21 C-Dramas That Are All The Rage Right Now (2021)

word of honour you are my glory best chinese dramas 2021 must watch historical modern yang yang
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Move over, K-dramas. While we’re still in love with our oppas, it’s time to recognise the new trend in town.  Chinese dramas (or C-dramas, to be casual) have been taking over the screen by storm lately with amazing cast lineups and intriguing storylines. As China becomes a global entertainment powerhouse, more investments are pumped into producing high quality drama series. According to South China Morning Post, it’s not rare for C-dramas to cost more than a whopping 100 million yuan (~SGD21.3 million)! From historical dramas filled with thrilling action scenes to modern romantic stories that will melt your heart, here are 21 of the best Chinese dramas in 2021 that will have you hooked! Psst, we’ve also included a bonus of highly anticipated titles to look out for in 2022! 

Best Chinese historical dramas in 2021

1. Word Of Honor

Adapted from the famous novel, Faraway Wanderers, this 2021 best Chinese drama is a must-watch for those who are into martial arts action scenes, bromance and same-sex romance. Despite China’s stringent censorship, Word Of Honour is still available on Netflix. 

Synopsis: Do you see the world in black and white? This is the question that many ask themselves when they meet Zhou Zi Shu (Zhang Zhe Han) and Wen Ke Xing (Gong Jun) in Word Of Honour. Zi Shu is the ultimate leader of the Window Of Heaven, a renowned assassin organisation working for the royal court. Wanting to end this blood-tainted journey in his life, he performs an obligatory departure ritual that leaves him with three years to live. He puts on a disguise and wanders the martial arts world as a drunk beggar while he waits for his last breath. Meanwhile, Ke Xing, although dressed up as an honourable swordsman, hides a dark secret (Highlight for spoiler: He is the infamous evil master of the Ghost Valley) as he seeks revenge for his parents. The two met by coincidence and embark on an adventure as they uncover the conspiracy behind the Glazed Armour, a key that unlocks a powerful armoury. 

Cast: Zhang Zhe Han, Gong Jun, Zhou Ye, Asher Ma, Sun Xi Lun, Huang You Ming
Genre: Historical, mystery, wuxia (martial heroes), fantasy
Episodes: 36 + 1 alternative final episode
Available on: Netflix

2. One And Only

In the mood for a heart-wrenching romance? One And Only is the best Chinese drama for you this 2021. Yet another masterpiece adapted from a Chinese novel, One And Only is guaranteed to touch your heart with its beautiful plot and picturesque cinematography. If the ending leaves you wanting more, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a modern sequel, Forever And Ever, featuring the same lead actors!

Synopsis: Zhou Sheng Chen (Ren Jia Lun) is a loyal and righteous general who never wanted power or the throne. To gain the emperor’s trust, he made an oath to never marry or have kids. However, Cui Shi Yi (Bai Lu) comes knocking one fateful day and turns his world upside down. Shi Yi is a well-read daughter of an esteemed family, but suffers from a childhood trauma that leaves her unable to speak. Due to various political reasons, Sheng Chen is forced to take Shi Yi in as a disciple. As the days go by, the battle-hardened general forms an irreplaceable bond with his disciple — one that just might cost him his life. 

Cast: Ren Jia Lun, Bai Lu, Wang Xing Yue
Genre: Historical, wuxia (martial heroes), romance
Episodes: 24
Available on: iQiyi

3. Novoland: Pearl Eclipse (Currently airing)

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shopee singapore 12.12 birthday sale 2021
shopee singapore 12.12 birthday sale 2021
shopee singapore 12.12 birthday sale 2021

It seems like 2021 is the year for master and disciple romance in the world of Chinese dramas. Novoland: Pearl Eclipse is the fourth installation to the Novoland series. With a star-studded cast like William Chan and Yang Mi, we’re sure this is the best Chinese drama to end 2021 with a bang!

