School’s Out! 31 Kids Holiday Activities In December 2023

15 Fun Activities For Your Kids This December School Holidays

Are your kids all pumped up for the December school holidays? We bet they are! Parents, there’s no need to rack your brains to think of holiday activities for your kids. While many fun activities are still not available during this period, we’ve got you covered with a wide array of alternative paid and free children’s activities this December 2023 that your little ones are bound to love while in Singapore!

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Free activities for children in Singapore in December 2023

1. Take a trip down memory lane through fun heritage trails across the island

heritage trail toa payoh dragon playgrounds
(Credit: National Heritage Board / Facebook[cropped])
Rediscover our local heritage with your kids this December holidays! Developed by the National Heritage Board, these trails are great for immersing your children in Singapore’s history through everyday places like swimming complexes and old walk-up apartments. We’re sure they will have a whale of a time clambering all over the Toa Payoh Dragon Playgrounds. The best part is, that they’re free and self-guided! It’s one of the most affordable children’s activities to do this December holidays in Singapore and you’ve got a whopping 21 to choose from. This also means that you and your family can explore these trails at your own pace and comfort level, which makes it easy to work around your work schedules! Simply head to NHB’s Roots website to access their curated trails and follow the signboards you see on your journey.

Find up to 21 curated heritage trails here

2. Feed goats at Hay Dairies Goat Farm 

2020 december school holidays kids free activities hay dairies farm visit toddler feeding goat
(Credit: Hay Dairies Pure Goat Milk / Facebook)

Visiting a farm can be one of the best children’s activities to do during the December school holidays this 2023, in Singapore. For instance, the Hay Dairies Goat Farm in Singapore provides tons of free children’s activities such as a free and easy farm tour to observe the goats go about their daily lives. And if you want to catch the goat milking session, it’s between 9am to 10.30am daily! You can even purchase some Alfalfa Hay for your little ones to feed the goats. Don’t forget to get yourself some fresh goat milk before bidding goodbye to the animals. 

Address: 250 Neo Tiew Crescent, S(719866)
Opening Hours:
Mon: 9am – 4pm
Wed – Sun: 9am – 4pm

3. Meet the dinosaurs at Jurassic Mile

free activities for kids 2020 december school holidays jurassic mile changi airport big dinosaurs
(Credit: Changi Airport / Facebook)

Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brachiosaurus and Spinosaurus — if your little ones are dinosaur fans, the Jurassic Mile will be one of the best free holiday activities for kids this December in Singapore! They’ll marvel at more than 20 life-sized dinosaurs with the tallest dinosaur coming up to almost five metres tall! Your little ones will definitely ooh and aah as they walk down the one-kilometre path along the Changi Coastal Park Connector. 

But this 2023, the path will be twice as mesmerising as it’ll be illuminated with light installations inspired by Avatar 2. You’ll be entering into a world of fantasy and this children’s activity in Singapore might just be a core memory for your kiddos this December. You can also look forward to local fare, burgers, and ice cream at the start of the Park Connector!

How To Get There: Head to Changi Airport Terminal 2 and look out for ground signages that will lead you to the starting point of Jurassic Mile
Opening Hours: 7pm – 1am (Dino Glow)

4. Put on your thinking caps at the Playground of Possibilities

playground of possibilities
(Credit: designsingapore / Instagram, / Instagram)

If your child happens to be a little budding inventor, the Playground of Possibilities is going to be an exhibition that’s right up their alley. This fun space consists of four colourful landscapes that your children can interact with and learn from, namely Explore, Empathise, Imagine, and Adapt. Each section delves into different kinds of innovation that help us to improve our everyday lives. From interacting with friendly serving robots to trying out smart ceramic plates and bowls that respond to human touch, your children are going to be occupied for hours with this activity for their December holiday in Singapore.  

Address: National Design Centre, 111 Middle Road, S(188969)
Date: Now till 31 December 2023
Opening Hours: 9am – 9pm

5. Spot an otter or two on the Gardens by the Bay Design Trail

children's activities december singapore gardens by the bay design trail
(Credit: gardensbythebay / Instagram)

We’ve all perhaps visited the Flower and Cloud domes more than once by now, so why not do something different at Gardens by the Bay for a change? Here’s a free, child-friendly activity you can try out with your family this December holiday in 2023. Step out from the comforts of the air-conditioned domes and explore the rest of the wondrous attractions from the Bay South Gardens and through the Supertree Groves! Some of this design trail’s highlights include the intricate SG50 Lattice structure, the 22-metre tall OCBC skyway that’ll leave your kid in awe, and the Kingfisher Wetlands that are teeming with flora and fauna. You might even spot a family of otters on the way!

