13 Traditional Mooncakes To Feast On This Mid-Autumn

best traditional mooncakes singapore 2023

It’s that time of the year again. Not for bakkwa or durian, but another one of Singapore’s best-loved traditional desserts – mooncakes. With the Mid-Autumn Festival coming up again, it’s finally time to start stocking up on your favourite Chinese pastries. While snowskin and flaky crust mooncakes continue to be popular amongst Singaporeans, there’s nothing quite like a good ol’ baked mooncake. Thinking of gifting a loved one with some and wondering where to buy mooncakes in Singapore? Read on for our recommendations for the best traditional mooncakes in Singapore this Mid-Autumn 2023!

Why do we eat mooncakes during Mid-Autumn? 

Traditional Mooncakes in Singapore
(Credit: Jason Goh / Pixabay)

Don’t get us wrong – we love a good mooncake. But have you ever wondered why we dig into these indulgent treats every September or so? Originating from ancient China, the Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated every year on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. 

The festival honours the Chinese goddess of the moon Chang’e, and serves as an occasion for families to celebrate the end of the autumn season. The tradition of eating mooncakes started as a way of thanksgiving for a full harvest. The roundness of traditional mooncakes symbolises the reunion of families as well as the full moon. When people give mooncakes to each other, it is a way of blessing them with a long and happy life! 

While we don’t have the four seasons in Singapore, Mid-Autumn still serves as an opportunity for family reunions. And we can’t think of a better way to do it than feasting on some of the best baked traditional mooncakes in Singapore this 2023!

What is the most traditional mooncake?

cross section of lotus paste mooncake best traditional mooncake singapore
(Credit: Nataliya Vaitkevich / Pexels)

In Singapore, traditional mooncakes generally refer to Cantonese-style baked mooncakes. These mooncakes are characterised by its golden, glossy crust that comes stamped with an intricate pattern consisting of Chinese characters. The most common filling for baked mooncakes by far is sweet lotus seed paste. Lotus paste baked mooncakes typically also feature a core of salted egg yolk to represent the full moon. The result? An incredibly delicious sweet-savoury pastry that appeals to both the young and old! 

Apart from the lotus paste baked mooncake, another best-loved traditional mooncake in Singapore is the mixed nuts mooncake. Also known as wu ren yue bing, the best mixed nuts mooncakes in Singapore are made from different kinds of nuts and dry fruits, such as walnut kernels, almonds, sesame seeds, melon seeds, hawthorn, and red beans. The different ingredients make for a particularly unique eating experience, where no two bites yield the same flavour or texture! (Psst: Looking to impress the in-laws? Mixed nuts mooncakes remain one of the best options for older folks in Singapore – you know what to do!)

Where to get the best traditional mooncakes in Singapore 

1. Gin Thye

Gin Thye Less Sugar Traditional Baked Mooncakes
(Credit: Gin Thye)

As one of the largest local confectioneries, Gin Thye has some of the best traditional baked mooncakes in Singapore. From peanut rolls to yam biscuits, Gin Thye is committed to preserving the essence of their tasty traditional baked mooncakes! Interested in giving the homegrown heritage brand a shot? Gin Thye has gone all out this mooncake festival 2023 with different flavours of their Gin Thye Less Sugar Traditional Baked Mooncakes (available on Gin Thye). From yolk-less lotus paste mooncakes to innovative additions like bamboo charcoal green tea paste mooncake, you’ll surely be spoilt for choice with Gin Thye mooncakes!

2. Peach Garden

Peach Garden Golden Pandan Paste Mooncake
(Credit: Peach Garden Official Store)

As a household name in terms of Chinese restaurant cuisine and dim sum, Peach Garden no doubt makes some of the most famous mooncakes in Singapore. If you’re tired of the traditional lotus paste and salted egg yolk filling, you can choose from the wide variety of flavours available in their baked mooncake series. Those with a penchant for local Singaporean snacks will love the Golden Pandan Paste (available on Peach Garden Official Store). Still a stickler for traditional mooncake flavours? Opt for the Assorted Nuts Mooncake with Kam Hua Ham (both available on Peach Garden Official Store), a classic wu ren mooncake. This highly-reviewed mooncake of 2023 comes with an additional ingredient uncommon in even the best mixed nuts mooncakes in Singapore – Chinese cured ham. Best part? Peach Garden mooncakes are formulated with less sugar, making it one of the best traditional mooncakes in Singapore for all to enjoy!

