9 Best Manuka Honey That Are Un-bee-lievably Healthy

best manuka honey singapore

Given our bee-sy lives, it can be hard to stay healthy and stick to a regular exercise routine. Thankfully, there are healthy foods that can impact our bodies positively in the long-term with just a small serving everyday. One such example is manuka honey, a type of honey which is beneficial for one’s overall health. Not too sure how to get started on this buzzing journey? Read on for our top picks of the best manuka honey in Singapore in 2022!

What is manuka honey?

manuka honey singapore
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Manuka honey is a monofloral honey produced by European honey bees from the nectar of manuka trees that originates in New Zealand. It is commonly used as a sugar substitute and has an earthy aroma and flavour. In comparison, normal honey is a sweet yellowish-brown fluid made by bees and other insects from the nectar collected from flowers.

What are some manuka honey benefits? 

manuka honey benefits
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Manuka honey is filled with many antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. As such, there are a slew of health benefits that come with consuming it. Here are some of the many manuka honey benefits for your skin and immune system:

  • Improves oral and digestive health
  • Aids in wound healing
  • Prevents gastric ulcers
  • Soothe sore throats 
  • Hydrates skin and cures acne 

How do I consume manuka honey? 

how do i consume manuka honey
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The best manuka honey in Singapore can be consumed in various ways. Most commonly, people mix about one to two tablespoons of manuka honey with a warm glass of water or tea. You can also consider including manuka honey into your meal plans by spreading it onto fruits, toasts and pancakes. Alternatively, add them in small amounts in yoghurts and smoothies! 

However, do note that those with diabetes or allergies to bees and honey should not consume manuka honey as it might lead to further complications. Infants under the age of one should not be fed manuka honey too. 

How do I choose manuka honey in Singapore? 

How do I choose manuka honey in Singapore?
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Before purchasing the best manuka honey in Singapore, there are two main terms for you to take note of: 

  • Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) 

The Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) is a trademark to take note of before purchasing a bottle of manuka honey. It is an industry-accepted indicator of natural unadulterated manuka honey produced in New Zealand. This upholds the honey’s purity and quality, as well as ensures it contains unique natural properties. The UMF rating ranges from 5 to 25, where the higher the rating, the more potent the honey. 

  • Methylglyoxal (MGO)

Methylglyoxal (MGO) is a natural organic compound in all manuka honey which supercharges its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. The higher the concentration of MGO, the more antibacterial activity in the manuka honey. For instance, a bottle with MGO 30+ (30mg/kg) is of standard table grade while a bottle with MGO 550+ (550mg/kg) has a higher antibacterial grade suitable for skin therapy.

Best manuka honey brands in Singapore (2022)

1. WildCape Manuka Honey

WildCape Manuka Honey
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

Harvested exclusively from the East Cape region of New Zealand, the WildCape Manuka Honey (available on Shopee Supermarket) has multiple benefits for the skin. That’s because this WildCape manuka honey produces a high amount of dihydroxyacetone that regulates the intensity of skin-staining. This means combats hyperpigmentation, discolouration and dark spots to pave the way for even and clear skin. On top of that, WildCape ensures that every jar has been independently tested and certified by the UMF Honey Association of New Zealand to assure the best quality. All these features combine to make it one of the best manuka honey in Singapore!

UMF: 10+
MGO: 263mg/kg

2. Nature’s Nutrition Raw Manuka Honey

Nature's Nutrition Raw Manuka Honey
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

When it comes to the best manuka honey brands in Singapore, Nature’s Nutrition is a top choice. After all, it has been in the industry since 2004 and seeks to provide simple and healthy food for everyone. Equipped with potent antioxidants, you can rest assured that Nature’s Nutrition Raw Manuka Honey (available on Shopee Supermarket) is one of the best manuka honey for immune system support. We recommend mixing two tablespoons of this Nature’s Nutrition manuka honey in a cup of tea every morning for a great start to your day!

UMF: 5+
MGO: 83mg/kg

3. Aoraki Peak Manuka Honey 

Aoraki Peak Manuka Honey
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

Suffering from a sore throat? Then you should try having the Aoraki Peak Manuka Honey (available on Shopee Supermarket) with a glass of water to soothe that scratchy feeling. With a UMF rating of 15+, this Aoraki Peak manuka honey contains a good amount of antibacterial activity that can help with inflammation and fight against the bacteria that causes pain. And as one of the best manuka honey in Singapore, Aoraki Peak also comes in various flavours such as Kiwi Manuka Honey and Ginger Manuka Honey (both available on Shopee Supermarket) that you can try!

UMF: 15+
MGO: 513mg/kg

4. Sweet Nature Manuka Honey

Sweet Nature Manuka Honey
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

Hands up if you’re a fan of yoghurts and smoothies! Instead of the usual toppings, we suggest taking things a step sweeter by adding some Sweet Nature Manuka Honey (available on Shopee Supermarket) in the mix. As its name suggests, the Sweet Nature manuka honey not only does it taste sweeter, it is healthier too. That’s because both yoghurts and manuka honey have benefits that work well when their nutrients are maximised. What’s more, it is halal-certified and is licensed by the New Zealand Fernmark for its quality. No wonder Sweet Nature is one of the best manuka honey brands in Singapore in 2022! 

