19 Chinese Supermarket Snacks That Are Popular Right Now

popular chinese snacks
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket, Scarlett Supermarket 思家客国货超市, 良品铺子 Singapore Official Store)

You can never have too many snacks in your stash. After all, your favourite snacks can bring about loads of joy and satisfaction (especially during this stay home period). Eager to expand your snack stash? Why not switch things up and go for imported snacks from China instead? Give Chinese snacks a try, including spicy bars, spicy river snail noodles and the oh-so-famous Xiang Piao Piao milk tea! We’ve also included snacks from Scarlett Supermarket — the popular grocery retailer specialising in Chinese food and beverage items. Find out what are some other Chinese snacks in our snack guide below! 

Popular Chinese snacks to munch on 

1. Wei Long Konjac Snack

chinese snack china wei long konjac snack low calories
(Credit: Scarlett Supermarket 思家客国货超市)

Looking for a low calorie snack to tide you till your next meal? The Wei Long Konjac Snack (available on Scarlett Supermarket 思家客国货超市) is your best bet! These seasoned konjac snacks have a similar chewy texture to konjac jellies consumed for dieting. While they may not be calorie-free, they contain the same amount of calories as half an apple or one third a banana. They come in mala or sour and spicy flavours that are sure to pack a punch! 

2. Li Zi Qi Purple Potato Mini Steamed Rice Cake

li zi qi purple potato mini steamed rice cake chinese snack soft
(Credit: Scarlett Supermarket 思家客国货超市)

The Li Zi Qi Purple Potato Mini Steamed Rice Cake (available on Scarlett Supermarket 思家客国货超市) makes for a good afternoon snack, especially with a pot of Chinese tea! This soft and fluffy purple potato rice cake melts in your mouth instantly and has a subtle sweet flavour that’s not too overwhelming. This Chinese snack will definitely be a favourite not only among the kids, but the elderly too! 

3. ChaCheer Potato Chips Crispy

china snack chinese ChaCheer Potato Chips Crispy
(Credit: Scarlett Supermarket 思家客国货超市)

Fans of vegetable or cheese crackers will fall in love with the ChaCheer Potato Chips Crispy (available on Scarlett Supermarket 思家客国货超市) which have a similar taste. We especially love the bite-sized shape of these chips. The entire piece slides effortlessly into your mouth so you can munch without worrying about dropping crumbs everywhere! In addition, each packet comes with a generous amount of chips baked to golden perfection so you can snack to your heart’s content! And since the chips are baked and not deep fried, they are not greasy at all. Pick from popular flavours such as Korean kimchi, mala and BBQ!

4. Jin Zai Little Dried Fish Anchovies

Jin Zai Little Dried Fish Anchovies chinese snack
(Credit: Pot A Toast)

It’s common to snack on peanuts or nacho chips when you’re having beer night with your pals. But have you considered snacking on anchovies instead? The Jin Zai Little Dried Fish Anchovies (available on Pot A Toast) make for a great beer-snack pairing. These marinated anchovies have a rather tough and chewy texture that’s extremely addictive! With a myriad of flavours including braised sauce, spicy as well as sweet and sour, you’re bound to find one that compliments your alcoholic beverage perfectly. In addition, this Chinese snack is unbelievably appetising and goes well with plain rice too! 

5. Glutinous Sticky Corn 

china snack chinese supermarket glutinous corn

Craving for corn on the cob? You can prepare this snack in a jiffy with the Glutinous Sticky Corn (available on XI YU LIANG PING MART)! Great for breakfast or a midday snack, this glutinous corn has a slightly sticky texture — which is how it got its name! This Chinese snack from China is great for keeping you full for hours. All you have to do is to pop it into the microwave, grill or food steamer to heat it up. 

6. Hai Chi Jia Hot Spicy River Snail Noodles

chinese snack popular hai chi jia hot spicy river snail noodles
(Credit: Scarlett Supermarket 思家客国货超市)

Here’s a Chinese snack that’s not for the faint hearted — Hai Chi Jia Hot Spicy River Snail Noodles (available on Scarlett Supermarket 思家客国货超市). While you won’t find snails in this snack, the broth of the noodles is made from boiling fried river snails for hours. This gives the soup a strong fishy smell that may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, this is one of the hottest snacks in China as many find the strong sweet and sour flavour to be incredibly yummy. Give the river snail noodles a try and expect an explosion of umami flavour in your mouth!

