Hang Loose! 13 Best Men’s Belts For Dad This Father’s Day

est Men’s Belts For Dad This Father’s Day

Noticed how dad has been wearing the same belt for the last few years? Or worse, how the belt’s material is slowly peeling or cracking? Well, then it’s probably time to get him a new one! And what better way to do so than as a Father’s Day (June 19) gift. From branded leather belts for men to fashionable D-ring belts, here are our top picks for the best belts for men which you can give your dad this Father’s Day. Psst, they will definitely not be a waist (pun intended) of money! 

Are belts a good Father’s Day gift idea?

Are belts a good Father’s Day gift idea?
(Credit: Erik Mclean / Unsplash)

If you’re still toying with the idea of getting a belt for your dad this Father’s Day, fret no more! Reason being: every man needs a good belt and you can never go wrong with it as a Father’s Day gift idea. For one, belts can be worn with almost anything ranging from casual jeans to formal wear. There are also many types of belts on the market to match any personality and preferred aesthetic. Moreover, belts are a versatile and practical gift that will last for years to come!

How do I choose the best belt for men?

How do I choose the best belt for men?
(Credit: Hermes Rivera / Unsplash)

Buying a belt might seem like a rather straightforward process but there are actually quite a number of things to consider. Here are three tips for choosing the best men’s belts for your dad this Father’s Day: 

  • Know your dad’s belt size

First and foremost, a belt should be of the right size. After all, you wouldn’t want to have a belt that’s far too short or long for your dad. The rule of thumb is that the belt should be one or two inches longer than one’s waist size. For example, if your dad wears pants that are size 40, then his belt should be 41 or 42 inches. 

In the event that you happen to get a belt that’s the wrong size (or if your dad has slimmed down since you bought the belt), do not poke an extra hole with a pocket knife. Head down to the nearest cobbler to get a hole made properly. This will ensure the durability and quality of the belt. 

  • Dress for the occasion 

With many different types of belts on the market, it’s important to pick one for the right occasion. If your dad has to go to the office often, it might be good to get a leather belt for formal wear. If not, braided belts and casual belts work just fine for everyday use. For more fashionable dads, you might want to consider getting them D-ring belts instead. 

  • Choose a matching colour 

One of the biggest fashion mistakes is pairing a mismatched belt to your outfit. The basic rule is that your belt should be the same colour as your shoes. This is especially so for formal wear so as to contrast the colour of your shirt and blazer. As such, standard colours like black, brown and blue are always safe choices. But if your dad is a little more bold and adventurous in his fashion, you can always consider more colourful belts with different designs for casual wear. 

Best leather belts for men: Formal wear

Your dad could also do with a leather belt, especially now that working from home is no longer the norm. Whether it is attending business meetings or spending long days at the office, leather belts work best on formal pants or if he’s getting suited up. Leather belts for men are usually black or brown so as to complement most formal attires.  

1. Bostanten Men’s Genuine Cowhide Leather Belt

Bostanten Men's Genuine Cowhide Leather Belt
(Credit: Bostanten Official Store)

When it comes to leather belts, quality is everything. So you’ll definitely want to bless dad with some of the best-branded leather belts for men. A good start is with Bostanten, renowned online retail and wholesale store. We suggest this Bostanten Men’s Genuine Cowhide Leather Belt (available on Bostanten Official Store) which has wowed us over with its charming design and high-quality leather choices. It is available in a range of six sizes, so we’re sure you’ll find one that fits dad perfectly. And did we mention that this purchase comes with a gift box too? How thoughtful! 

2. Polo Hill Men’s Rectangular Pin-Buckle Belt

Polo Hill Men’s Rectangular Pin-Buckle Belt
(Credit: POLO HILL Official Store)

Another frontrunner on our list of best-branded leather belts for men is this Polo Hill Men’s Rectangular Pin-Buckle Belt (available on POLO HILL Official Store) which comes in four different stunning buckle designs. Even better, ​​it assures minimal wear and tear given that leather is a strong and durable material. But perhaps what seals the deal is how its polished look will surely elevate your dad’s everyday style at the office – truly a perfect Father’s Day gift idea! 

3. Men’s Reversible Leather Belt

Men's Reversible Leather Belt
(Credit: Oxhide Leather Official Store)

If you don’t already know, reversible belts are one of the latest fashion trends in town all thanks to their practicality and stylishness. As such, we highly recommended this Men’s Reversible Leather Belt (available on Oxhide Leather Official Store) as a Father’s Day gift idea for your dad! During the day, he can suit up with the black side of the belt for work. After working hours, he can reverse the belt to the brown side for a more laid back style. This best leather belt for men is available in five different textures with unique patterns and shapes – all of which are guaranteed to be wrinkle-free and crack-free.

4. Goldlion Men’s Leather Belt

Goldlion Men’s Leather Belt
(Credit: Goldlion Official Store)

A brown leather belt for men never fails to scream classy and charming. Case in point: this Goldlion Men’s Leather Belt (available on Goldlion Official Store) is adjustable and versatile for easy matching. This best-branded belt for men is equipped with an auto inner lock buckle which ensures maximum comfort and security. This means that dad can go about his day in style not having to worry about loose pants! 

5. Giordano Men’s Basic Leather Belt 

Giordano Men's Basic Leather Belt
(Credit: Giordano Official Store)

Dad may have some of the best men’s backpacks in Singapore, but without a nice leather belt for men, his outfit to work would still be lacklustre. That’s why we think getting some of the best-branded belts for men like this Giordano Men’s Basic Leather Belt (available on Giordano Official Store) makes an excellent gift idea this Father’s Day! This belt is made of cowhide leather which is one of the best leathers in terms of practicality and durability. Not only does it provide comfort, it will also last a few good years. And can we just say that this particular shade of brown is so stylish? We’re truly won over! 