UMF: 5+
MGO: 83mg/kg

5. Kaimai Gold Raw Manuka Honey 

Kaimai Gold Raw Manuka Honey 
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

Established in 1998, Kaimai Gold is definitely a trusted brand you can count on. If you’re on the hunt for the best manuka honey in Singapore in 2022, the Kaimai Gold Raw Manuka Honey (available on Shopee Supermarket) will be right up your alley. Taste-wise, it has a delicious rich flavour and smooth creamy texture that is enhanced when drizzled over fruits such as kiwis and bananas. Did we mention that this Kaimai Gold manuka honey also has many benefits for your skin because of its high MGO rating? Colour us impressed! 

UMF: 10+
MGO: 263mg/kg

6. Comvita Manuka Honey 

Comvita Manuka Honey 
(Credit: Comvita Official Store)

Another frontrunner on our list of best manuka honey brands in Singapore is Comvita. With decades of experience producing honey, their Comvita Manuka Honey (available on Comvita Official Store) is surely one to get your hands on. According to online reviews, Comvita manuka honey helps prevent gastric ulcers and is some of the best manuka honey for immune system support. Additionally, we love how there are travel friendly versions that take the form of Sachets (available on Comvita Official Store). Pop them in your drinks wherever, whenever! There are also Manuka Honey Lozenges (available on Comvita Official Store) that have a zesty lemon flavour. 

UMF: 5+
MGO: 83mg/kg

 7. HoneyWorld Premium Manuka Honey

HoneyWorld Premium Manuka Honey
(Credit: OG Official e-Shop)

Manuka honey has many benefits for your skin and immune system which is why they often fly off the shelves. A popular option is this HoneyWorld Premium Manuka Honey (available on OG Official e-Shop) which comes in a twin pack, making it a good housewarming gift. While it is slightly pricey, each bottle has 1kg worth of honey so you get to make the most of your buck. More importantly, this manuka honey from HoneyWorld has been tested and certified by an independent laboratory in New Zealand, so you can enjoy this amber coloured goodness with a peace of mind. We can totally see why this HoneyWorld manuka honey is one of the best in Singapore in 2022!

UMF: 15+
MGO: 513mg/kg

8. Organicer Manuka Honey

Organicer Manuka Honey
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

Enjoy sweeter breakfasts when you pour some Organicer Manuka Honey (available on Shopee Supermarket) on your toasts and pancakes! After all, honey is a great natural source of carbohydrates which provide strength and energy to start the day. While some might be concerned about the sweetness, it actually has its health benefits. That’s because the Organicer manuka honey has a high UMF rating of 20+ which contains more antibacterial properties to aid oral and digestive health. Moreover, as one of the best manuka honey brands in Singapore, Organicer ensures that its quality is never compromised by going for regular laboratory testing. 

UMF: 20+
MGO: 829mg/kg

9. Happy Valley Manuka Honey

Happy Valley Manuka Honey
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

We can’t write a list of the best manuka honey brands in Singapore without including Happy Valley, a New Zealand family business brand since 1959. Their Happy Valley Manuka Honey (available on Shopee Supermarket) has been raved for its purity, quality and authenticity so you are guaranteed a sweet treat for the soul. Furthermore, Happy Valley manuka honey is also available in Packet Sticks (available on Shopee Supermarket) which can be eaten on the go. That’s great for consumption while travelling or after a gym workout

UMF: 15+
MGO: 513mg/kg

Overview of the best manuka honey brands in Singapore (2022)

Manuka Honey UMF MGO Weight Price
WildCape Manuka Honey 10+ 263mg/kg 500g $47
Nature’s Nutrition Raw Manuka Honey 5+ 83mg/kg 500g $72
Aoraki Peak Manuka Honey 15+ 513mg/kg 500g $62.90
Sweet Nature Manuka Honey 5+ 83mg/kg 500g $36.80
Kaimai Gold Raw Manuka Honey 10+ 263mg/kg 500g $65
Comvita Manuka Honey  5+ 83mg/kg 250g – 1kg $37 – $110
HoneyWorld Premium Manuka Honey 15+ 513mg/kg 1kg $594
Organicer Manuka Honey 20+ 829mg/kg 250g $169
Happy Valley Manuka Honey 15+ 513mg/kg 500g $128.80

Stay healthy with the best manuka honey in Singapore (2022)

Whether to help your immune system or your skin, manuka honey sure has many health benefits. Snag the best manuka honey brands at Shopee Supermarket where you can get them delivered to your doorstep! If not, buy the best healthy snacks and best bird’s nests which help boost your overall health thanks to their highly nutritious content. Otherwise, we’re sure you’ll love these best electrolyte drinks that can help you achieve radiant and glowy skin!

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