Address: Gardens by the Bay, 18 Marina Gardens Drive, S(018953)
Opening Hours: 5am – 2am

Find the full curated trail here

6. Have lots of sensory fun at the National Gallery Children’s Biennale

national gallery children's biennale
(Credit: National Gallery Singapore / Facebook)
Since 2017, The National Gallery Children’s Biennale in Singapore has been held every two years, providing a fun event that inspires young minds through art. This year, as part of the theme “Let’s Make A Better Place”, it’s going to feature a total of 11 interactive artworks by both local and international artists. Take your kids on a journey through the vibrant installations, where they’ll be encouraged to explore values like care, respect, imagination, and collaboration. Some of the artworks that might catch your children’s eye include the 3D life-size children’s drawing, Compound and the felt building blocks at We Move This City. The interactive installations make it a must-try children’s activity during the December holidays in Singapore!

Address: National Gallery, 1 St Andrew’s Road,  #01–01, S(178957)
Date: Now till 31 Mar 2024
Opening Hours: Daily, 10am – 7pm

7. Engage in experiential learning at the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

jacob ballas children's garden
(Credit: NParks / Facebook)
If you think your child is itching for a stimulating activity during the December holidays in Singapore this 2023, be sure to explore the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. Nestled within the Singapore Botanic Gardens, this secret haven for young adventurers is filled with lush greenery and interactive playgrounds that’ll occupy them for hours. From learning about local plants and wildlife to having fun at the massive Treehouse playground and on suspension bridges, the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden provides a wonderful blend of education and recreation for your little ones during the December holidays in Singapore. They can even visit the newer COMO Adventure Grove playground, which features climbing courses and hammock structures inspired by actual rain and banyan trees!

Address: Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, 481 Bukit Timah Road, S(259769)
Opening Hours:
Tues – Sun: 8am – 7pm

8. Catch free movie screenings at Changi Airport T3’s ST3PS theatre

changi airport t3 st3ps theatre
(Credit: Changi Airport / Facebook)
Did you know that there’s a not-so-secret hidden movie theatre at Changi Airport’s Terminal 3? Well, none of us knew about it either until we sussed the ST3PS theatre out recently. Located at Basement 2 of T3, this movie spot has an amphitheatre-like design to it. Families can take their children on a short trip to Changi Airport this December holidays to catch the free movies that’ll be streaming. From “Action Thriller” to “Sing And Dance”, there’ll be a different theme for the screenings every month. We’re sure that the live reactions of all your little ones are going to be oh-so-adorable! To add to the vibes, grab some snacks and sweets from the nearest convenience store so you have something to munch on while watching the movie! This is one of the best free children’s activities to experience this December holidays in Singapore.

Address: ST3PS Theatre, Changi Airport Terminal 3, Basement 2, S(819663)
Opening Hours: Daily, 10am – 10pm

9. Go wet and wild with adorable dinos at Causeway Point’s water playground

causeway point water playground
(Credit: Causeway Point, Singapore / Facebook)
Located in one of the largest malls in Singapore, this dino-themed playground is both whimsical and spectacular. The first thing that’ll catch your eye is the gigantic statues of the dinosaurs. From the bright blue Brachiosaurus to the adorable winged Pterodactyls, visitors both young and old are going to be left in awe. Coupled with all those sprinklers and cool water features, we know that your kids will just be itching to run through this playground. At night, the pseudo-volcano will also light up in the dark. With the water streaming down its sides and entrances, it’ll seem as if real lava is coursing along the side of it. How cool is that! This is one of the best children’s activities to try for families who are spending the December holidays in Singapore this 2023.