Synopsis: Novoland: Pearl Eclipse kicks off with the slaughter of the Merfolk, resulting in the death of Ye Hai Shi’s (Yang Mi) father — all because of the pearl tax implemented by emperor Di Xu (Xu Kai Cheng). Just as Hai Shi was about to witness the execution of her entire village, the first minister, Fang Zhu (William Chan), arrives and saves them all. He offers Hai Shi an opportunity to stay by his side, disguised as a male disciple. Hai Shi accepts it in a heartbeat, hoping for a chance to kill emperor Di Xu to avenge her father. Bearing strong admiration which eventually develops into love for her master, Hai Shi trains hard to become someone worthy of Fang Zhu. She earns herself the position of the emperor’s personal guard and starts plotting her revenge. However, a secret between Fang Zhu and emperor Di Xu stops Hai Shi in her tracks. (Highlight for spoiler: Her master is tied to the emperor through a blood ritual that transfers all of the emperor’s pain and suffering to Fang Zhu to suffer.) Will Hai Shi give up on her revenge to keep her master alive? 

Cast: Yang Mi, William Chan, Xu Kai Cheng, Chen Xiao Yun
Genre: Historical, wuxia (martial heroes), romance, fantasy
Episodes: 48
Available on: Viu

4. The Long Ballad

The Long Ballad is perfect for those looking for a solid plot with realistic war and action scenes. Although not a lighthearted drama, the story unfolds at a fast pace with unpredictable twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Character development is excellent in this best Chinese drama of 2021 as we watch Chang Ge, Ashile Sun and other side characters grow with the hardships they experience. It’s a coming of age story that’s well constructed from start to finish. 

Synopsis: While we’re used to seeing Dilraba Dilmurat as a cheeky yet innocent young fox in the Eternal Love series, this talented actress has outdone herself again in The Long Ballad. This time she takes on the role of an ill-fated yet tough Li Chang Ge. Chang Ge was once a princess until a coup d’etat, led by her uncle, wiped out her entire family. With her mind firmly set on revenge, she ventures out into the dangerous world of politics and war. Before she manages to overthrow the emperor, Chang Ge is defeated by Ashile Sun, the general of Eastern Turkic Khaganate. Taken away as a prisoner of war, Change Ge impresses Sun with her witty war strategies and becomes the military strategist of the tribe. Under Ashile Sun’s protection, the duo forms a formidable partnership and Chang Ge finds herself falling in love with her captor. 

Cast: Dilraba Dilmurat, Leo Wu, Liu Yu Ning, Zhao Lu Si, Alen Fang
Genre: Historical, romance, war, action
Episodes: 49
Available on: Viu

5. Douluo Continent

Our favourite lead actor (Xiao Zhan) from The Untamed is back again with the highly anticipated Douluo Continent. Even without context, Douluo Continent is engaging enough that you’ll be binge-watching the episodes for days. Based on a novel and inspired by the animation series of the same title, Douluo Continent takes on an RPG game-like approach in its cinematography and storytelling. The drama is lighthearted and packed with loads of fun and adventures as the friendship between Tang San and his friends develops. This is definitely one of the best Chinese dramas of 2021 that you won’t mind rewatching again and again!

Synopsis: Having lived a secluded life with his father for most of his childhood, Tang San (Xiao Zhan) is thrilled to attend the Awakening Ceremony — a rite of passage that will unveil his tool spirit. To his disappointment, Tang San possesses the spirit of Blue Grass, a tool spirit that ranks the lowest in the Douluo world. (Highlight for spoiler: However, unknown to others, Tang San also possesses another spirit known as the Clear Sky Hammer — the strongest spirit tool.) Nonetheless, he enrols in Nuoding Academy and starts his journey to becoming a great soul master while uncovering the mystery behind his family. 

Cast: Xiao Zhan, Wu Xuan Yi, Gao Tai Yu, Liu Mei Tong, Liu Run Nan, Ding Xiao Ying, Ao Zi Yi, Calvin Chen
Genre: Historical, romance, fantasy, action
Episodes: 40
Available on: WeTV

Best Chinese modern romance dramas in 2021

6. You Are My Glory

The love story of a celebrity and a regular person isn’t anything new in dramaland, but we assure you that You Are My Glory will hit you differently. The drama follows Gu Man’s novel to a tee and the superb casting (read: gorgeous actors) breathes life into the fictional characters. This is one of the best 2021 modern Chinese dramas if you’re all about a lighthearted yet melt-your-heart kind of romance. Fans of Yang Yang’s Love O2O drama will definitely not be disappointed by You Are My Glory!

