7 Best Baby Car Seats In Singapore & How To Choose One

two babies car seat safety harness
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Taking your little bub out for a ride? You’ll need to pick the best baby car seat in Singapore to keep your tiny passenger safe on the road. Read on to find out how to select the most suitable baby car seat for newborns, toddlers and older kids and shortlist your favourites with this handy guide! 

What to consider when buying a baby car seat

  • Baby’s age

best baby car seat age blanket
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Age matters when it comes to choosing the best baby car seat for your child. If your baby is below two years old, you should use a rear-facing baby car seat. It’s the safest as it distributes the crash force evenly against the back of the seat, minimising the impact on your little one. Meanwhile, a forward-facing one is better for toddlers age two to four. At this age, most babies would have outgrown the rear-facing car seat due to the narrow leg space which can make them uncomfortable. 

Lastly, those four to eight years old should use a booster seat. A booster seat is meant for kids who can no longer fit into the front-facing car seat but are not tall enough for adult seat belts to secure them in. In such cases, a booster seat is required to elevate your kids in the car so that the seat belt fits better. 

  • Safety features

best baby car seat safety features belt buckle
(Credit: Infantino Singapore)

The five-point harness is the minimum safety feature of any good baby car seat in Singapore. This means it should have two shoulder straps, two waist straps and one strap between the legs. Additionally, you should check that the seat contains side-impact protection.

  • Convertible car seat

best baby car seat singapore booster seat convertible
(Credit: Combi Singapore)

Stretch the dollar and buy a baby car seat that’s convertible — you’ll thank us when you witness the rapid development of your little one! A convertible car seat is one that can switch either from rear-facing to forward-facing or one that can be dismantled into a booster seat. This means that it will last longer throughout your child’s growing years.  

  • Easy to clean

best baby car seat singapore drool kids mess washable
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It’s no surprise that babies tend to make a mess wherever they go! Hence, it’d be better to buy a baby car seat that’s easy to clean. Seats made with smooth fabric are much easier to wipe down compared to those with a textured fabric. Moreover, some baby car seats even feature water-resistant fabrics to tackle the drools and milk spills!

Best baby car seats in Singapore

1. Lucky Baby Evolo Safety Car seat

best baby car seat lucky baby evolo safety car seat
(Credit: Lucky Baby Official Store)

Looking for the best baby car seat with all the safety features your child will need for a smooth and peaceful ride? You won’t go wrong with the Lucky Baby Evolo Safety Car Seat (available on Lucky Baby Official Store)! It comes with side-impact protection to cushion your wriggly baby from sudden jolts. Additionally, the five point harness secures your little one even while travelling on bumpy and rough terrains. 

Worried your baby will sweat in the warm seat? Fret not! The Lucky Baby Evolo Safety Car Seat features a breathable and cool body cushion for maximum comfort. It’s also the best companion for your growing child as the headrest can be adjusted to accommodate their change in height. Most importantly, you can convert it into a booster seat once your child is old enough! 

2. Bonbijou Revolution 360+ Isofix Car Seat

best baby car seat singapore bonbijou revolution 360+ isofix
(Credit: Infantino Singapore)

Many babies put up a struggle when getting strapped into the baby car seat. If this is something you find yourself dealing with often, the Bonbijou Revolution 360+ Isofix Car Seat (available on Infantino Singapore) can make your life much easier. Thanks to its 360 degrees rotation ability, you can now carry your little tot in and out of the vehicle in a breeze! What’s more, this baby seat is easy to install using a seatbelt or lock it into the ISOFIX fittings so you can hit the road as soon as possible. 

As one of the best baby car seats in Singapore, the Bonbijou Revolution 360+ comes with five adjustable reclining angles. It’s also equipped with extra thick seat pads and head support that are made of breathable fabric for premium comfort. Adjust it to your baby’s favourite angle and let him or her doze off peacefully for the rest of the trip! 

3. Shears Baby Car Seat

best baby car seat singapore shears toddler

The Shears Baby Car Seat (available on SHEARS SINGAPORE) is made with your newborn in mind. This best baby car seat also comes with a newborn insert that’s perfect for babies up to 13kg. When in the rear-facing position, you can adjust the reclining angle to create a more natural sleeping position for your little one. While, children from nine to 18kg can benefit from the car seat’s forward facing features. This includes the unique pitch control system which restricts any forward movement for better security. The harness and straps are also designed with soft padding to ensure maximum comfort for kids.