Address: Causeway Point, 1 Woodlands Square, S(738099)
Opening Hours: Daily, 10am – 9pm

10. Go crazy with the 26 different slides at Admiralty Park

children's activities december singapore admiralty park
(Credit: NParks / Facebook)
Enjoy a fun family day outdoors at Admiralty Park this December holidays! Go on a journey through its 2km mangrove trail, where you and your kids will get to immerse yourselves in the local flora and fauna. Trek under looming trees that provide you with an ample amount of shade, or try to spot any long-tail macaques that might be frolicking along the Sungei Cina River. After all the exercise, you can make your way down via any one of the whopping 26 slides the park houses! On top of climbing courses and three-storey winding slides, the park also boasts the longest slide in Singapore – it’s 32-metres long! Your children will definitely have a great time with the activities at Admiralty Park this December holidays in Singapore.

Address: 6A Admiralty Road, Singapore 732006
Opening Hours: Daily, 24 hours

11.  Visit exhibitions designed just for kids at the Children’s Museum Singapore

children's activities december singapore children's museum singapore
(Credit: Children’s Museum Singapore / Facebook)
Previously known as the Philatelic Museum, the Children’s Museum Singapore has rebranded itself into a place of learning that’s just for children. It’s dedicated to helping them learn and explore local history and art through simple and interactive installations they can relate to! But don’t think that only the little ones will get to enjoy the experience! In fact, the children’s activities available this December holidays are suitable for the whole family. You can sit down and engage in arts and crafts alongside your children, which will make for a great bonding activity as well. The best part is, that the exhibitions are free, making it one of the best children’s activities to try out for the December holidays in Singapore this 2023.

Address: Children’s Museum Singapore, 23-B Coleman Street, S(179807)
Opening Hours:
Tues – Sun: 9am – 10:45 am, 11 am – 12:45 pm, 2pm – 3:45 pm, 4pm – 5:45 pm

12. Have a splash-tastic time at the Oasis Waterpark @ Nee Soon East

children's activities december singapore oasis waterpark @ nee soon east
(Credit: Nee Soon Town Council / Facebook)
Live in the north and don’t have time to bring your kids all the way down to Wild Wild Wet? Here’s a free children’s activity that’s going to bring them the same wet and wild fun this December holiday – we bet you didn’t even know this place exists in Singapore! Opened in 2019, Oasis Waterpark @ Nee Soon East is the largest family-oriented community waterpark in the North. Equipped with faux palm trees that sprinkle water and spinning water installations, this place is great for keeping your kids cool and occupied.

Address: Oasis Waterpark @ Nee Soon East, 307 Yishun Ring Road, S(760307)
Opening Hours: Daily, 9am – 7.30pm

13. Battle it out at the NERF Action Xperience

nerf action xperience
(Credit: NERF Action Xperience / Facebook)

Gear up with your family for the NERF Action Xperience (available on Discounttickets) at Marina Square. From surviving a zombie apocalypse to playing a classic game of Capture the Flag, there are loads of obstacles to overcome at this playground. The best thing about this is that it’s air-conditioned, so you don’t have to worry about sweating from all the action. Simply equip yourselves with protective goggles and cool NERF guns, and you’re all set! The NERF Action Xperience is truly a good arena to bond with your children, especially if you’re looking for something that’s suitable for the whole family this December holidays in Singapore. It’s NERF or nothing. 

Address: NERF Action Xperience, 6 Raffles Boulevard, #01-208, Marina Square, S(039594)
Opening Hours: Daily, 12pm – 8pm

Price: $38.20 – $49.20

14. Pay a visit to the all-new Bird Paradise

jurong bird park
(Credit: Mandai Wildlife Reserve / Facebook)

The new Bird Paradise (available on NPN Travel) opened its doors in May 2023, joining the other wildlife parks at Mandai. Now, it’s back and so much bigger than before. The park boasts eight walk-in aviaries that house over 400 different species of birds! In fact, you and your children can explore each of the naturalistic mixed-species habitats that were designed to reflect different biomes of the world. This includes the African rainforests, South American wetlands, and the dry Australian dry eucalypt landscape. While Bird Paradise has been rebranded and its familiar enclosures redesigned, the park definitely remains a place where families in Singapore can create fond memories. Visiting it sounds like a fun children’s activity in Singapore for the December holidays in 2023!

