17 Things To Die Die Not Do During Hungry Ghost Festival

hungry ghost festival singapore taboos
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The hungry ghost festival in Singapore stretches from 19 August to 16 September 2020 with Ghost Day being on 2 September. The festival is celebrated by Taoists and Buddhists in Singapore and it is a time when the spirits of the underworld are released from their torment in hell. They then roam the Earth to find food, entertainment and any unsuspecting victims to bring down to hell for a chance at reincarnation. As such, worshippers burn many offerings during the 7th month to appease the appetite of the hungry ghosts.

Other than burning offerings, there are other superstitions and beliefs that all locals abide by during the festival period to avoid unnecessary attention from the ghosts. But in case you forget or are new to the culture, here’s a quick list of things not to do during the hungry ghost festival in Singapore.

1. Don’t stay out late

staying out late hungry ghost festival singapore
(Credit: Paweł L.)

It’s believed that ghosts roam the streets after sunset. That is why it’s advised that people avoid night time activities during the hungry ghost festival in Singapore. But if you HAVE to stay out late, invite a friend for company. Ghosts are said to prey on unsuspecting victims who travel alone at night.

2. Try to minimise going out in groups of three

(Credit: Vidar Nordli-Mathisen)

It is said that when a group of three people walk in a straight line, or take photos together, the person in the center would be exposed to the supernatural; be it receiving the ‘sight’ or just a cold chill running down his or her spine.

3. Don’t open an umbrella indoors or pick up any stray umbrellas

umbrella hungry ghost festival singapore
(Credit: Aline de Nadai)

Even when you’re attempting to dry your brolly, its best to have it dry outdoors and close it before entering the house. Why? Because it’s believed that wandering ghosts may ‘seek shelter’ in the umbrellas when its used in the open, and you don’t want to be bringing them home to your house! Get yourself a personal umbrella for when it rains cats and dogs during the hungry ghost festival.

4. Don’t turn your head if someone taps your shoulder or calls your name

tapping on shoulder hungry ghost festival singapore
(Credit: Xin)

A belief in Chinese culture is that everyone has a ‘spiritual protective flame’ on each shoulder. However, the flames are extinguished whenever you turn your head around. That is why evil ghosts are said to trick humans by calling their name or ‘tapping’ their shoulder when they are alone. Naturally, anyone will turn their head – making them vulnerable to hungry ghosts. Some believe that to counter this, you could turn your entire body instead!

5. Avoid wearing red

red outfit hungry ghost festival singapore
(Credit: pawel szvmanski)

You should definitely wear a red and white outfit for national day but stow it at the back of the cupboard when the 7th month starts. The hungry ghosts are said to be attracted to the colour red! Unless you want to be a prime target for mischievous ghosts, avoid red clothing during this time.

6. Don’t tie the knot during this period

(Credit: Jackson Wong)

Although this is not necessarily something that may incur the wrath of otherworldly friends, many Chinese believe that the seventh month ghost festival is a no-no for weddings, as it is generally an unlucky period for happy celebrations of any kind.

7. NEVER sit in the front row of Getai concerts

getai performance hungry ghost festival singapore
(Credit: Kien Wai E)

Getai shows are organised around various neighbourhoods in Singapore during the hungry ghost festival. It’s a concert that is meant to entertain wandering ghosts so they don’t get up to any mischief. Hence, the front row is usually reserved for ghosts and are kept empty.

8. Avoid swimming, especially at night

no swimming hungry ghost festival singapore
(Credit: Christopher Campbell)

One of the things not to do during the hungry ghost festival is to go swimming or engage in any water sports in Singapore. If you must, try to go in the daytime. There is a belief that ghosts linger in the water and they may try to drown you and for a chance at reincarnation.

9. Don’t cover your forehead with your hair

(Credit: Tomaz Barcellos)

There are certain beliefs that the forehead is the center of our ‘Qi’ energy, and it is what keeps bad spirits at bay. Thus, especially during this period where wandering spirits are rampant, it’s best to keep your Qi center on your forehead exposed. Best excuse to wear out your favourite cute hairband!

10. Don’t sing at night along the streets

singing hungry ghost festival singapore
(Credit: Kristina Flour)

Ghosts don’t have to attend Getai performances if you start singing on the way home. That’s right, wandering ghosts may be attracted to your singing or whistling while you’re alone! Pro tip: If the music bug hits you, just plug in a set of earphones and take a silent stroll.

11. Don’t talk about ghosts

(Credit: Pedro Figueras)

Despite being the best time to tell horror stories to scare your friends, telling ghost or other supernatural related stories may just attract the attention of our otherworldly friends. Who knows, they might just be sitting next to you listening on!

12. Don’t stick your chopsticks upright in your food

(Credit: Chait Goli)

If you live in a very ‘pantang’ (superstitious) household, you’ll know better than to stick your chopsticks in your food, as it resembles jossticks used to worship the dead. Although it may seem really convenient to just stick your chopsticks in your bowl while chewing your food, it serves as a sign that the food is prepared for wandering spirits! Check out a bunch of beautiful chopsticks and other flatware that will spruce up your everyday meals!

13. Don’t hang wind chimes at home

wind chimes hungry ghost festival singapore
(Credit: Jinx!)

You should take down any wind chimes around the home while the hungry ghost festival in Singapore is ongoing. The high-pitched sounds of the wind chimes are said to attract the attention of wandering ghosts. Unless you want some ‘special attention’, it’s best to put up other types of home decor for the time being.

14. Don’t kill any insects

insects hungry ghost festival singapore
(Credit: Chandler Hilken)

There is a Chinese belief that certain insects represent the presence of our departed loved ones. Killing them might chase them away or even hurt them. If you find any unusual insects or moths, leave them alone or try to catch them for a safe release. It’s a good way to appease the spirit that may be present.

15. Don’t pick coins up from the streets

don't pick up coins from the street hungry ghost festival singapore
(Credit: Skitterphoto)

It may be tempting to pick up coins you may find lying on the sidewalk. But there’s a high chance that these coins already belong to a spirit and you could irk them if you picked them up. Worse still, the malevolent spirits often bait humans with coins in an effort to possess them. Eeks! You don’t want to fall for their nasty tricks!

16. Don’t stand under trees

standing under trees hungry ghost festival singapore
(Credit: Su–May)

Standing under trees and especially at night, is the most commonly reminded of things not to do during the hungry ghost festival. Tales about ghosts residing in treetops hold some weight, unfortunately. So if you’ve found yourself waiting for a Grab under the trees, just shuffle along a bit and pray for the best.

17. Watch your step!

hungry ghost festival offering
(Credit: ProjectManhattan)

Joss sticks and food offerings are common sightings during the hungry ghost festival in Singapore. You may come across them tucked onto the corner of walk paths in your home estate. Watch where you’re going and avoid touching or stepping onto any of them lest you offend the spirits. If you do, just say a quick apology and be on your way.

Appease and not upset spirits during the hungry ghost festival in Singapore

Take a note of the things not to do during the hungry ghost festival and you’ll be spared of the spirits’ wrath. If you’re partaking in this festival, be sure to get all your offerings like joss sticks and joss paper in advance. Otherwise, you can cuddle up with good horror films too — those that’ll get your skin tingling during the whole 7th month season.

This article was updated on 31 August 2020. Additional research done by Justyn Toh.

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