking! 

Dimensions: 145cm x 122cm x 58cm (extended), 85.5cm x 52.8cm x 14.55cm (folded)
Belt size: 100cm x 102cm
Max user weight: 120kg

4. Powerfit PF1002 Foldable Treadmill($460.00)

Credit: Functional Fitness Asis

The Powerfit PF1002 Foldable Treadmill (available on FunctionalFitnessAsia) is the best foldable treadmill for those who want a more intense workout at home, as it has a track speed of up to 14km/h. Features-wise, it comes with all the essentials such as an LCD screen that displays the time, distance, speed, and calories burnt from your run. The Powerfit treadmill also has an auto-stop safety feature that prevents you from sustaining injuries. 

Dimensions: 150 cm x 71 cm x 125 cm (extended), 150cm x 71 cm x 105 cm (folded)
Belt size: 120cm x 42cm
Max user weight: 100kg

5. Ypoo Mini Change Treadmill ($899.00)

(Credit: Gymsportz Fitness Official)

If you’re looking for a no-frills home treadmill that doesn’t break the bank, the Ypoo Mini Change Treadmill (available on True Gym) fits the bill. It is one of the best treadmills in Singapore with a powerful motor that enables a track speed of up to 12km/h. If you’re worried about whether it is easy to operate, this treadmill can be operated with just a single button. In addition, the Ypoo Mini Change Treadmill can also be folded if you need to save space.

Dimensions: 153cm x 76cm x 110cm (extended), 153cm x 76cm x 20cm (folded)
Belt size: 120cm x 41cm
Max user weight: 90kg

Best treadmills in Singapore above $1000

6. AIBI Tone Desk Treadmill($1388.00)

person walking on aibi tone desk treadmill red
(Credit: AIBI Singapore Official Store)

The AIBI Tone Desk Treadmill (available on AIBI Singapore Official Store) is every workaholic’s dream. It’s the best foldable treadmill in Singapore that doubles up as a standing desk so you can burn calories while clearing emails! This treadmill comes with an LCD screen that shows you your speed, time, distance, heart rate, and calories burnt. There’s also a built-in pulse sensor for immediate pulse readouts.

The table is equipped with non-slip strips which prevent your laptop or iPad from sliding off while you’re running. What’s more, this AIBI treadmill comes with a built-in bookshelf where you can store your books and documents! When the treadmill is not in use, simply fold it in to use it as your work or study desk

Dimensions: 125cm x 56cm x 112cm (extended), 27cm x 56cm x 112cm (folded)
Belt size: 99cm x 36cm
Max user weight: 100kg

7. AIBI Gym Slim Treadmill($1388.00)

aibi gym slim treadmill best singapore
(Credit: AIBI Singapore Official Store)

For runners who train by heart rate, the AIBI Gym Slim Treadmill (available on AIBI Singapore Official Store) is one of the best treadmills in Singapore that you should consider. This foldable home treadmill boasts an advanced pulse reading feature that uses photodiode sensors to provide fast and accurate heart rate readings. Heart rate readings help you to determine whether you should increase or decrease your pace and is a good measure of how hard you’re pushing yourself.

Furthermore, the AIBI Gym Slim Treadmill also comes with shock absorption technology to reduce the impact of running. We also love its two-way folding design which allows it to be tucked away flat or upright easily. 

Dimensions: 149cm x 70cm x 118cm
Belt size: 120cm x 42cm
Max user weight: 100kg

8. Schwinn 510T Treadmill($1799.00)

schwin 510t treadmill black best treadmill singapore
(Credit: Gymsportz Fitness)

According to Psychology Today, there’s a slew of benefits of listening to music while exercising – such as making you more willing to exert yourself. Equipped with MP3 input and acoustic chamber stereo speakers, the Schwinn 510T Treadmill (available on Gymsportz Fitness) helps you push yourself to the limits as you get pumped up with upbeat music! 

Apart from an outstanding audio system, there’s a myriad of other exciting features such as the Explore The World app that allows you to travel the globe in the comforts of your crib. After all, running is always more enjoyable when accompanied with a beautiful view. With this app, you can traverse different landscapes and terrains such as the Japanese countryside, the streets of Prague, and the Scottish highlands! In addition, the Schwinn treadmill also comes with 16 workout programs that target aspects like heart health and weight control.

Dimensions: 144cm x 175.5cm x 90.4cm (extended), 99cm x 90.5cm x 144cm (folded)
Belt size: 140cm x 51cm
Max user weight: 125kg

9. OTO Antelope AL-1000 Treadmill($1380.00)

white oto antelope al-1000 treadmill best treadmill singapore
(Credit: Oto SG Official Store)

Aesthetics hardly come into play when it comes to treadmills, but the OTO Antelope AL-1000 Treadmill (available on Oto SG Official Store) defies this with its sleek, minimalist design. Sporting a unique shape that resembles an antelope, it is one of the best foldable treadmills in Singapore that matches form with function. It boasts a thick running belt with four layers of anti-slip cushioning, ensuring a stable and comfortable run.