Address: Bird Paradise, 20 Mandai Lake Road, S(729825)
Opening Hours: Daily, 9am – 6pm
Price: $19.50 – $43.50 

15. Conquer treetop obstacle courses at Forest Adventure Singapore

children's activities december singapore forest adventure
(Credit: Forest Adventure / Facebook, Forest Adventure / Facebook)

If you think cycling, roller skating, and building sandcastles are all there is to East Coast Park, you’ve clearly been overlooking this exciting adventure course. With wooden crossings and obstacles that tower as high as 14 metres above the ground, you’ve got to have the guts to walk the planks – literally. Forest Adventure has Kids and Junior courses that are suitable for your children. From as young as five years old, these courses ensure that your kids get the full package, ziplines and all. And don’t worry – there are going to be instructors next to your little ones, following them every step of the way. Don’t leave this fun children’s activity out for the December holidays this 2023 in Singapore! 

Address: 93 Stamford Road, S(178897)
Opening Hours:
Monday: 9.30am to 2pm
Tues – Fri: 9.30am to 6pm
Sat – Sun: 9.30am to 6.30pm
Price: $40.90

16. Watch the Disney In Concert: A Magical Celebration 2023

children's activities december disney princess - the concert
(Credit: Disney Concerts / Facebook)
Are your kids fans of Disney Princesses? Then you’ve got to bring them to Disney Princess – The Concert to immerse them in their favourite Disney soundtracks. This concert will be starring Broadway and television stars who will be performing musical pieces from iconic Disney movies like The Little Mermaid and Beauty And The Beast. It’ll be an hour and 45 minutes long, with a 20-minute interval in between. This children’s activity in Singapore is something that the whole family can enjoy this December holiday 2023!

Address: 1 Esplanade Drive, S(038981)
Date: 26 – 27 November 2023
Time: 3pm
Price: $78 – $148

17. Get up close with Giant Pandas and Capybaras at the River Wonders

children's activities december singapore river wonders
(Credit: Mandai Wildlife Reserve / Facebook)

Take your kids on a journey across the replicas of iconic rivers from across the globe, including the Amazon, Congo, Nile, Ganges river, and the Mekong! They’ll get to learn about the adorable capybaras and gentle manatees living at the River Wonders, as well as spot the beautiful Jaguars along the Amazon River Quest ride. At the end, you can catch a brief air-conditioned respite at the Pavilion Capital Giant Panda Forest. While baby panda Le Le’s last day at his exhibit will be in November this year, you can still visit his loveable parents at the River Wonders (available on antoniolepa). No matter how many times you lay your eyes on these majestic, yet adorable bears, it never gets old. That’s why River Wonders is a great place to bring your kids for these fun children’s activities during the December holidays in Singapore this 2023!

Address: 80 Mandai Lake Road, S(729826)
Opening Hours: Daily, 10am 7pm
Price: $28.25 – $38.70

18. Have a great time at the Singapore Zoo’s Rainforest KidzWorld

children's activities december singapore rainforest kidzworld
(Credit: Mandai Wildlife Reserve / Facebook)

We seem to have the most fun at the zoo as a kid, but why’s that? Well, it’s made possible by the Rainforest Kidzworld section at the Singapore Zoo (available on singaporetix)! At this park-within-a-park, kids get to frolic at a waterpark, pet some rabbits at the Buddy Barn, or ride the Wild Animal Carousel. They can even catch a grooming demonstration for Falabellas – the world’s smallest horse! And that’s on top of discovering over 300 different species of animals at the Singapore Zoo! With so many activities in one spot, Singapore Zoo is a no-brainer when you’re thinking of planning children’s activities this December holidays in Singapore!

Address: 80 Mandai Lake Road, S(729826)
Opening Hours: Daily, 8.30am – 6pm
Price: $31.50 – $44.58

19. Discover the animals that come out at night with the Night Safari

night safari
(Credit: Mandai Wildlife Reserve / Facebook)

After you’ve spent the day at the Singapore Zoo, you might as well head over to the Night Safari next door! Go on a buggy-slash-walking adventure with your children, where you’ll get to interact with elephants and flying squirrels, as well as many other creatures that only come out at night. Your kids might even be surprised by a fruit bat or two! If you and your family are making your way down to the Night Safari (available on singaporetix) on a weekend, definitely catch the feeding session for the park’s big cats – watch as they devour their meaty treats! This is definitely one of the best children’s activities to do if you’re planning to spend the December holidays in Singapore.

