19 Must-Buy Local Snacks Every Singaporean Loves

popular local snacks singapore

Ask any Singaporean what they think the national pastime is, and the answer is likely to involve food. And there’s no better way to taste our diverse food culture than through the most popular local snacks in Singapore! From all-time favourites to local spins on well-loved snacks, there’s no shortage of snack options when you’re in Singapore! Already hankering for a quick snack? We’ve rounded up the best must-buy snacks in Singapore for the next time you’ve got the munchies.

Popular savoury local snacks from Singapore 

1. Curry Puff 

curry puff popular local snack singapore
(Credit: Old Chang Kee Singapore / Facebook)


Succulent chicken chunks, fork-tender potatoes, and a sliced egg, all wrapped up in a buttery layer of pastry. Drooling yet? Curry puffs are definitely one of the most popular local snacks enjoyed by Singaporeans of all ages. And no one does these savoury treats better than Old Chang Kee, a traditional snack chain from Singapore that has been in the curry puffs business since the 1960s!

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2. Satay

Leo Satay Unskewered Hainanese Chicken Satay
(Credit: Leo Foodstuff Official Store)

If you watched Crazy Rich Asians, chances are you were caught by the street food scene featuring local Singaporean delights – one of them being the iconic satay. Also known as ‘sate’, satay refers to seasoned meat skewers cooked over a charcoal grill. Served in bite-sized portions perfect for sharing, satays are definitely one of the most popular local snacks enjoyed by Singaporeans and tourists alike!

Try this popular snack in Singapore now: Purchase a pack of Leo Satay Unskewered Hainanese Chicken Satay (available on Leo Foodstuff Official Store) for a delicious, fuss-free option for your next barbecue party! You can even choose from a variety of different meat options to cater to every palate. 

3. Bak Kwa

popular local snacks singapore bak kwa
(Credit: Bee Cheng Hiang Official Store)

Another one of Singapore’s most popular must-buy local snacks would be bak kwa (or 肉干 rou gan), a sweet-savoury barbecued meat snack traditionally made of pork. First introduced by the Chinese immigrant community in the 19th century, this best bak kwa in Singapore uses a charcoal-grilled preparation method that imbues the meat with an irresistible smoky aftertaste. The iconic local snack often comes in thinly-sliced squares (this makes it very hard to stop at one!), and is particularly indispensable during Chinese New Year!

Try this popular snack in Singapore now: You don’t have to wait till Chinese New Year to satisfy your bak kwa cravings. Treat yourself to some Bee Cheng Hiang Sliced Pork (available on Bee Cheng Hiang Official Store) today! Looking for some halal bak kwa options? Check out the Halal Beef Bak Kwa (available on CS Foods)!

4. Popiah

popular local snacks singapore popiah
(Credit: Yikowei Official Store)

Popiah (or 润饼 run bing) is a popular local snack perfect for satisfying mid-afternoon hunger pangs! Originating from the Fujian province in China, traditional popiah consists of an assortment of steamed or stir-fried vegetables paired with an array of sweet sauces

Try this popular snack in Singapore now: Consider yourself a true popiah fan? Make your own homemade popiah with your loved ones with this DIY Popiah Set (available on Yikowei)! If you’re too lazy to roll your own popiah, grab a pack of Ready to Eat Vegetable Popiah (available on The Food Truck Official Store) instead!

5. Vadai 

popular local snacks singapore vadai
(Credit: The Original Vadai / Facebook)

Next up on the list of well-loved Singaporean snacks would be vadai (pronounced ‘vah-dye’). Originating from India, vadai is a popular staple at Singapore’s pasar malams (or night markets). In Singapore, the famous snack is made from legumes or potatoes moulded into the shape of discs. They’re topped with ingredients such as vegetables, ikan bilis, and even whole prawns! Vadai is best enjoyed with a side of fiery green peppers. Hence, this popular local snack is definitely not for the faint of heart! 

