Mooncake Festival 2019: 7 Best Traditional Mooncakes In Singapore

featured best traditional mooncakes in singapore
(Credit: Changhosek 曾好食 / Facebook)

As a staple of Mid-Autumn Festival, mooncakes are beloved for their delectable fillings and tasty crusts. While some might prefer modern variations like snow skin mooncakes, nothing is the same as indulging in some of the best traditional mooncakes in Singapore! Hankering for a sweet treat this festive season? Get your traditional mooncake fix with the yummy selection below.

Where to get the best traditional mooncakes in Singapore 

1. Gin Thye Traditional Baked Mooncakes

gin thye best traditional mooncakes in singapore
(Credit: Gin Thye)

As one of the largest local confectioneries, Gin Thye bakes some of the best traditional mooncakes in Singapore. From peanut rolls to yam biscuits, Gin Thye is committed to keeping up with the times while preserving the essence of their tasty traditional baked mooncakes!

Interested in giving the homegrown heritage brand a shot? Gin Thye has gone all out this Mooncake Festival 2019 with 10 different flavours (available on Gin Thye) for customers to consider! From yolk-less pure paste mooncakes to innovative additions like Bamboo Charcoal Green Tea Paste Mooncake, you’ll surely be spoilt for choice!

2. Gin Thye Teochew Mooncakes

gin thye teochew mooncakes best tradition mooncakes in singapore
(Credit: Gin Thye)

Still not content with the best traditional mooncakes in Singapore Gin Thye has to offer? Look out for their Teochew Mooncakes (available on Gin Thye)! Instead of the usual baked chewy exterior, Gin Thye’s Teochew Mooncakes are deep-fried and have a flaky crust that’s expertly crafted by alternating between layers of dough and flour. This combines pleasantly with the yam paste filling that refrains from being overbearingly sweet and is an absolute treat for Orh Nee dessert fans.

3. Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

holiday inn singapore atrium best traditional mooncakes in singapore
(Credit: HolidayInnSGAtrium)

Gifting traditional mooncakes to relatives? Don’t worry — Holiday Inn’s Assorted Traditional Mooncakes (available on HolidayInnSGAtrium) have you covered with their crimson Classic box packaging! Adopting the shape of a jewellery case, the Classic box is lined with luxurious gold floral motifs that are sure to please older relatives. They’ll also enjoy the traditional flavours like Assorted Nuts and White Lotus Seed Paste! Make sure to pre-order soon to enjoy a special 30% off!

4. Snack & Cake

snack & cake best traditional mooncakes in singapore
(Credit: Snack & Cake)

If you’re shopping on a budget this Mooncake Festival 2019, these handmade traditional baked mooncakes (available on Snack & Cake) offer plenty of new flavours bound to appeal to everyone! From savoury and crispy Mini Walnut Mooncakes to fragrant coconut-infused Pandan Lotus Seed Mooncakes, Snack & Cake’s selection is worth a look if you’re interested in sampling a little of every flavour. Moreover, if you thought two salted egg yolks weren’t enough, their White Lotus Paste With Four Yolks mooncake has you covered with its quad yolk serving!

5. Chang Ho Sek

chang ho sek best traditional mooncakes in singapore
(Credit: Changhosek 曾好食 / Facebook)

Impressing recipients with its nostalgic packaging, Chang Ho Sek’s traditional baked mooncakes (available on Prestigio Delights) definitely offers some of the best packaged traditional mooncakes in Singapore. Harkening back to the good old days of tingkat deliveries, ordering any traditional mooncake set gives you an ornate tiffin carrier that’s beautifully adorned with vibrant floral patterns!

Fancy packaging aside, you’ll also love how Chang Ho Sek caters to varying taste preferences. The low sugar variants of their White Lotus mooncakes alongside innovative tea-infused flavours like Earl Grey and Osmanthus are perfect for older and younger family members alike!

6. The Fullerton Hotel

fullerton hotel best traditional mooncakes in singapore
(Credit: The Fullerton Hotel)

The Fullerton 15 Treasures Premium Gift Set ups the ante when it comes to the best traditional mooncakes in Singapore! Referencing the auspicious date of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the set contains a myriad of 15 delicious flavours. To cater to all tastes, it includes traditional fillings like red bean and black dates alongside modern ones like coffee and rose.

The star of the set is clearly the giant centrepiece that anchors the 14 mini mooncakes! Containing eight whole yolks, the elaborately detailed White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake will be sure to appease the most die-hard of salted egg yolk fans! 

7. Crystal Jade

crystal jade best traditional mooncakes in singapore
(Credit: Crystal Jade)

As one of the frontrunners for best traditional mooncakes in Singapore, Crystal Jade’s approach for Mooncake Festival 2019 emphasises on overall taste and quality! This year, they’re ensuring each handcrafted mooncake lives up to expectations with wholesome and simple flavours. Need recommendations? Check out their classic Assorted Nuts and Chicken Ham Mooncake. As a time-tested favourite, the mooncake offers a potent savoury and sweet combination for all to enjoy.

On the packaging side, Crystal Jade has adopted a design inspired by traditional food carriers formerly used in imperial palaces! These classy containers also come decorated with a gingko tree pattern to symbolise longevity and peace. 

Celebrate Mooncake Festival 2019 with the best traditional mooncakes in Singapore

With these recommendations, we hope you’ll enjoy these time-honoured treats as much as we do! Still prefer the allure of modern mooncakes? From durian to ice cream mooncakes, discover our comprehensive catalogue of mooncake listings. Be sure to also take advantage of the exclusive mid-autumn festival discounts — only for a limited time period!

Want a real-life review of mooncake flavours? Then check out the video below for some of the most exotic mooncakes to try this season!

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