Address: 80 Mandai Lake Road, S(729826)
Opening Hours: Daily, 6.30pm – 12am
Price: $32.88 – $41.88

20. Have some splashy fun at Wild Wild Wet

2020 december school holidays kids activities wild wild wet swimming
(Credit: Tinymosquito Attractions)

The best part about our tropical climate is that we get to swim all year round, which makes for one of the most fun children’s activities to try this 2023 December school holidays as well. Make a trip down to Wild Wild Wet for a splashing fun time with your kids! If you haven’t visited the water park in a long time, you’ll be happy to know that the park has expanded since its renovation in 2018. There are seven new attractions to the water park including Kraken Racers, which is a kids-friendly four-lane mat racer slide and Royal Flush, a four-in-a-raft thrilling water ride. Purchase your Wild Wild Wet Tickets (available on Tinymosquito Attractions) online to maximise your savings!

Address: 1 Pasir Ris Close, S(519599)
Opening Hours:
Fri – Sun: 12pm – 6pm
Price: $19 – $35 

21. Experience the thrill of Skyline Luge

2020 december school holidays fun activities for kids skyline luge
(Credit: Skyline Luge Sentosa / Facebook)

Running out of children’s activities to try this December 2023 holidays in Singapore? One great suggestion is to bring your kids to the Skyline Luge at Sentosa. The Skyline Luge is a go-kart and toboggan ride rolled into one, and is one of our favourite things to do in Sentosa. You can also add on a Skyride ticket and let your kids enjoy Singapore’s scenic skyline before they race down the steep luge tracks! We suggest going for the four luges and Skyride combo for the kids as one ride is never enough. Do check out discounted Skyline Luge tickets (available on DirectConnect) to maximise your savings! 

Parents need not fret about your child’s safety as each rider will receive a safety helmet and all drivers are taught how to control their luges before the beginning of the session. However, do note that only children above six years old will be allowed to ride alone while those below six can ride in tandem with an adult.

Address: Sentosa, 45 Siloso Beach Walk, S(099003)
Opening Hours:
Sun Mon: 11am 7.30pm
Thurs: 11am 7.30pm
Fri Sat: 11am 9.30pm
Price: $34 – $47

22. Get active at the Sports Hub Multi-Activity Camp

december school holidays 2019 activities for kids sports hub multi-activity camp
(Credit: Singapore Sports Hub / Facebook)

There’s no better way to get active and make new friends than to participate in the Multi-Activity Camp organised by ProActive Sports! Typically organised in conjunction with Singapore Sports Hub, the camp has relocated to its own venue this year. As a great holiday activity for kids, this five-day camp is designed for the little ones to try different types of sports and develop new skills in a safe yet fun environment. Some camp activities include soccer, tennis, and even dodgeball. The best part is that they’re all themed! So if your child is a fan of Lego City or Pokémon, they’re going to be really psyched by these camps. Who knows, your child may find a new healthy hobby to indulge in through this. Registrations are open so act fast before all slots are taken up! It’s one of the hottest children’s activities this December in Singapore.

Address: Prodigy by ProActiv Sports, 451 Joo Chiat Road, #03-01 to 04, Katong Point, S(427664)
Date: 4 – 8 Dec, 11 – 15 Dec, 18 – 22 Dec, 26 – 29 December 2023
Time: 9am – 2pm
Price: $120/day

23. Learn horse riding at the Gallop Stable

2020 december school holidays fun activities for kids gallop stable horseback riding holiday pony camp
(Credit: Gallop Stable at Pasir Ris / Facebook)

When we think of sports for kids, we rarely think of horseback riding. But this sport can actually be enriching for your kids and help develop positive traits like patience, empathy and self-discipline. Moreover, horseback riding can improve your child’s balance, gross motor skills, muscular development and hand-eye coordination. It’ll also be the perfect thing to do this school holiday for the little animal lovers as they get to interact up close with majestic horses and cute ponies! 

Sign your little tots up for the Stable Experience workshop at Gallop Stable for a fun-filled half-day camp! Your kids will get to meet new friends, learn what goes on behind the scenes at a stable, feed the ponies, and go on pony rides! It’s guaranteed to be one of the best children’s activities in Singapore this December holiday 2023 – especially if they are pony lovers!

