Stay Connected Overseas With These 11 Best eSIMs

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Spending time clearing immigration, waiting for your luggage and then fumbling with it – these take so much time. Especially when all you want to do is to get out of the airport and immediately explore your holiday destination! But wait, there’s no way you can stay in touch with your friends and family, so what do you do? Spend more time queuing up to get a SIM card. But this can all be avoided when you’ve got one of the best ESIM in Singapore! If you have no idea what ESIMs can do for you, read on to find out more!

What is an ESIM? 

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You’re probably familiar with physical SIM cards. But let’s open the doors to welcome something more virtual. Embedded SIM cards (eSIMs) are basically the virtual version of their physical counterparts. They’re essentially embedded into your phone, so you can adjust details of your mobile plan remotely. This means that if you’re travelling to Korea, you can get an eSIM and plan out how much data, call time, and more even when you’re in Singapore. 

The best part is how you’ll be able to immediately contact your AirBnB host, book a cab and more the moment you land in the country of destination. Just remember to activate the eSIM before you board the plane and your phone will automatically detect the cellular network the moment you’re there!

Pros and cons of eSIMs vs physical SIM cards

The best eSIM for international travel isn’t always for everyone. So here are some reasons why eSIMs may or may not work for you: 

Type of SIM card Pros Cons
  • More convenient than physical SIM cards since there’s no need to spend extra time to purchase
  • Not as troublesome as physical SIM cards since there’s no need to remove original SIM card – also no need to worry about losing your original SIM card
  • Able to use foreign cellular network the moment you arrive in country
  • Setup may be slightly cumbersome since different phones go about it in different ways, thus eSIM might be invalid for use if it wasn’t set up properly
Physical SIM
  • Guaranteed and surefire way to access cellular network in the foreign country
  • Switching original SIM card out for the foreign SIM card might be troublesome and may also lead to the original one to go missing

Best eSIM in Singapore for international travel: Data only

Some of the best eSIM in Singapore are only meant for data usage. This means that you won’t have a local number and you’ll also not be able to use the SMS function. But these days, data is more than enough, as all you need is someone’s socials in order to contact them. You can even use data to make phone calls. So take a look at some of the best data-only eSIMs in Singapore, sorted by region and country!

1. YohoMobile Malaysia eSIM

YohoMobile Malaysia eSIM

Always going across the causeway to visit our neighbouring country? You’ll need the YohoMobile Malaysia eSIM (available on It’s the best prepaid eSIM for international travel that comes with multiple options. If you’re only heading to JB for a day trip, the one-day option is perfect for you. But if you’re going on a road trip to Malaysia, it’s best to go for the 10-day option. There’s also no need to worry about throttling since every option comes with unlimited data and no speed limits. Surfing the Net, using the GPS and scrolling through your socials is not going to be a problem with this Malaysia eSIM

YohoMobile Malaysia eSIM options:
Unlimited Data 4G LTE for 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 days

2. ICC Global eSIM

ICC Global eSIM best esim singapore
(Credit: International Card Center)

Going on a well-deserved break and visiting multiple countries? It’s going to be a pain having to visit different telecom counters just to get a physical SIM card for each destination. But that’s not an issue when you’ve got the ICC Global eSIM (available on International Card Center). All you need to do is activate it before leaving and leave all your cares and worries at home. This ICC eSIM can be used in more than 190 countries. Just imagine a seamless transition to a new cellular network right as you land in a new country. It’s as if you’ve got mobile roaming on – just without all the additional exorbitant charges! This is the best global eSIM available in Singapore as it also includes unlimited data, so there’s no need to hold back on posting those IG Stories! 

ICC Global eSIM plans:
1 day: 0.5GB 4G Data, Unlimited 3G Data at 384kbps
3 days: 1.5Gb 4G Data, Unlimited 3G Data at 384kbps
5 days: 2.5GB 4G Data, Unlimited 3G Data at 384kbps
7 days: 3.5GB 4G Data, Unlimited 3G Data at 384kbps
10 days: 5.0GB 4G Data, Unlimited 3G Data at 384kbps
15 days: 7.5GB 4G Data, Unlimited 3G Data at 384kbps
25 days: 12.5GB 4G Data, Unlimited 3G Data at 384kbps
30 days: 15GB 4G Data, Unlimited 3G Data at 384kbps
*For every plan, the first 500MB data usage each day is on the 4G network. 

