7 Alcohol-Infused Cakes, Delivered For Father’s Day

falther's day cake delivery alcohol cake singapore

Nothing screams ‘Celebration’ louder than a yummy cake! With Father’s Day just under a month away, this is the best time to place an order for a Father’s Day cake delivery. However, we’re not just talking about any regular cake. Get sneaky this year with an alcohol cake in Singapore for your old man. Rum, martini, and even Bailey’s can be all incorporated into an innocent-looking cake. Don’t miss out on the best alcohol cakes in Singapore for Father’s Day and party it up at home this year!

1. Gin Thye Lychee Martini Cake 

Father's day cake delivery lychee martini cake
(Credit: Gin Thye)

Don’t be fooled by its delicate appearance, the Gin Thye Lychee Martini Cake (available on Gin Thye) offers a boozy kick with a mild sweetness. Satisfied customers have commended the soft and fluffy texture of this cake. The best bit — Gin Thye offers free delivery and even delivers on Saturday! 

If you’re concerned about portion sizes, fret not as this cake comes in three sizes. At its smallest size of 600g, the cake feeds four to six comfortably. But don’t be afraid to order a bigger size as this cake can be consumed over three days. Just ensure to hit the yoga mat extra hard after.

2. Kiss Tiramisu Cake

Father’s Day cake delivery kiss tiramisu
(Credit: Kiss Cake)

If you love the naughty boozy kick in tiramisu, Kiss Tiramisu Cake (available on Kiss Cake)  will hit all the right spots. They even have an option to add extra alcohol to your tiramisu cake! Apart from the original flavour, choose from four other varieties including matcha tiramisu, milo tiramisu, and strawberry tiramisu! Can’t make up your mind? Why not try them all! Fret not about over-indulging though, as it comes in single-sized portions and a bigger one enough to feed two to three pax.

If you need your order delivered urgently, simply chat with the merchant and she will do her best to accommodate your timing. Otherwise, you will be notified of your delivery timing via WhatsApp. With several five-star reviews, it is no surprise that the alcohol cakes from Kiss Tiramisu will be the perfect Father’s Day cake delivery choice! 

3. Pine Garden Black Forest Cake

 Father’s Day cake delivery black forest cake
(Credit: Pine Garden)

Ah, the classic black forest cake! This alcohol-infused Pine Garden Black Forest Cake (available on Pine Garden) promises to deliver its signature flavour with a boozy twist. The chocolate sponge cake is layered with generous layers of fresh cream with rum-soaked cherries in between. Customers commended the Pine Garden Black Forest Cake for its attention to detail on aesthetics and great rum flavour. For those looking for a classic alcohol cake, this is the Father’s Day cake delivery choice for you. The cake will only be delivered three days after the order so be sure to plan ahead and order early!

4. Pine Garden Apple Vera Martini Cake 

father’s day cake delivery apple martini
(Credit: Pine Garden)

This mouth-watering Pine Garden Apple Vera Martini Cake (available on Pine Garden) tasted just as good as it looks. The cake layers are generously filled with bits of Martini-soaked Granny Smith apples and succulent aloe vera. The flavour combination creates an invigorating feeling – perfect for all tired dads (aren’t they all). This alcohol cake in Singapore comes in a 500g portion, enough to feed three to five comfortably.

Don’t miss out on this Father’s day cake delivery option and be sure to place your order three days in advance. 

5. Pine Garden Bailey’s Chocolate Crunch Cake

Father’s Day cake delivery baileys chocolate
(Credit: Pine Garden)

Bailey’s is an Irish cream liqueur that is flavoured with cream, cocoa, and Irish whiskey. It pairs perfectly with chocolate and this is what The Pine Garden has to offer with their Bailey’s Chocolate Crunch Cake (available on Pine Garden)! Creatively paired with a light coffee sponge, this cake is a wonderful combination of chocolate, cream, and coffee flavours with the kick of alcohol. The chefs have also topped this off with crunchy chocolate pearls for added texture. 

This alcohol cake in Singapore is an indulgence your dad absolutely deserves! For a personal touch, you can even include a short message on the cake. What better way to say “Happy Father’s Day”? With over 35 years of history, the heartland-boutique bakery promises to deliver cakes of the highest quality. Don’t miss out and ensure to schedule your Father’s Day cake delivery three days in advance!

6. Ollella Prune Rum Kueh Lapis

(Credit: Ollella SG Official Store )

“Lapis” means layers, and the Ollella Prune Rum Kueh Lapis (available on Ollella SG Official Store) is made with considerable patience and skill. Although pricey, this petite cake is worth every penny as the layers melt in your mouth. This kueh lapis cake is made with the finest ingredients including 100% Dutch butter, plump prune slides, and a concoction of spritz and rum on every layer. This is the perfect Father’s Day cake delivery option for dads who love local cake flavours! 

The Ollela Prune Rum Kueh Lapis alcohol cake comes in a sharing size of 1400g, which is more than enough for a party of five. Given that keuh lapis cakes can be pretty rich and indulging, this is more than enough to satisfy your cravings! Don’t miss out on this Father’s Day cake delivery option and be sure to order two working days in advance.

7. Pine Garden Brandy Cherry Cake

Father’s day cake delivery brandy cherry cake
(Credit: Pine Garden)

Brandy is a potent alcoholic drink, distilled from wine. It’s the star ingredient in this Pine Garden Brandy Cherry Cake (available on Pine Garden) which is also made with vanilla sponge cake and plump, dark sweet cherries topped off with white chocolate shavings.

This alcoholic cake in Singapore comes in a portion of 500g which is enough to feed three to five pax. Ready to dig in? Don’t miss out on this Father’s day cake delivery and place your order three days in advance!

Look no further for Father’s Day cake delivery!

We hope this rundown of Father’s Day cake delivery options has got you salivating. If you would like to top it off with a gift, then check out this Father’s Day gift guide for a host of gift ideas for every type of dad. Alternatively, get creative with these easy Father’s Day card ideas to make with kids. End your Father’s Day celebrations with a family movie night with classic movies to watch and bring your dad down memory lane!

This article was updated on 16 June 2021. Additional research done by Jamantha Lim.

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