Synopsis: Qiao Jing Jing (Dilraba Dilmurat) is the hottest celebrity in town and also the ambassador of a mobile game (which she’s terrible at). Exposed for her lousy gameplay, Jing Jing needs to prove to the public that she’s better at the game than they think. Dedicating all her time to improving her gaming skills, Jing Jing decides to reconnect with her high school crush, Yu Tu (Yang Yang), who’s not only a genius aerospace engineer but also an expert gamer. He becomes her virtual gaming coach and sparks start to fly when he soon realises that his student is the girl who had once confessed to him in high school. 

Cast: Yang Yang, Dilraba Dilmurat
Genre: Comedy, romance, life, youth
Episodes: 32
Available on: Viu

7. Crush

Although Crush may seem like yet another oh-so-sweet drama, the plot thickens as Nian Qin dabbles with his insecurities and Wu Yan struggles to be the pillar in the relationship. Despite being a coming of age story, the matured and candid plotline will sit well with viewers of all ages. Psst, if you find Su Nian Qin familiar, it’s because he’s Evan Lin, the fourth runner-up in Idol Producer, a reality boy group survival show. This is his first acting debut and we must say, he plays the role of Nian Qin convincingly enough!

Synopsis: Who said girls can’t make the first move in relationships? Sang Wu Yan (Wan Peng) dreams of becoming a broadcaster and works part-time at a radio station as an assistant. Whenever she gets the chance, Wu Yan makes sure to broadcast the songs from her favourite songwriter who goes by the name ‘Yi Jin’. To clear her university requirements, Wu Yan interns at a school for disabled orphans. There, she meets Su Nian Qin (Evan Lin), an arrogant and elusive part-time music teacher who’s visually impaired. Wu Yan finds herself drawn to Nian Qin — perhaps it’s the caring personality he hides behind his hard exterior or the fact that he has a hidden identity (Highlight for spoiler: Nian Qin is ‘Yi Jin’ himself)?

Cast: Evan Lin, Wan Peng
Genre: Romance, life, youth
Episodes: 24
Available on: iQiyi

8. Falling Into Your Smile

When The International (TI) was held in China in 2019, dramaland was filled with memorable e-sports dramas like Gank Your Heart, Go Go Squid!, The King’s Avatar. The rage of e-sports dramas continues strong even in 2021 with Falling Into Your Smile, headlined with the hottest stars like Cheng Xiao and Xu Kai (Fuca Fu Heng in Story Of Yanxi Palace). For those craving to see some in-game action and relive the excitement of TI, this is the best 2021 modern Chinese drama for you!

Synopsis: The all-male ZGDX OPL has fought their way to the top in the male-dominated E-sports industry. However, just as another major competition approaches, one of the ZGDX players suffers a serious hand injury. This forces the handsome yet hard-to-please Lu Si Cheng (Xu Kai) to seek a replacement for his team in pub games (public games) and Tong Yao (Cheng Xiao), a budding amateur gamer, catches his eye. Despite having exceptional gaming skills, there’s one problem when it comes to recruiting this player — Tong Yao is a girl!  

Cast: Cheng Xiao, Xu Kai, Rachel Wang, Zhai Xiao Wen
Genre: Romance, comedy, life, youth
Episodes: 31
Available on: Youku, WeTV

9. The Psychologist (Upcoming)

We’re counting down the days until the airing of The Psychologist, one of the major blockbusters for the end of the year. With big names like Yang Zi and Jing Bo Ran (it’s their second collaboration after 11 years), it’s easy to see why this will be one of the best modern Chinese dramas of 2021. The Psychologist is adapted from a novel of the same name and talks about various mental health issues and social taboos in a gentle way that promises to feel like a warm hug.