3. New Zealand + Australia eSIM

best esim singapore New Zealand + Australia
(Credit: Echo Networks)

Known for scenic drives and long road trips, Australia is the place to be for magnificent sights. But with that comes time spent to travel from one place to another. Which is why the New Zealand + Australia eSIM (available on Echo Networks) is the best eSIM in Singapore for travellers visiting the Commonwealth countries. It automatically switches cellular networks when you transit between New Zealand and Australia. Moreover, this Echo Networks eSIM includes the option to share your hotspot with fellow kakis. So you can all pool your money into a few eSIM, while saving the remaining for souvenirs! 

Echo Networks New Zealand + Australia eSIM plans:
7 days: 3GB (4G), 5GB (4G), 10GB (4G), 20GB (4G)
10 days: 3GB (4G), 5GB (4G), 10GB (4G), 20GB (4G)
15 days: 3GB (4G), 5GB (4G), 10GB (4G), 20GB (4G)
30 days: 3GB (4G), 5GB (4G), 10GB (4G), 20GB (4G)

4. Japan eSIM

Japan esim
(Credit: simcards_sg)

Getting a SIM card is almost always a trying task. And it’s sometimes even harder in Japan. Foreigners visiting the land of sushi and sashimi can only use data-only SIM cards. Also, they must register their passport details according to Japan’s regulations. But you can skip all the hassle with this Japan eSIM (available on simcards_sg). You’ll receive instructions and details on how to activate the eSIM in less than a day. So if you’ve forgotten about securing an eSIM for an upcoming trip, then this is the one for you. Moreover, this Japan eSIM comes with unlimited data. Depending on the plan, you’ll get a different limit for high speed data usage. But even the lowest limit is more than sufficient for a day of usage. So you’ll be in good hands when you’ve got the best eSIM for international travel!

Simcards_sg Japan eSIM plans:
0.5GB 4G Daily  + Unlimited 3G: 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12 days
1GB 4G Daily + Unlimited 3G: 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12 days
2GB 4G Daily + Unlimited 3G: 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12 days

5. Southeast Asia eSIM

Southeast Asia eSIM
(Credit: Happy Travel Sim.MY)

Culture, food and sight – Southeast Asia is where you need to be for all that and more. But let’s not forget to keep in touch with our dearest loved ones. That’s why you need one of the best eSIMs in Singapore. This Southeast Asia eSIM (available on Happy Travel Sim.MY) can be used for up to 30 days. It’s also suitable for use all throughout the different Southeast Asian countries. And that includes Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand and more. So whether you’re a leisure traveller or someone who frequents these countries for work, there’s no question that this is the best eSIM in Singapore for you.

Happy Travel Southeast Asia eSIM plans:
8 days: 5GB
12 days: 6GB
30 days: 10GB

6. NPN Travel Indonesia eSIM

NPN Travel Indonesia eSIM
(Credit: NPN Travel)

Hitting up one of the best Batam resorts or Bintan resorts? While these accommodations usually have Wi-Fi available, it’s always better to have one of the best eSIMs in Singapore for these vacays. Especially since you’d likely leave the resort for shopping, food and more. That’s why this Indonesia eSIM (available on NPN Travel) will be your trusty companion the entire time. It features an Internet connection so stable that you’ll be able to watch YouTube videos in high definition. And that includes livestreams as well – all without compromising on quality and resolution! 

NPN Travel Indonesia eSIM plans:
500MB (4G) Daily + Unlimited 3G: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 days
1GB (4G) Daily + Unlimited 3G: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 days
2GB (4G) Daily + Unlimited 3G: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 days

Best eSIM in Singapore for international travel: Data and calls

While data-only plans are usually more than enough for most people, some would require the best eSIM plans in Singapore to include calltime and SMS as well. Be it for business or simply just for more convenient modes of communication, these are some of the best eSIMs for international travel that guarantee security and convenience.

7. Airhub Thailand eSIM

Airhub Thailand eSIM
(Credit: AirhubApp)

A trip to the land of smiles won’t be complete without an onslaught of Instagram updates. And that means you’ll need to be equipped with the best eSIM in Singapore for your trip there. Cue the Airhub Thailand eSIM (available on AirhubApp) that’s not just convenient but also nifty. It boasts one of the best Internet speeds, along with an endless supply of data for you to keep your socials in check. But more than that is how this Airhub eSIM comes with a local geographic number. So this means you can make calls to book a massage or make reservations to pig out at one of the best restaurants in Thailand! 