Address: 100 Turf Club Road, S(287992)
Opening Hours: Tues – Sun: 9am – 12pm, 2pm – 6pm
Price: $98

24. Pick up a new skill at Kids Parkour Class

2020 december school holidays a2 kids parkour class physical training
(Credit: Parkour Singapore: ADAM 2.0 (Parkour and Freerunning Agency) / Facebook)

Looking for a holiday activity to burn off your kid’s excess energy? End your search for things to do this school holidays with these kids’ parkour classes organised by A2 Parkour this 2023 December school holidays in Singapore! First invented as a training program for the French Special Forces, parkour has become one of the coolest sports in town right now. Get your kids’ adrenaline pumping as they run through obstacles and conquer new heights in our vibrant city. Designed for kids aged five and up, this dynamic sport will help your child develop motor skills through fundamental parkour moves such as balancing, falling, jumping, vaulting and climbing.

Address & Time: Various locations, details here
Price: From $200 (3 sessions)

25. Jump till your heart’s content at BOUNCE Tramp Camp

2020 december school holidays activities bounce inc tramp camp for kids
(Credit: BOUNCEinc / Facebook)

BOUNCE Inc is the perfect holiday activity for your kids to unleash their energy and soar to new heights — quite literally! Beat the boredom with the children’s activities at the BOUNCE Tramp Camp this December in Singapore! It’s a dedicated holiday camp for children 3 years old and up. This three-day camp is jam-packed with exciting programs such as trampoline workshops where your kids get to hone their aerial skills as well as wall running to improve their agility. Your children will also get to take on the X-Park, an adventure course that provides obstacles of different difficulty levels. Plus, cheer your kids on as they brave the heights and leap off the raised platform onto a grab bag at the Leap Of Faith station! The little ones will be fully supervised throughout the camp and presented with a certificate of completion at the end of all that fun!

Address: Cineleisure Orchard, 8 Grange Road, #09-01, S(239695)
Opening Hours:
Mon – Thu: 10am – 8pm
Friday : 10am – 9pm
Sat/PH: 9am – 9pm
Sunday: 9am – 7pm
Price: From $23.90

26. Revel in the Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay

december schol holidays 2019 activities for kids christmas wonderland gardens by the bay
(Credit: Christmas Wonderland at Gardens By The Bay / Facebook)

Out of things to do with your kids this school holiday? Then consider ending the year with your kids by celebrating the festive season at Gardens By The Bay’s annual Christmas Wonderland together! The tenth edition makes a great children’s activity for the December 2023 holidays in Singapore with its exciting new highlights like a scenic Gingerbread Grove and a Games Village featuring traditional games such as Fishy Fishy. Not to forget, you’ll also be able to witness the mesmerising 3D light installations at the Christmas Wonderland in Gardens by the Bay. Do look out for this great children’s activity idea to celebrate Christmas in Singapore this year!

Address: Gardens by the Bay, 18 Marina Gardens Drive, S(018953)
Date: TBC
Price: TBC

27. Celebrate Christmas with the Minions at Universal Studios Singapore

universal christmas uss universal studios singapore theme park for kids
(Credit: Resorts World Sentosa / Facebook)

Who doesn’t like spending a thrilling day at the theme park? It is, after all, a fun thing to do with your kids during the school holidays. Excite them with this December children’s holiday activity this December by going on a trip to Universal Studios Singapore to celebrate the jolly season! Treat your eyes to the blockbuster-inspired Christmas trees and say hi to Gru’s Minions who will be getting into some merry mischief! Not to forget, there will be tons of rides for your kids — think Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase and Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey. It’s going to be the best day of their lives! Enjoy great discounts on your Universal Studios Singapore Tickets (available on DirectConnect) when you buy them online.