Synopsis: He Dun (Yang Zi) is a female psychologist who’s haunted by her own tragic childhood memories. Think: the death of her father, poverty, domestic sexual assault and a mother who resorts to prostitution for income — you get the gist. Her career takes a downturn when she screws up a suicide intervention public welfare event. When she thinks all hope is lost, she meets Qian Kaiyi (Jing Bo Ran) who suggests they co-host a psychology radio program together. Through the program, He Dun revives her career, heals her heart and finds the one who is right for her. 

Cast: Yang Zi, Jing Bo Ran, Jevon Wang, Jian Ren Zi
Genre: Psychological, romance, drama
Episodes: 48
Available on: Youku
Release Date: 23 Nov 2021

10. To Fly With You (Upcoming)

Excited for the upcoming Winter Olympics 2022 held in Beijing? Get yourself all fired up with To Fly With You, one of the best 2021 modern Chinese dramas depicting the passion for winter sports! If you enjoyed watching Skate Into Love, it’s likely that this will be right up your alley.

Synopsis: Shen Zheng Yi (Song Zu Er) has an undying passion for short track speed skating. However, due to her mother’s disapproval, Zheng Yi has never undergone professional training. Through arduous self-trainings and strong determination, Zheng Yi lands a spot in the elite Zhu Feng Sports Club. But the road to becoming a professional speed skater is bumpy without her parents’ and teammates’ support. Thankfully, she befriends Shao Bei Sheng (Wang An Yu), a prodigy ice skater, who encourages her to fight for her dreams with all her might. 

Cast: Song Zu Er, Wang An Yu, Pu Miao, Xu Yang, Xia Meng, Li Hao Fei
Genre: Romance, youth, sports
Episodes: 36
Available on: Viu, WeTV
Release Date: 22 Nov 2021

Best Chinese high school dramas in 2021

11. A River Runs Through It

Don’t miss out on A River Runs Through It just because it’s targeted at younger audiences. The heartwarming coming of age storyline will relate to both the young and the young at heart as the characters cruise through the process of self-discovery. The Chinese title 上游 (upstream) depicts the struggles of growing up as we swim against the tide and make it to the finishing line. Be it cramming for exams, looking for job opportunities or reuniting with old friends, you’re bound to see yourself reflected in the characters for this meaningful drama. 

Synopsis: Xia Xiaoju (Hu Yi Xuan) is a haughty new transfer student who’s concerned about settling down in the new environment so near to the China National College Entrance Examination. Fortunately, she meets compassionate Cheng Lang (Chen Bo Hao) who helps her with her studies and mischievous Lu Shiyi (Wang Rui Chang) who looks out for her in his own ways. While Xiaoju develops a crush on Cheng Lang, her heart starts to waver for Shiyi as she grows older. Can Xiaoju figure out what she truly wants before everything passes her by? 

Cast: Wang Rui Chang, Hu Yi Xuan, Chen Bo Hao, Judy Qi, Jiang Zhuo Jun
Genre: Romance, comedy, school, youth
Episodes: 36
Available on: Youku

12. Flourish In Time

If Go Ahead was a little heavy on the tear-jerking scenes, you will find solace in Flourish In Time. This best 2021 Chinese drama has the same gist as Go Ahead it revolves around two ‘siblings’ who are not related by blood. However, Flourish In Time is narrated in a more lighthearted manner with less stressful issues to address. Psst, if you’re looking for a passionate romantic youth drama, this is not the one for you as Flourish In Time places a stronger emphasis on friendships and puppy love!

Synopsis: As close as siblings can be, Jiang Hao Yue (Zhang Ling He) and Lu Miao (Ancy Deng) always have each other’s back. Hao Yue is crippled but smart and studious, while Lu Miao is strong-headed and witty. The two sign an agreement with each other to never fall in love with anyone to avoid impeding their studies. However, as they experience more in life, Hao Yue and Lu Miao can no longer ignore the feelings they have for each other. 