Airhub Thailand eSIM plans:
Unlimited Data with Domestic Calls: 5, 10, 20 or 30 days

8. Orange Europe + UK eSIM

Orange Europe + UK eSIM
(Credit: Echo Networks)

Talk about a hassle-free experience. The Orange France eSIM (available on Echo Networks) takes fuss-free to the next level. Tourists tend to spend at least two weeks in Europe, especially if it’s their first time. And it’s no surprise since it’s such a large continent filled with a myriad of cultures and sights to see. But add the United Kingdom into the mix and you’re going to be there for a lot longer Which is why this eSIM comes in handy. Hop from one country to another within Europe and visit the UK without having to switch out SIM cards at all. You’ll also have access to unlimited calls and SMS in Europe. And that’s on top of the high-speed data that comes with this eSIM! 

Echo Networks Europe + UK eSIM plans:
14 days: 8GB (4G) + Unlimited Calls/SMS, 20GB (4G) + Unlimited Calls/SMS

9. JOYTEL Korea eSIM

best esim singapore JOYTEL Korea
(Credit: joytel2u)

On a summer exchange in Korea? You’ll want to get the best eSIM in Singapore for your time there. The JOYTEL Korea eSIM (available on joytel2u) includes data, call time and more. It has everything you need for a simple trip. With high Internet speeds and stable connection, choosing the JOYTEL eSIM is definitely going to be the best decision you’ve ever made. Moreover, this Korea eSIM allows for hotspot connectivity. It’s therefore perfect if you’re there for work or studies since you’ll be able to tap on mobile data to complete tasks on-the-go! 

JOYTEL Korea eSIM plans:
5 days: 10GB Data + 20 mins talktime
8 days: 20GB Data + 20 mins talktime
30 days: 30GB Data + 40 mins talktime

10. NPN Travel USA + Canada eSIM

NPN Travel USA + Canada eSIM
(Credit: NPN Travel)

As an award-winning brand, NPN Travel has been the top digital goods seller. And it’s no surprise since they have over a decade of experience under their belt. Which is why they can always be trusted when it comes to having the best eSIM in Singapore. For instance, their USA + Canada eSIM (available on NPN Travel) comes with unlimited data – a dream for every smartphone user. But what’s more important is how this eSIM supports one of the best Internet connectivity. Connections are smooth and stable, so you’ll never have to worry about patchy network problems. 

NPN Travel USA + Canada eSIM plans:
500MB (4G) Daily + Unlimited 3G: 7, 10, 12 15, 20, 30 days
1GB (4G) Daily + Unlimited 3G: 7, 10, 12 15, 20, 30 days
2GB (4G) Daily + Unlimited 3G: 7, 10, 12 15, 20, 30 days

11. ICC Taiwan Prepaid eSIM

ICC Taiwan Prepaid eSIM
(Credit: International Card Center)

It’s never too late (太晚) to get the best eSIM in Singapore for your Taiwan trippin’! The ICC Taiwan eSIM (available on International Card Center) comes with unlimited data for up to 30 days of usage. The 5G connectivity also ensures that your GPS will always be up. You’ll never get lost in foreign land again! But if you’d like to make phone calls, consider the plan that comes with a data + call package. The best part about this ICC eSIM is how you can always reuse it. All you have to do is top up the required amount for additional data, call time and more. 

ICC Taiwan eSIM plans:
6GB 4G/3G Data + Unlimited Data at 256kbps + Credits for about 40 mins local talktime: 5, 8, 10 days
20GB 4G/3G Data + Unlimited Data at 256kbps + Credits for about 60 mins local talktime: 10, 12, 15, 20, 30 days

Skip the hassle with the best eSIM plans in Singapore

Your vacay overseas won’t be complete if you can’t stay connected with the best eSIM for international travel. So snag them early and set it up before heading abroad. But don’t forget to also bring along one of the best polaroid cameras in Singapore to capture those vacation memories. Or if you need an alternative to eSIMs, here are some of the best pocket Wi-Fi devices you can consider.