3. Mdm Ling Bakery

Mdm Ling Bakery Monopoly
(Credit: Mdm Ling Bakery Official Store)

Mid-Autumn is for family – and what better way to spend quality time together than over a fun board game? This Monopoly Street Smart Mooncake Game Box (available on Mdm Ling Bakery Official Store) lets you do just that! This innovative mooncake set features the best-loved board game, Monopoly. The mooncake box transforms into this classic board game set, making it especially easy to store and put away. Bond with family and friends as all of you come to own places named after Mdm Ling Bakery’s signatures. There’s Jalan Kueh Bangkit, Lotus Station and even Pineapple Promenade waiting to be rented. But if the packaging isn’t enough to convince you, the mooncakes will. Opt between traditional baked mooncake flavours such as white lotus paste, or more unique options like Black Sesame Peanut Butter, Red Dates Longan and Emerald Pandan Golden Yolk!

4. Chang Ho Sek

Chang Ho Sek Traditional Reunion Combo
(Credit: ChangHoSek Official Store)

Harkening back to the good old days of tingkat deliveries, this Traditional Reunion Combo (available on ChangHoSek Official Store) is definitely one of the best traditional baked mooncakes in Singapore to get as a gift! Ordering any traditional mooncake combo gives you a food grade tingkat adorned with vibrant floral patterns. Packaging aside, you’ll appreciate how Chang Ho Sek caters to varying taste palates with a variety of assorted flavours. There’s the usual white lotus paste with melon seeds and the unique matcha paste filling that also comes with azuki red beans. The greatest thing about these mooncakes have been formulated to contain less sugar. So they’re definitely one of the best traditional baked mooncakes in Singapore for both the young and old!

5. My Mum’s Cookies

My Mum’s Cookies Classic Mooncake Gift Set
(Credit: My Mum’s Cookies Official Store)

This Classic Mooncake Gift Set (available on My Mum’s Cookies Official Store) definitely stands out among other famous mooncakes in Singapore in terms of their dedication to baking low sugar mooncakes! Whether it’s the plain lotus or ones with yolks, these traditional mooncakes are considered one of the best in Singapore for not only being lower in calories, but also positively scrumptious. With fewer calories per bite, these My Mum’s Cookies mooncakes are definitely one of the best traditional baked mooncakes in Singapore for weight-watchers and the elderly alike.

6. Hock Wong Singapore x Disney

Hock Wong Singapore x Disney
(Credit: Hock Wong Singapore 福王)

Disney fans, this is one of the best traditional baked mooncakes in Singapore for you. Hock Wong is collaborating with Disney to give you the Hock Wong x Disney Mooncakes (available on Hock Wong Singapore 福王). Containing four mooncakes that are equally scrumptious, the highlight here is the 3D embossed tin box. This limited-edition mooncake set will have you swooning over classic Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and more. And that’s because each mooncake is baked with the silhouette of these Disney characters! But that’s not all. Hold on to the Disney tin box and use it to store trinkets. And remember to make use of the Mickey Minnie gift bag when you’re spoiling another loved one with these treats.

7. Conrad Singapore

Conrad Singapore
(Credit: Conrad Singapore Orchard)

Lovers of savoury mooncakes, we haven’t forgotten about you. Conrad Singapore’s got you covered by offering another one of the best traditional baked mooncakes in Singapore this 2023. Their Parma Ham And Pork Floss With Assorted Nuts Mooncake (available on Conrad Singapore Orchard) speaks volumes. It has an extremely well-balanced taste. The parma ham and pork floss flavours blend together harmoniously. Thus, giving you a delightful mooncake like no other. And it’s no surprise since Michelin-starred Summer Palace is the team behind this absolute masterpiece. From handpicking quality ingredients to the execution of Cantonese techniques, Conrad Singapore’s mooncakes are no doubt spectacular. So if you’re spoiled for choice and want a bit of everything, go for their Classic Box Summer Palace Classic Treasures (available on Conrad Singapore Orchard) that contains four different mooncakes, including the one with parma ham!

8. The Fullerton Hotel

The Fullerton Hotel
(Credit: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore [cropped])

With intricate details and a majestic peacock adorning each end of the box, The Fullerton Hotel has truly outdone themselves. They have one of the best traditional mooncakes in Singapore this 2023 — offering multiple flavours that are oh-so-unique. The Fullerton Hotel has added their own spin to traditional, classic mooncakes. Their Jade Signatures Classic Baked Mooncakes (available on The Fullerton Hotel Singapore) features four different flavours. Dig into the classic White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolks or go for something with a subtle twist – the Pandan Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk. Otherwise, go all out and dive into the Mango Lotus Seed Paste with Pineapple and Melon Seed, or the Milk Lotus Seed Paste with Macadamia Nuts and Dried Cranberries. Thankfully, The Fullerton Hotel has introduced these mooncakes that contain less sugar, so they’re perfect for the health-conscious! 