Another reason why we love this treadmill is its convenient features. For instance, it comes with a USB port for charging, so you can binge-watch Netflix while running without worrying about your battery going flat. The OTO Antelope treadmill also sports MP3 and speakers that can be connected via Bluetooth for you to enjoy music. Furthermore, it has bottle holders and iPad holders to keep essentials within reach.

Dimensions: 158.5cm x 76cm x 148.3cm (extended), 158.5cm x 76cm x 36cm (folded)
Belt size: 120cm x 42cm
Max user weight: 120kg

10. Reebok A4.0 Treadmill($1499.00)

reebok a4.0 treadmill
(Credit: Gymsportz Fitness)

Reebok is one of the top brands when it comes to fitness equipment, and their range of treadmills certainly doesn’t disappoint. The Reebok A4.0 Treadmill (available on Gymsportz Fitness) is one of the best foldable treadmills in Singapore that’s an all-rounder in every aspect. It is equipped with astroride cushioning technology which boosts spring back and reduces heel impact. For long-distance runners, opt for this treadmill for a more comfortable run.

This Reebok Treadmill also includes a whopping 36 pre-set programs and an additional three programs that you can customize. This gives you plenty of options and inspiration on how to change up your workout routine from time to time! For those who are always trying to beat their PB, this treadmill is capable of going up to 18km/h and has 12 levels of power incline. This allows you to amp up the intensity of your workout and constantly push yourself to greater heights!

Dimensions: 167.5cm x 76.5cm x 140cm (extended), 130cm x 76.5cm x 140cm (folded)
Belt size: 130cm x 45cm
Max user weight: 90kg

11. AssaultRunner Air Runner Elite($8000.00)

assaultrunner air runner elite manual black treadmill
(Credit: FunctionalFitnessAsia)

While motorized treadmills are the norm, there are several benefits of using a manual treadmill. Apart from requiring absolutely zero electric consumption, manual treadmills like the AssaultRunner Air Runner Elite (available on FunctionalFitnessAsia) call for a more demanding workout – which is why it’s an athlete’s favourite. It comes with a curved belt that moves according to the motion of your feet and can get your heart rate higher at lower speeds, thereby burning more calories.

This treadmill in Singapore runs on your energy, which powers an LCD screen, built-in programming features, and Bluetooth connectivity so you can track your fitness data. It also comes with dual water bottle holders and a storage compartment to store your workout essentials. Built without any motors, this is one of the most low-maintenance treadmills for your home!

Dimensions: 177.5 cm x 80.5 cm x 163.5 cm
Max user weight: 181kg

Overview of the best treadmills in Singapore (sorted by price)

Treadmill Dimensions (cm) Belt size Maximum Weight (kg) Price
TKT Treadmill 121 x 13 x 50  100 x 38 100 $167.63 – $210.90
Powerfit PF1002 Foldable Treadmill 150 x 71 x 125 (full size), 150 x 71 x 105 (folded size) 120 x 42 100 $460
Xiaomi Kingsmith WalkingPad Foldable Treadmill 145 x 122 x 58 (extended), 85.5 * 52.8 * 14.55(folded) 120 x 41 100 $409
OVICX Treadmill 153 x 76 x 110 (extended), 150 x 76 x 20 (folded) 120 x 41 90 $899
Kingsmith WalkingPad Foldable Treadmill 142 x 72 x 102 (extended), 71 x 95.5 x 22.6 (folded) 121 x 46 110 $979
AIBI Gym Slim Treadmill 149 x 70 x 118 120 x 42 100 $1188
OTO Antelope AL-1000 Treadmill 158.5 x 76 x 148.3 (extended), 158.5 x 76 x 36 (folded) 120 x 42 120 $1380
Reebok A4.0 Treadmill 167.5 x 76.5 x 140 (extended), 130 x 76.5 x 140 (folded) 130 x 45 90 $1499
AIBI EZ Tone Desk 125 x 56 x 112 (extended), 27 x 56 x 112 (folded) 99 x 36 100 $1688
Schwinn 510T Treadmill 144 x 175.5 x 90.4 (extended), 99 x 90.5 x 144 (folded) 140cm x 51cm 125 $1799
AssaultRunner Air Runner Elite 177.5 x 80.5 x 163.5  181 $8000

Stay active with the best treadmills in Singapore

For homebodies and busy folks alike who can’t find time or motivation to step out of the house for a run, invest in one of the best treadmills in Singapore to keep your fitness in check! Apart from exercising, diets are equally important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you’re exploring alternative diets like the keto diet, check out these best keto meal delivery services in Singapore! For those who want some guidance along your fitness journey, check out our roundup of the best personal trainers in Singapore!

This article was updated on 21 February 2022. Additional research done by Phua Yi Xuan.

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