10 Healthy Tingkat Delivery Services In Singapore To Order In

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No time to cook at home? Tired of takeouts? Healthy tingkat delivery services in Singapore may just be the answer you’re looking for! If you’re not familiar with the term tingkat, we’re sure you’ve seen them! Tingkats are the multi-tiered silver tiffin boxes used to ferry food either to your workplace or home. It’s similar to the Indian dabbawala system where deliverymen transport home-cooked food to workplaces so workers can relish simple, healthy and delicious meals during their hectic daily schedules.

In Singapore, most of the tingkat food is delivered by caterers and can taste as good as home-cooked food! So if you find yourself craving for healthy lunchtime options or don’t have the time to cook in the evenings, check out these healthy tingkat delivery options in Singapore instead!

Best healthy tingkat delivery services in Singapore

1. Ronnie Kitchen

ronnie kitchen healthy tingkat delivery
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Ronnie Kitchen not only caters food for functions but also delivers daily meals right to your doorstep. They are known to use less MSG, along with reduced oil and salt in their food, making it a worthy tingkat delivery option in Singapore! You can have the option of ordering your meals with or without rice. For a healthier (and a more affordable) choice, we suggest you order just the dishes and cook your own brown rice at home. 

With over 100 different types to choose from, you’ll definitely get your value for money here. Satisfied reviewers have said that the food is tasty and portions are generous.

Cost: From $65 / 2 pax / 5-day trial
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2. Select Catering

select catering healthy tingkat delivery
(Credit: Select Catering / Facebook)

Choose from three dishes plus soup or four dishes when placing your orders with this healthy tingkat delivery option in Singapore. Select Catering’s menu changes weekly, so you can look forward to different but wholesome and balanced meals every day. Some highlights from this week’s menu include Sea Bass Fish with Celery, Cabbage Roll with Abalone Sauce, Salted Egg Prawns and Radish Pork Ribs Soup — yum!

Apart from delivering healthy tingkat meals in Singapore, Select Catering also does high tea buffets — order a set for yourself and also surprise someone with this treat today! 

Cost: From $4 / pax / meal (minimum 20-day package)
Additional delivery charge: $2.50/trip
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3. Kim’s Paradise

kims paradise healthy tingkat delivery
(Credit: Kim’s Paradise / Facebook)

Kim’s Paradise is not only a healthy tingkat delivery option in Singapore but it’s also known to whip up food that tastes just as good as home-cooked meals — not an easy feat at all! With more than 200 dishes on their menu, you’ll definitely not be bored with the same few dishes. Reviews have mentioned that the meals are not oily, are freshly prepared and served in generous portions. 

If you’re new to tingkat deliveries, then choose their eight-day trial menu consisting of either three dishes and soup or four dishes. You can expect your meals to reach you anytime between 9:30am and 1:30pm for lunch and between 3pm and 7:30pm for dinner orders (based on location). Hungry yet? We know we are!

Cost: From $80 / 2 pax / 8-day trial – 8 consecutive weekdays
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4. Jessie Catering

healthy tingkat delivery singapore jessie catering
(Credit: sabinevanerp / Pixabay)

Reviewers have praised Jessie Catering for providing ‘wholesome and balanced meals’ along with a large variety of options when it comes to their tingkat meals — opt for brown rice at an additional dollar per packet for a healthier lunch. This is indeed one healthy tingkat delivery option in Singapore.

Dinner meals generally consist of one meat, one vegetable and one or two side dishes, depending on your order. You can expect dishes like Traditional Old Cucumber Soup, Sambal Fish and Curry Chicken. Dish varieties are constantly rotated so you can expect different meals during the week! Need to defer your food delivery for a few days? Just hop onto Jessie’s Catering’s app and let them know of your plans! 

Cost: From $65 / 2 pax / 5-day package
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5. FattyDaddyFattyMummy

fattydaddyfattymummy healthy tingkat delivery singapore
(Credit: FattyDaddyFattyMummy)

With a name like that, one might wonder how FattyDaddyFattyMummy qualifies as a healthy tingkat delivery in Singapore. But check this out — reviewers have commented on the rich flavours and also appreciated that there was not too much salt in the food. No wonder why we’ve included them as one of the best tingkat delivery services in Singapore.