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6. Salted Egg Fish Skin 

irvins salted egg fish skin
(Credit: IRVINS Salted Egg / Facebook)

We thought salted egg yolk might have been just a passing trend, but it looks like Singaporeans’ love for salted egg yolk will never end! This is why halal-certified IRVINS Salted Egg Fish Skin (available on IRVINS Salted Egg Official Store) cannot be left out of the list of popular local snacks in Singapore. Founded in 2015, homegrown brand IRVINS Salted Egg has since expanded to 12 different markets worldwide. Their signature product, the crispy and highly addictive salted egg fish skin, has also become one of the best local snacks to come out of Singapore

Try this popular snack in Singapore now: Get your salted egg yolk fix with IRVINS Salted Egg Yolk Fish Skin (available on IRVINS Salted Egg Official Store)! Spoilt for choice? Opt for the IRVINS Variety Bundle (available on IRVINS Salted Egg Official Store), which offers a curated selection of IRVINS’ signature salted egg fish skin, potato chips, and cassava chips

7. Poppadom 

poppadom popular local snack singapore
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

A steaming plate of biryani is never complete without a side of crisp, savoury poppadom. Also known as pappadum or appalam, it is a popular local snack that has the hearts of Singaporeans young and old. Furthermore, they are prepared by deep-frying or open-flame cooking, giving the famously addictive snack its distinctive crunch! No wonder it is a must-buy snack in Singapore!

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8. Potato Chips (with local twists!)

popular local potato chips singapore
(Credit: F.EAST / Facebook)

Singaporeans’ love for local Asian flavours has not gone unnoticed by homegrown snack producers. Cue in potato chips, one of the most popular local snacks in Singapore. Since the salted egg craze that led to the popularisation of Singaporean snack brands like IRVINS and The Golden Duck Co., potato chip flavours in Singapore have only gotten bolder. Think laksa and beef rendang flavoured chips!

Try this popular local snack in Singapore now: Gear up for your next Netflix binge session with popular local cuisine-inspired potato chips by Singaporean snack brand F.EAST, such as the Singapore Laksa Potato Chips and Egg Prata with Fish Curry Potato Chips (both available on F.EAST Official Store)! Like your snacks with a bit more of a kick? Challenge yourself with some Mala Potato Chips (available on Shopee Supermarket) instead! 

Popular sweet local snacks from Singapore 

9. Kaya Toast

(Credit: Killiney Singapore)


When it comes to popular sweet snacks in Singapore, no other local treat comes close to the kaya toast. It was first introduced in Singapore by Hainanese chefs working on British trading ships in the early 20th century. Local coffee shops then began offering kaya toasts on their menu, leading to the eventual popularisation of one of the most famous local snacks in Singapore. Kaya toast is essentially made up of two slices of charcoal-grilled or toasted bread slathered with kaya, a fragrant, coconut milk-based jam, and finished off with a generous slab of cold butter. Pair it with some soft-boiled eggs and a cup of hot kopi (coffee) or teh (tea), and you’ve got yourself the perfect Singaporean breakfast!  

Try this best-loved snack in Singapore now: There’s no way we can talk about kaya toasts without mentioning Killiney or YaKun, our go-to for afternoon tea breaks. Transport yourself back in time with Killiney’s nostalgia, with our Shopee x Killiney Limited Edition Orange Kaya (available on Killiney Singapore). 


10. Muah Chee

muah chee local snack
(Credit: Yikowei Popiah & CNY Pastries Official Store)

For many Singaporeans, looking out for the aunty (or uncle) armed with a pair of scissors and a pushcart loaded with pillow-soft glutinous flour was the key highlight of trips to pasar malams growing up. With origins that can be traced back to South China, muah chee is a mochi-like Singaporean snack popular with adults and children alike. The preparation process is deceptively simple. Simply divide steamed glutinous rice flour into bite-sized mounds, and toss them in a mixture of crushed peanuts and sugar. The result? Deliciously soft yet chewy balls of dough make stopping at one an incredible challenge. 