9. Fairmont Singapore

Fairmont Singapore
(Credit: Fairmont Singapore)

Can’t get enough of unique flavours? You’ve got to give the Fairmont Singapore Assorted Mini Baked Mooncakes (available on Fairmont Singapore) a try! The set comes with nine traditional baked mooncakes that include three different flavours. And these include flavours such as Green Tea with Red Dates and Wolfberries, Orange Lotus Paste with Pineapple and Melon Seeds, and Toffee with Hazelnut. It’s therefore no surprise that these unique mooncakes are some of the best in Singapore! So take your pick and don’t forget to share the calories. Although, that may be a non-issue since these mooncakes are mini in size!

10. Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel
(Credit: Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel)

If you’re a fan of tea-flavoured desserts, the Imperial “Long Jing” Tea (available on Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel) would definitely be one of the best baked mooncake options in Singapore for you! These mooncakes from Marriott Tang Plaza are infused with the flavour of longjing tea. It’s not overwhelming and carries a natural sweetness, thus enhancing the flavour profile of the mooncakes. These longjing mooncakes also contain walnuts that add a lovely crunch. But if you’re interested in more extraordinary flavours, go for their Golden Black Truffle Baked Mooncakes (available on Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel). The savoury flavours from the truffle, dry-aged parma ham and pistachios in the filling will surely impress you and have you coming back for more. 

11. Imperial Patisserie

Imperial Patisserie
(Credit: Imperial Patisserie Official Store)

Look to Imperial Patisserie for the best traditional mooncakes in Singapore this 2023. You’ll be in for an out-of-the-world experience with their unique offerings. Their Assorted Lava Mooncakes (available on Imperial Patisserie Official Store) are beyond incredible. You can thank the Michelin-starred chefs behind this creation. The Lava Mooncakes are absolutely delightful. The flavours will definitely wow you. And don’t forget to enjoy how two contrasting textures come together to give you a perfectly balanced treat. However, the best part about these Imperial Patisserie desserts is how it isn’t jelak at all. As compared to other ooey gooey treats, these Lava Mooncakes aren’t too heavy or sweet, so they don’t feel “too much” on your palate. But also, having won the Grand Gold Award for five consecutive years since 2019, there’s no doubt that these are some of the best traditional mooncakes in Singapore this 2023. 

12. Zhen Wei

zhen wei baked mooncake best traditional mooncake singapore
(Credit: Zhen Wei Mooncake Official Store)

Available in boxes of two or four, the Baked White Lotus Mooncake Set (available on Zhen Wei Mooncake Official Store) comes in one of the best, gift-ready packaging in Singapore. We love how the pink, lattice-print box can easily be repurposed as a bougie-looking tissue box holder! You also have the option of selecting different flavours to fill the box. Nut lovers who don’t quite fancy even the best mixed nuts mooncakes in Singapore will definitely enjoy the lighter-tasting Pure White Lotus With Nuts!

14. Shangri-La

Shangri-La 2023
(Credit: Shangri-La Singapore Official Store)

If you’re aiming to impress the in-laws this Mid-Autumn, baked mooncakes from Shangri-La is one of the most famous hotel mooncakes in Singapore to get your hands on. They’ve been known to produce some of the best traditional mooncakes in Singapore. It also doesn’t hurt that their packaging can always be depended upon to be exquisite! Stick to reliable favourites such as the Reduced Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk Mooncake (available on Shangri-La Singapore Official Store). Alternatively, tantalise your tastebuds with something unique, like the Yam with Shredded Coconut and Black Sesame Mooncake (available on Shangri-La Singapore Official Store), which features a thick, yam filling that’s peppered generously with shredded coconut. Bite into it and the mooncake will reveal a decadent black sesame centre – yum!

Celebrate Mooncake Festival with the best traditional mooncakes in Singapore (2023)

We hope you’ll enjoy these best-loved traditional mooncakes in Singapore as much as we do! If you still prefer more modern mooncakes, check out our comprehensive guide to picking the best snowskin mooncakes and the best yam mooncakes in Singapore! Alternatively, try making your own mooncakes by following these simple mooncake recipes

This article was updated on 27 July 2023. Additional research done by Caryn Tan.