Cast: Ancy Deng, Zhang Ling He, Ryan Ren, Tan Yan Yan, Guo Xin Yu, Zhang Jia Shuo
Genre: Romance, friendship, school, youth
Episodes: 24
Available on: WeTV

13. Our Secret

Even though the arrogant school genius and ordinary ‘Cinderella’ girl plotline has become a cliche in dramaland (be it Korean or Chinese dramas), the charm still works for us in Our Secret. As with most youth dramas, you may not see big names in the cast but the actors of Our Secret demonstrated quality acting with believable emotions that will draw you into the plot quickly. In fact, we were hooked from episode two! If you’re experiencing a drama drought, give Our Secret a chance for a breath of fresh air. 

Synopsis: All schools have a ‘campus God’ — handsome, popular, a genius when it comes to studies; you know the (stereo)type. Zhou Si Yue (Chen Zhe Yuan) is one such character. When he was assigned to be deskmates with ‘Cinderella girl’ Ding Xian (Rainbow), her meek character and half-wit grates on his nerves. But as they grow closer, they each discover surprising things about each other that lead them to becoming lifelong soulmates.

Cast: Chen Zhe Yuan, Rainbow, Wang Ze Xuan, Wang Yi Lan, Fan Zhi Xin, Liu Zhi Wei
Genre: Romance, school, youth
Episodes: 24
Available on: iQiyi, Mango TV

Best upcoming Chinese dramas in 2022

14. Immortality

immortality chinese drama 2022 upcoming best 2021
(Credit: MyDramaList)

Luo Yun Xi experienced his big break in 2018 with Ashes Of Love and has been impressing us with his awesome acting ever since. This is why we’re stoked to know that he will be coming back on screen with Immortality in 2022! Adapted from the web novel The Husky And His White Cat Master, this is another must-watch Chinese drama if you can’t get enough of same-sex romance. 

Synopsis: Set in a turbulent era where everyone is preparing for a probable invasion by the demon world, Chu Wan Ning (Luo Yun Xi) is fighting the battle on many fronts. Known as the world’s most powerful grandmaster, Wan Ning sees it as his responsibility to protect the beings of the world while mending a broken relationship with his young disciple, Mo Ran (Chen Fei Yu). However, Wan Ning is not aware that in their past life, this animosity with Mo Ran resulted in great bloodshed which forced Mo Ran to turn to dark cultivating techniques. Mo Ran learns about this and sets out to change the course of events for this lifetime.

Cast: Chen Fei Yu, Luo Yun Xi, Sebrina Chen, Zhou Qi
Genre: Historical, mystery, wuxia (martial heroes), fantasy
Episodes: 50
Available on: WeTV

15. Eternal Love

eternal love 2022 best chinese dramas must watch historical
(Credit: MyDramaList)

Not going to lie, we were a little puzzled to see yet another drama titled Eternal Love. But fret not, this 2022 Chinese drama has got nothing to do with the 2018 Eternal Love which still holds a special place in our hearts. Eternal Love (2022) is adapted from the famous novel Cang Lan Jue and talks about the unfaltering love between the demon lord and a lowly immortal. We’re excited to see the playful and cheeky Dylan Wang (you may remember him as Dao Ming Si from Meteor Garden 2018) act as the ruthless anti-hero!

Synopsis: Dong Fang Qing Cang (Dylan Wang) is the fearsome demon lord who wiped out an entire Po Xin tribe before being trapped in the Hao Tian Tower. One of the immortal girls in the tribe is reborn after 10,000 years and goes by the name of Xiao Lan Hua (Yu Shu Xin). By accident, Xiao Lan Hua releases Dong Fang Qing Cang, unaware of the bloodshed in her previous lifetime. Harbouring ill intentions to sacrifice Xiao Lan Hua’s immortal soul to undo a curse placed on him, Dong Fang Qing Cang keeps Xiao Lan Hua close to him. However, the heartless demon soon finds himself falling in love with the sweet and innocent Xiao Lan Hua. 