Best casual belts for men: Everyday use

Your dad will definitely appreciate a casual belt since it can be used daily. Whether it is going out to run errands or bringing the family on an outing, casual belts can be worn with anything from jeans to shorts. They come in many different designs, and most also include buckles which style well on various outfits.

6. Men’s Nylon Casual Belt

Men's Nylon Casual Belt
(Credit: goodhopestw.sg)

When searching for the best types of belts for men, nylon belts might be something worth considering given that they are waterproof and sturdy for everyday use. We recommend this Men’s Nylon Casual Belt (available on goodhopestw.sg) which comes with a quick-release buckle that will allow your dad to get ready to head out within minutes. With a length of 49 inches (125cm), this belt will be able to fit most body shapes. This belt is available in masculine shades of black, army green, grey and brown.

7. Men’s Army Tactical Belt

Men’s Army Tactical Belt
(Credit: Timemaster Fashion Jewelry)

Another popular type of casual belt is this Men’s Army Tactical Belt (available on Timemaster Fashion Jewelry) which is especially good for use when hiking or camping. This is because your dad can mount some outdoor equipment like torchlights and swiss army knives on it! Made of nylon, this tactical belt is extremely breathable, so dad will definitely feel comfortable wearing it. As one of the best belts for men, it also has a plastic buckle which makes it lightweight and less bulky to wear. 

8. Men’s Casual Canvas Belt

Men's Casual Canvas Belt
(Credit: xiaoyun1012.sg)

Canvas belts are another type of belt that make a good Father’s Day gift idea. Specifically, we adore these Men’s Casual Canvas Belts (available on xiaoyun1012.sg) that come in six different colours. As some of the best belts for men, they come with a high quality zinc alloy buckle which has a solid anti-corrosion performance and is extremely wear-resistant. They work best with a T-shirt and jeans outfit but don’t forget to get dad some of the best casual shoes for men to complement his overall #OOTD!

9. Men’s Leather Braided Belt

Men's Leather Braided Belt
(Credit: Key_Bridge.sg)

These Men’s Leather Braided Belts (available on Key_Bridge.sg) immediately caught our eye with their sleek design and golden, polished buckles. Aesthetics aside, we love how braided belts allow a perfect fit since the buckle locks in any hole on the strap. The buckle is also removable, meaning that you can trim the belt strap length by yourself if it’s too long. With over 10 designs and sizes that cater to a large demographic, we can totally see why these are some of the best belts for men in Singapore! 

10. Men’s Casual Stretch Canvas Belt

Men's Casual Stretch Canvas Belt
(Credit: Plus Size Men Clothing)

Another great Father’s Day gift idea is this Men’s Casual Stretch Canvas Belt (available on Plus Size Men Clothing) that is priced affordably below $10! Available in five different colours and a choice of either a silver or black buckle, you’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing this best belt for men. What’s more, its canvas material allows for easier movement as it can be adjusted according to one’s waist size. And if you’re wondering how to help dad style oversized shirts to stay in trend, this braided belt will definitely add a little texture without making an overwhelming statement!

Best casual belts for men: Trendy D-ring belts

Double ring belts (or D-ring belts for short) work like casual belts just that they are fastened using a set of two metal rings in place of a belt buckle. D-ring belts are popular among fashionistas, so if your dad has had pretty boring fashion choices over the years, here’s the perfect Father’s Day gift idea! 

11. Men’s Canvas Double-Ring Belt

Men's Canvas Double-Ring Belt
(Credit: 美宜家居旗舰店)

There are many types of belts in the market but nothing spells trippy as loud as D-ring belts which come in a wide variety of striped designs. Available in over a dozen patterns and colours, this Men’s Canvas Double-Ring Belt (available on 美宜家居旗舰店) will definitely be the perfect accessory for dad whether he’s in bermudas or trousers. Additionally, this best belt for men has an affordable price point which makes for a budget-friendly Father’s Day gift idea! 

12. Men’s Classic Double Ring Buckle Belt

Men's Classic Double Ring Buckle Belt
(Credit: Key_Bridge.sg)

As its name suggests, the Men’s Classic Double Ring Buckle Belt (available on Key_Bridge.sg) is a D-ring belt that boasts a classic yet stylish look. In fact, we will go as far as to say that it is a type of belt that fashionistas of any age can pull off! The black double rings give off a suave vibe and can be adjusted accordingly to one’s waist size. Features-wise, the buckle is anti-corrosion and wear-resistant so it works great outdoors too. Available in seven colours and four sizes, you’ll find the perfect fit of this best belt for men this Father’s Day!

13. Trendy Men’s Double Ring Buckle Belt

(Credit: chicka5363)

The design of this Trendy Men’s Double Ring Buckle Belt (available on chicka5363) is clearly not for everyone but if your dad is adventurous enough to follow some of the latest men’s fashion trends, then this might just be right up his alley! Made of canvas, this best belt for men promises to be as versatile as they are stylish. Whether he’s off on a casual dinner date with mom or ferrying you to places, this belt will definitely make him the centre of attention!

Style your dad with the best belts for men this Father’s Day 2022

Whether or not your dad is a fashionista, you will definitely add a notch to his overall style and aesthetic if you get him one of these best belts for men! Alternatively, consider other suggestions from our ultimate Father’s Day gift guide which includes options for sporty and geeky dads too. Otherwise, we’re sure he will love a handmade Father’s Day card or an alcohol-infused cake to celebrate the occasion! Remember to check out our Father’s Day Promotion to snag amazing discounts on your gifts!

This article was updated on 13 May 2022. Additional research done by Jamantha Lim.

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