Their latest launch, Love, Tingkat!, is also Singapore’s first tingkat menu with zero processed food, zero canned food, less salt, no added MSG, less oil and even comes with a nourishing soup! Their Nyonya and Western menu includes well-loved dishes like Nyonya Cincalok Pomfret and Oven Baked Salmon. Start with their 10-day trial package before making a commitment.

Cost: From $230 / 2 pax / 10-day trial
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6. KCK Food Catering

KCK healthy tingkat delivery
(Credit: KCK Food Catering Pte Ltd / Facebook)

KCK Food Catering advocates the adage “You are what you eat”, and this is reflected in their dishes which contain low MSG, less salt, and use of Healthier Choice Oil. From menu items like Winter Melon Soup to Fish in Thai Chilli Sauce, it’s not difficult to see how these guys have earned a spot on our list of healthy tingkat delivery options in Singapore!

Choose from their five days, 10 days, or 20 days menus and let them entice you with their deliciously healthy tingkat meals! The one issue is that they only deliver to certain areas in Singapore, so check whether your postal address meets the cut before placing an order!

Cost: From $125 / 2 pax / 10-day trial
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7. Le Xin Catering Group

Lexin catering healthy tingkat delivery
(Credit: Le Xin Catering Group / Facebook)

Le Xin Catering promises less salt in all its food. From Braised Chicken with Mushroom and Fresh Watercress Pork Rib Soup to Teriyaki Sotong Ball, you’ll be getting balanced meals consisting of both vegetables and meat. Have certain dietary requirements? Le Xin Catering will do their best to accommodate your requests.

If you are a new customer, you can opt for their five-day trial to see if Le Xin Catering impresses you!

Cost: From $76.60/ 2 pax / 5-day trial (For new customers only)
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8. YeYeah Delights

yeyeah healthy tingkat delivery
(Credit: YeYeah Delights)

Looking to kickstart a healthier lifestyle? Home workouts are not the only way to get fit this period. Your diet plays a huge role too. YeYeah Delights provides nutritious meals catered to your lifestyle needs. You can find family meals, confinement meals, weight loss meals and even soup meals!

Your weekly meals will be delivered right to your doorstep twice a week. It’ll be delivered chilled and you can keep it for up to four days. Simply reheat it when you want to eat! 

If you choose their weight loss menu, you can find Asian meals such as Brown Rice with Poached Lemongrass Chicken as well as Western options like Rosemary Sweet Potato with Beef Steak and Root Vegetables. Best part is, the nutritional content of all meals is approved by a dietician, so you know you’ll be in good hands here. 

Cost: From $150nett / 2 pax / 5-day package (Weight Loss Meal Plan)
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9. Yassin Kampung Seafood

yassin healthy tingkat delivery
(Credit: Yassin Kampung Seafood)

Tuck into homely and delectable local dishes from Yassin Kampung Seafood. With almost 20 years of experience, it’s one of the best halal tingkat delivery services in Singapore. Their specially handcrafted menu includes local favourites such as Sambal Sliced Fish, Tempura Kang Kong and Hotplate Beancurd. 

Yassin Kampung Seafood offers a 10-day or 20-day package. You also have the option of including rice for just $10 for your 10-day package!

Cost: From $171 / 2 pax / 10-day package (Dinner only)
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10. Cucina Restaurant And Catering

cucina healthy tingkat delivery
(Credit: Cucina Restaurant And Catering)

A halal-certified option, Cucina serves a wide variety of Western, Malay, Italian, Chinese and Fusion dishes. With their extensive menu, you’ll never get bored with the same few meals! On their Malay menu, be sure to look out for Asam Pedas, Sambal Tumis Sotong and Ayam Lemak. 

If you are a newbie to tingkat services, Cucina is a great option as the minimum commitment period is only three days. Apart from flexibility, they can also accommodate special dietary requirements like boneless fish or less spicy dishes.

Cost: $28nett / 2 pax / meal
To place an order, leave your contact details here and they will get back to you

Enjoy healthy and hearty tingkat meals from the comfort of your own home

Want a healthier you by the end of the year? It’s never too late to start! Try one of these healthy tingkat delivery services in Singapore. We found FoodLine Singapore to be a great website for honest reviews of both tingkat deliveries and catering for larger-scale events. If you’re on a low carb, high protein diet, check out these keto meal delivery vendors in town! Craving steamboat? Check out our list of best steamboat delivery services in Singapore for a hotpot party at home!  

This article was updated on 25 May 2020. Additional research done by Simone Kow.