Cast: Yu Shu Xin, Dylan Wang, Xu Hai Qiao, Cristy Guo, Zhang Ling He, Charles Lin
Genre: Historical, wuxia (martial heroes), romance, fantasy
Episodes: 36
Available on: TBC
Release Date: TBC

16. Who Rules The World

2022 is sure to be a good year for C-drama fans with the release of many long-awaited titles such as Who Rules The World. Starring our golden boy, Yang Yang, and national goddess, Zhao Lu Si, Who Rules The World will mark the first collaboration between the two powerhouses. Having seen Yang Yang’s awesome chemistry with A-listers like Zheng Shuang, Dilraba Dilmurat and Liu Yi Fei, we are excited to see sparks fly between him and the young Zhao Lu Si. There is no way this show won’t make it onto our must-watch Chinese drama list for 2022! 

Synopsis: Bai Feng Xi is a female swordsman who lives and speaks freely, wild as the wind. Meanwhile, Hei Feng Xi is the complete polar opposite — graceful, honourable and tolerant. As the martial arts world sinks into a chaotic time, can the two uphold justice without losing themselves and find greater love in each other? 

Cast: Yang Yang, Zhao Lu Si, Xuan Lu, Leon Lai, Lin Rui Lin
Genre: Historical, wuxia (martial heroes), romance
Episodes: 45
Available on: WeTV
Release Date: TBC

17. Love Like The Galaxy

love like the galaxy best chinese dramas 2022
(Credit: MyDramaList)

The pairing of Leo Wu and Zhao Lu Si isn’t exactly new considering both actors were part of the main cast in The Long Ballad. However, this will be the first time the two stars act as lovers and it’s making the C-drama fandoms go wild! It’s no wonder Love Like The Galaxy is one of the most highly anticipated Chinese dramas of 2022 that’s a must-watch for all drama fanatics. 

Synopsis: Zhao Lu Si plays Cheng Shao Shang, the ill-fated girl who’s left behind by her parents due to war. Living under the shelter of her nasty aunt, Shao Shang has no choice but to put on a pretence to avoid being punished. But this has taken a toll on her emotional and mental health, and Shao Shang grows up to be both pragmatic and insecure. This hinders her when she’s looking for a partner for marriage. The three men in her life — Ling Bu Yi (Leo Wu) who’s the emperor’s adopted son, Yuan Shen (Li Yun Rui) of the esteemed Bailu Mountain, and Lou Yao (Yu Cheng En) the aristocrat — have their own strengths and weaknesses, and it’s up to Shao Shang to decide who she wants to hand her heart to. 

Cast: Leo Wu, Zhao Lu Si, Li Yun Rui, Yu Cheng En
Genre: Historical, mystery, romance, political
Episodes: 66
Available on: WeTV
Release Date: TBC

18. The Blue Whisper: Part One

Take a swim in the deep blue sea with The Blue Whisper: Part One as we learn more about mermaids and demons! Almost every Dilraba Dilmurat’s show is a big hit, and we believe The Blue Whisper would be no exception. What’s more, she will be acting alongside the nation’s heartthrob, Ren Jia Lun (who has toned up for his merman scenes)! 

Synopsis: This two-part drama series depicts the struggles of Ji Yun He (Dilraba Dilmurat) who is a powerful demon master (someone who eradicate or control demons) residing in the Demon Valley. She longs to explore the world free of her responsibilities but is held back by a dark secret. Her mundane life gets disrupted when the cruel Princess Shunde sends a merman, Changyi, to the valley. She tasks Yun He to make the merman speak human language, grow human legs and serve her with unwavering loyalty. However, as Yun He spends time with Changyi, she becomes torn between a choice of her own freedom or his. 

Cast: Dilraba Dilmurat, Ren Jia Lun, Xiao Shun Yao, Cristy Guo
Genre: Historical, wuxia (martial heroes), romance, fantasy
Episodes: 30
Available on: Youku
Release Date: TBC

19. The Longest Promise

Can two people who adore each other truly set aside their striking differences in the name of love? This is one of the greatest trials that our two main protagonists have to face in The Longest Promise. Aside from realistic computer graphics and beautiful costumes, we are thrilled to see the multi-talented Xiao Zhan in yet another wuxia drama — especially a fresh collaboration with Ren Min!