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11. Pandan Chiffon Cake 

pandan chiffon cake popular snack singapore
(Credit: Gin Thye Official Store)

Light, fluffy and moist: the classic pandan chiffon cake never fails to win the hearts of Singaporeans and tourists alike. Characterised by its distinctive green hue, the pandan chiffon cake marries the much-loved Asian flavours of coconut and pandan. No wonder it is a popular must-buy local snack in Singapore!

Try this best-loved snack in Singapore now: Nibble on a slice of Pandan Chiffon Cake (available on Old Seng Choong Official Store) for the perfect tea time snack! If traditional pandan chiffon cakes are too dull for your liking, perhaps the trendier Pandan Kaya Lava Chiffon (available on Old Seng Choong Official Store) will pique your interest. We’re sure the kaya lava ooze as you slice through the cake will make for an Instagram-worthy shot. 

12. Ang Ku Kueh 

ang ku kueh singapore local snack
(Credit: Ji Xiang Ang Ku Kueh / Facebook)

In Singapore, ang ku kuehs (also known as red tortoise cakes) are commonly eaten during joyous and festive celebrations. An example is the baby’s first-month celebration, to signify longevity and blessings. Traditionally, ang ku kuehs are filled with mung bean paste. Today, there exist many modern renditions of this much-loved local snack in a variety of flavours. This includes black sesame, coconut, and even durian! With so many to choose from, it comes without a doubt that ang ku kuehs are a must-buy snack in Singapore! 

Try this popular local snack in Singapore now: Fancy some ang ku kuehs to have at home? Check out this Ji Xiang Ang Ku Kueh (Bundle of 10) (available on PACKHUP), or try the Rainbow Lapis Happy Kueh Box (available on Rainbow Lapis SG Official Store) to sample a wide variety of nonya kuehs!

13. Durian Puffs 

durian puff popular local snack singapore
(Credit: eCreativeCake Official Store)

A list of popular local snacks in Singapore is not complete without mention of – yep, you guessed it – durian. From durian snowskin mooncakes to durian ice cream and other durian desserts, Singaporeans can’t seem to stop coming up with different ways to enjoy the king of fruits. One of the most well-loved durian desserts in Singapore is the durian puff, a light choux pastry filled with durian-flavoured cream that’s perfect as a tea-time snack!  

Try this best-loved snack in Singapore now: Satisfy your durian puff cravings with eCreativeCake’s Halal-certified Durian Cream Puffs (available on eCreativeCake Official Store)! For more durian puff recommendations, check out our guide to the best durian puffs in Singapore

14. Ondeh-Ondeh 

ondeh ondeh singapore
(Credit: Rainbow Lapis SG Official Store)

Next up on our roundup of popular local snacks in Singapore is ondeh-ondeh, a glutinous rice ball dessert filled with gula melaka (or palm sugar) and rolled in dessicated coconut. Originating from Indonesia, the much-loved sweet treat first reached our shores between the 1950s to 1960s and quickly became popular with Singaporeans of all ages. Eating ondeh-ondeh, however, should come with a fair amount of caution, as they are known to burst open with a single bite! 

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15. Milo 

milo popular snack singapore
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

Growing up in Singapore, there’s no way you could have never tried Milo (available on Shopee Supermarket). The malt-based chocolate drink is so popular in Singapore, it has transcended its status as a nutritious snack beverage to become a cultural icon with locals. From the iconic Milo trucks that are staples at large events to partnerships with Singapore’s top athletes, Milo is definitely the nation’s favourite beverage! 

Try Singapore’s best-loved beverage now: Beyond the classic packet Milo, you can now enjoy a wide range of innovative drinks and snacks featuring the same chocolatey goodness! Fancy yourself a Milo peng but too lazy to head to the kopitiam downstairs? Get your hands on a Milo Activgo Nutri Peng (available on NESTLÉ Official Store) for your ice-cold Milo fix! 