Address: Resorts World Sentosa, 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, S(098269)
Date: TBC
Opening Hours: 10am – 5pm
Price: $62.90 – $84.50

28. Create a wild masterpiece at the Splat Paint House

splat paint house
(Credit: Splat Paint House / Facebook, Splat Paint House / Facebook)

With the December school holidays rolling around, your children must be feeling awfully restless at home. So why not take them to the Splat Paint House? It’s a great place to get creative and relieve some stress through art. Simply don a set of protective raincoats and plastic goggles, before you get hands-on with splattering paint on the walls and on your art canvas! It’s just like art jamming. Not only does your kid get stimulated and burn off some excess energy, but you parents can also get back in touch with your inner child with this sensory play! If you’re looking for something that isn’t so crazy and explosive, you can also try out the Spin Paint House, which creates tie-dye-like art. These are some of the best children’s activities to try out this December holiday in Singapore! 

Address: 207A Upper Thomson Road, S(574346)
Opening Hours:
Wed – Fri: 3pm – 9pm
Saturday: 11am – 9pm
Sunday: 11am – 8.30pm
Price: From $43

29. Get an adrenaline rush at The Karting Arena

children's activities december singapore the karting arena
(Credit: The Karting Arena / Facebook)

Is your kid a big fan of Formula 1 or GT-R racing? Then the Karting Arena is probably a place that’ll make their dreams come true. From as young as nine years old, your child can try their hand at racing on a circuit, alone or with a guardian. Each session lasts about 10 minutes, but do note that the waiting time between each is about half an hour.

In this day and age where kids are constantly glued to their mobile devices, karting rides let them learn how to have fun outdoors! These four-wheeler vehicles also perform much differently than regular bikes, as they’re a lot faster. It’ll test their coordination and get their adrenaline pumping! So strap yourselves down for this children’s activity when you spend this December holidays in Singapore.

Address: 511 Upper Jurong Road, Block B,  S(638366)
Opening Hours:
Tues – Fri: 1pm – 9pm
Sat – Sun: 9am – 9pm
Price: $25 – $35

30. Revel in the magic of the Immersive Disney Animation Experience Singapore

children's activities december singapore immersive disney animation

The Immersive Disney Animation is coming to Singapore! It’s even more timely if you consider that Disney is celebrating their 100th anniversary this year. At this 360-degree multi-sensory experience, you’ll get to revisit iconic songs and scenes from over 40 of Disney’s best films! No matter the generational differences, you and your family will get to see beloved characters, new and old. From taking a magic carpet ride with Aladdin and Princess Jasmine to belting out Let It Go with Elsa, you’re going to feel like you’re a part of their stories. Also, it’s the one chance that you and your family get to peek at the behind-the-scenes at Walt Disney Animation Studios – see how they bring their movies to life. It’s one of the most magical children’s activities you can try out this December in Singapore!

Address: Sands Theatre, 4 Bayfront Avenue, B1, Marina Bay Sands, S(018973)
Date: 18 November – 31 December 2023
Mon – Thu: 10am – 8.30pm
Fri – Sat: 10am – 10pm
Sunday: 10am – 8.30pm
Price: From $33

31. Cool off from the tropical heat at HomeTeamNS Aqua Adventure

aqua adventure
(Credit: Aqua Adventure / Facebook)

Aqua Adventure is Singapore’s first integrated indoor water park, equipped with long, winding water slides, and exciting high-element courses. It’s a great place to bring your children for some fun activities if you’re spending the December holidays in Singapore! For those kids who might be afraid of heights, they might want to sit out for the latter. However, while the obstacle courses might be a solo affair, they can brave the slides with a parent or sibling with the help of a float! However, if getting wet and sticky isn’t your family’s thing, you can also head to their “dry section” Clockwork Towers, a unique rock-climbing wall that has handles and gears for you to grapple on.

Address: HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir, 900 Bedok North Road, S(479994)
Opening Hours:
Tues – Fri: 10am – 9pm
Sat – Sun: 10 am – 3 pm, 4pm – 9 pm
Price: $40 – $45 (HomeTeamNS), $54 – $58 (affiliate member), $60 – $68 (public)

Fun children’s activities in Singapore this December 2023 

Don’t miss this great opportunity to enrich your children beyond the walls of the classroom with these exciting children’s activities for the December holidays in Singapore! Remember, the fun can continue even after the December school holidays in 2023 too! Also, to make sure your children are all set for fun outdoors, equip them with the best mosquito repellents and best sunscreens in Singapore, and you’re all set!

This article was updated on 24 October 2023. Additional research done by Foo Pei Shi.