Synopsis: Despite being a royal prince, Shi Ying (Xiao Zhan) is banished to the Jiu Yi Mountain to cultivate after his mother was framed for a crime she did not commit. Here, Shi Ying’s martial arts grew leaps and bounds as he focused on nothing but cultivation. He eventually took in a disciple, Zhu Yan (Ren Min), who is the princess of the Chi Yi tribe. While the two develops feelings for each other, they do not speak of it because of their master and disciple relationship. To make things worse, how can a banished prince and an esteemed princess ever see eye to eye when it comes to the politics of the Kong Sang continent?

Cast: Xiao Zhan, Ren Min, Wang Chu Ran, Alen Fang, Han Dong, Wang Zi Qi
Genre: Historical, wuxia (martial heroes), romance, fantasy
Episodes: 50
Available on: WeTV
Release Date: TBC

20. Dream Garden

dream garden gong jun modern chinese drama 2022 best
(Credit: MyDramaList)

Not all upcoming 2022 dramas have to be based in a historical setting. Dream Garden is one of the best modern Chinese dramas next year, dealing with psychological problems and issues with the heart. After acting as a demon master, expert gamer, firefighter and a handsome college sweetheart in 2021, we’re thrilled to see Gong Jun playing the part of a professional psychological counsellor for the first time. Surely, those soulful eyes will heal even the deepest emotional scars? 

Synopsis: Xiao Xiao (Qiao Xin) runs a popular blog that addresses relationship issues and believes herself to be an expert when it comes to love. However, she was shamed on a popular variety show which she attended as a guest alongside Lin Shen (Gong Jun), a professional psychological counsellor. Despite being annoyed, Xiao Xiao recognises the need for her to improve her skills to become a true professional. As such, she applies for a position to be a psychologist assistant, without knowing who her boss is. {Highlight for spoiler: You guessed it, Xiao Xiao will be working under Lin Shen!)

Cast: Qiao Xin, Gong Jun
Genre: Thriller, romance, drama
Episodes: 16
Available on: Mango TV
Release Date: TBC

21. Being A Hero

Wang Yi Bo hasn’t been very active on the small screen in 2021, but we’re happy to announce that he’s back with one of the best 2022 modern Chinese dramas, Being A Hero, starring right next to Chen Xiao! While Yi Bo has been casted for many iconic elegant and graceful characters like Lan Zhan (The Untamed) and Xie Yun (Legend Of Fei), his role in Being A Hero is a little more roughed up as a narcotics policeman. This is a change we’re all excited to see!

Synopsis: Wu Zhen Feng (Chen Xiao) works in the police force but was expelled when his father was killed by a drug trafficking organisation named ‘K’. Defeated, Zhen Feng decides to move to the borders while his best friend Chen Yu (Wang Yi Bo) chases after him relentlessly. Along the way, the two were almost kidnapped. While trying to save Chen Yu, Zhen Feng was brought away by the drug traffickers and never seen again. Five years later, Chen Yu is now a narcotics policeman determined to clamp down on drug trafficking while Zhen Feng becomes a famed murder suspect known as ‘Addict Lord’. Chen Yu sets out to clear his best friend’s name, but is Zhen Feng really innocent? 

Cast: Chen Xiao, Wang Yi Bo
Genre: Mystery, crime, drama
Episodes: 24
Available on: MangoTV, Youku
Release Date: TBC

Immerse in dramaland with these best Chinese dramas of 2021 (and 2022)

Be sure to add all of these must-watch Chinese dramas to your watch list — you won’t want to miss any of them! Enjoy your dramas at high resolution when you sign up with Viu Premium. You can even download them for offline viewing too! Arm yourself for binge-watching sessions with these best Chinese snacks, or slurp up your meals with these instant self-heating hot pots. Want to recreate your favourite C-drama looks? Check out our C-Beauty Perfect Diary and Zeesea review for pretty palettes to do the job!  

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shopee singapore 12.12 birthday sale 2021
shopee singapore 12.12 birthday sale 2021
shopee singapore 12.12 birthday sale 2021
shopee singapore 12.12 birthday sale 2021
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