16. Kueh Lapis Sagu 

rainbow kueh lapis sagu
(Credit: Rainbow Lapis / Facebook)

Known for its distinctive, multicoloured layers, the kueh lapis sagu (also known as rainbow lapis) is an older local snack that remains particularly popular with children in Singapore. As a popular must-buy snack in Singapore, this traditional Peranakan dessert is notorious for how labour-intensive it is to make. Thankfully, one bite into its sweet, chewy layers would be enough to convince you that it’s worth all that effort.

Try this popular snack in Singapore now: Sink your teeth into some Kueh Lapis Sagu (available on Rainbow Lapis SG Official Store) for your next teatime snack! In charge of snacks for your next gathering? Treat everyone to a blast from the past with this colourful Kueh Platter (available on Rainbow Lapis SG Official Store)! 

17. Kueh Lapis

kueh lapis thousand layer cake singapore
(Credit: Gin Thye Official Store [Cropped])

Not to be confused with the multi-coloured kueh lapis sagu, kueh lapis (literally ‘sweet layer cake’ in Bahasa Indonesia) is a famous Dutch-Indonesian snack that has won the hearts of many Singaporeans. Also known as ‘thousand-layer cake’, kueh lapis is known for its multiple rich, buttery layers. The popular local snack loved by Singaporeans is put together through a painstaking process of ladling batter onto each layer bit by bit until all the batter is used. 

Try this popular snack in Singapore now: Life’s short – treat yourself to some Kueh Lapis (available on Daribellsg Official Store) and consider your next tea time snack sorted! Psst, check out our roundup of the best kueh lapis in Singapore for more recommendations! 

18. Potong Ice Cream

potong ice cream singapore local snack

Potong ice cream remains one of the most popular local snacks for beating the Singapore heat. Back in the 1980s, ice cream sellers would make their own potong ice cream from scratch and peddle them door-to-door. Coming in a distinctive rectangular shape, this well-loved sweet treat is typically made from the base ingredients of coconut milk, skimmed milk, corn starch, and sugar. Can you guess what was the most popular potong ice cream flavour back then? That’s right, it’s the red bean flavour! The red bean potong ice cream remains a favourite with Singaporeans today, but this sweet treat has definitely evolved to include flavours such as pulut hitam, chocolate, and of course, durian. 

Try this popular snack in Singapore now: Stock up on your favourite Potong Ice Cream (available on spqrsg) to share with your family and friends like the good ol’ kampung times! Not a fan of traditional flavours like red bean and yam? Give potong ice cream a chance with King’s Limited Edition Japanese Sweet Potato Potong Ice Cream (available on TheDailyMart)!  

19. Wafer Ice Cream

wafer ice cream singapore local snack
(Credit: F&N Creameries (S) Pte Ltd Official Store)

What’s your favourite childhood memory? For us, it’s definitely racing downstairs to the ice cream cart when the ice cream uncle rings his bell! Push cart ice cream is an indelible part of our food culture, and it is a must-buy snack in Singapore. In fact, there are few other local snacks that remain so popular with adults and children alike! From raspberry ripple to chocolate, push cart ice cream is known for its wide variety of flavours and customisation options. One of the most popular customisation options is to have your block of icy goodness sandwiched between two crisp wafers! 

Try this best-loved snack in Singapore now: Relive your childhood with Magnolia Wafer Ice Cream (available on F&N Creameries (S) Pte Ltd Official Store), available in classic flavours you’d find at traditional ice cream carts. Think raspberry ripple, chocolate, yam, and durian! Alternatively, channel your inner ice cream uncle with these Traditional Wafer Biscuits (available on TheDailyMart) you can use to make your own push cart ice cream at home! 

Take a walk down memory lane with these popular local snacks from Singapore 

Take a break from the trendy new cafes and fusion hawker food with these good ol’ must-buy snacks in Singapore. Keen to find out more about our local food culture through traditional snacks in Singapore? Check out our guide to popular Singaporean drinks, or try your hand at making some nonya kueh from scratch! Otherwise, these best rendang spots in Singapore will probably be up your alley if you love a spicy kick. Don’t forget to shop our 8.8 National Day Sale here! 

This article was updated on 5 August 2022. Additional research done by Jamantha Lim. 

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