4. Joykids Child car seat-BK

best baby car seat joykids child booster convertible
(Credit: Combi Singapore)

You may not see the need for a baby car seat when your child is a newborn but you’ll definitely be needing one when your kid is older. That’s because there are so many fun family activities in Singapore you can bring them to! Designed for children three years and up, the Joykids Child Seat-BK (available on Combi Singapore) is the best baby car seat for toddlers. 

What sets this baby car seat apart is its headrest’s ergonomic design. Built with EggShock technology featuring an ultra shock absorbent material, the headrest is able to absorb any sudden impact! Moreover, the 3D mesh seat and backrest allows for excellent ventilation even on a hot day. It’s machine washable and can also be converted into a booster seat for older kids! 

5. Culmove Isofix Infant Car Seat

best baby car seat culmove isofix infant rear front
(Credit: Combi Singapore)

We understand how grumpy babies can get it they are woken up in the middle of a nap to go on a car ride. The Culmove Isofix Infant Car Seat (available on Combi Singapore) is the best car seat in Singapore to solve this problem as your child can be easily transferred onto the car without disrupting their sweet dreams. It features a 360 degrees swivel so you can strap your baby in easily. It also comes with six recline levels to mimic the likes of a baby carrier. Block out the strong sun rays that may be ruining your child’s sleep with the overhead roof cover — the little one won’t even realise they are away from the baby cot!

6. Extend2Fit Platinum Convertible Car Seat

best baby car seat singapore extend2fit platinum convertible
(Credit: Home and Baby)

Some parents may want their kids to stay longer in rear-facing car seats as it distributes the crash forces more evenly across the back of the car seat. However, many parents are forced to convert to a front-facing baby car seat as their child grows bigger. Don’t worry, this need not be an issue with the Extend2fit Platinum Convertible Car Seat (available on Home and Baby)! 

This best baby car seat for growing kids boasts a five inches extension panel to provide extra leg room even for older kids riding in a rear-facing position. The headrest can also be adjusted up to 10 different positions to accommodate your child’s growing height. Did your little monster spill his chocolate milk all over the seat? Fret not, the seat’s RapidRemove Cover can be easily detached so no mess is too much to handle. It also comes with two Store-It-All cup holders to hold favourite baby snacks for long car rides.

7. Joie Stage Car Seat

best baby carrier singapore joie stage kids
(Credit: Home and Baby)

A one-time investment in the Joie Stage Car Seat (available on Home and Baby) will last you right through your baby’s birth all the way till he or she no longer needs one — talk about value for money! Well-loved by many parents, this is the best baby car seat for kids of all ages and sizes as the side wings can be expanded along with the headrest to provide more space for your growing children. 

Wondering if this baby car seat in Singapore can withstand sudden impact? You don’t have to worry as it’s designed with reinforced steel inner seat shell to prevent crushing the little one. The best part is that it not only has a breathable seat cushion to prevent heat build-up but also built-in side ventilation to ensure your precious one stays cool in any position! Ready to convert it into a booster seat? Simply tuck the harness in the custom hideaway compartment and voila! 

Baby car seat Rear or front-facing Convertible into a booster seat Suitable for Ability to recline 360 degrees rotation ISOFIX compatible
Lucky Baby Evolo Safety Car Seat Front-facing Yes 24 months and above No No No
Bonbijou Revolution 360+ Isofix Car Seat Both No 0 to 6 years old 5 recline positions Yes Yes
Shears Baby Car Seat Both No 0 to 4 years old 4 recline positions No No
Joykids Child car seat-BK Front-facing Yes 6 to 11 years old No No No
Culmove Isofit Infant Car Seat Both No 0 to 4 years old 6 recline positions Yes Yes
Extend2Fit Platinum Convertible Car Seat Both No 0 to 6 years old 4 recline positions No No
Joie Stage Car Seat Both No 0 to 7 years old 4 recline positions No No

Take your baby on board! 

Now that you’ve got the best baby car seat for your child, it’s time to take the little one out for a whirl! Perhaps for a splashing fun time at these baby swimming lessons in Singapore? Meanwhile, baby car seats are not the only baby gear you need. Don’t forget to shop for the best baby carrier with our handy guide and learn about the best baby bottle sterilisers to keep your baby well-fed and healthy. You can also become a Shopee Mum’s Club member to enjoy great deals on baby products today!

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