7. Wei Long Fried Pungent Beancurd

wei long snack fried pungent beancurd china
(Credit: Scarlett Supermarket 思家客国货超市)

You can always count on Chinese snacks to offer adventurous flavours — case in point, the infamous stinky tofu! While this delicacy is hard to find in Singapore, you can put your nose to the test with the Wei Long Fried Pungent Beancurd (available on Scarlett Supermarket 思家客国货超市). We admit that this snack doesn’t look the most appetising, but it is surprisingly delicious with a mix of salty and spicy flavours. Be warned, the spicy level of this China snack is off the charts! However, that makes it a good snack for when you’re nodding off at work Sink your teeth into the crispy outer layer and slurp up the spicy juices hidden in the plush inner layers for a quick perk me up. 

8. Bestore Scallops

chinese snack china bestore scallops
(Credit: 良品铺子 Singapore Official Store)

Level up your snack game with Bestore Scallops (available on 良品铺子 Singapore Official Store), one of the hottest snacks in China! Unlike dried scallops, Bestore Scallops are marinated and packed fresh individually into vacuum sachets. This is why the scallops still remain juicy and have a springy texture even after you keep them for long. There are original, hot and spicy as well as garlic flavours to cater to different palates! 

9. Bestore Crispy Winter Jujube

chinese snack china bestore crispy winter jujube
(Credit: 良品铺子 Singapore Official Store)

We’ve mentioned spicy and savoury Chinese snacks above, and now, it’s finally time for a snack that sweet tooth foodies will love! The Bestore Crispy Winter Jujube (available on 良品铺子 Singapore Official Store) has a natural fruity sweetness with absolutely no artificial sweetening added. Every jujube is deseeded so you pop it into your mouth without hesitation. And unlike dried jujube that may appear wrinkly and taste mushy, these jujubes have a satisfying crunch to them that makes them a popular snack you’ve got to try!

10. Bestore Baby Lobster

china snack chinese bestore baby lobster
(Credit: 良品铺子 Singapore Official Store)

If you’re a fan of Chinese dramas or variety shows from China, you will know about the nation’s favourite snack — baby lobster. Curious about the taste of these tiny crustaceans? Now you can have a taste with the Bestore Baby Lobster (available on 良品铺子 Singapore Official Store)! There’s no need to cook these baby lobsters as they are already pre marinated and cooked. However, do note that the baby lobsters come with shells. All you have to do is tuck at the meat from the tip and the entire string of flesh will slide out of the shell easily! Curb your next midnight seafood cravings with this unique baby lobster snack!

11. Xian Ge Chicken Flavour La Tiao

xian ge chicken flavour la tiao chinese snack china spicy bar
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

No roundup of the best Chinese snacks is complete without mentioning la tiao, also known as spicy bars! Needless to say, this is yet another China snack that will set your mouth on fire. The Xian Ge Chicken Flavour La Tiao (available on Shopee Supermarket) is a crowd favourite in China especially among students as it’s both affordable and tasty. Made from wheat flour, chilli oil and chicken seasoning, this Chinese supermarket snack has a chewy texture that will give you endless satisfaction.

12. Three Squirrels Fruit Yogurt Cubes

three squirrels fruit yogurt cubes chinese snack kids
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

Three Squirrels is a renowned snack company in China, and you can now purchase some of their yummy offerings on Shopee Supermarket! The Three Squirrels Fruit Yogurt Cubes (available on Shopee Supermarket) is a hit with kids thanks to its fruity and milky taste — similar to yogurt ice creams! It melts instantly in your mouth and can be added as toppings to create delicious parfaits. 

13. Bestore Everyday Nuts Fruits Oatmeal Cereal 


china snack chinese cereal bestore everyday nuts fruits oatmeal
(Credit: MixCart)

Another healthy China snack option is the Bestore Everyday Nuts Fruits Oatmeal Cereal (available on MixCart). Jam packed with cashew nuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios and hazelnuts, this is your go-to snack for plant-based protein and other essential nutrients! To add a hint of sweetness to the mix, the cereal also contains raisins, dried cranberries and blueberries, freeze-dried strawberries as well as coconut. We’re certain you’d be impressed with the generous variety included in this bag of cereal

14. Bestore Brown Sugar Sachima

china snack bestore brown sugar sachima
(Credit: 良品铺子 Singapore Official Store [Cropped])

Love Rice Krispie treats? Then you’ve got to check out the Bestore Brown Sugar Sachima (available on 良品铺子 Singapore Official Store). Sachima is a Chinese sweet snack made of deep fried flour batter tossed in egg and coated in brown sugar syrup. Although not made of rice puffs, sachima has the same sticky yet crunchy texture that Rice Krispie treats have. As this snack is on the sweeter side, it’s best enjoyed with a warm cup of Chinese tea. 

Best beverages to buy from Chinese supermarkets

15. Xiang Piao Piao Classic Milk Tea

xiang piao piao classic milk tea china brand beverage
(Credit: Scarlett Supermarket 思家客国货超市)

Staying home during this period doesn’t mean you have no access to good milk tea. With the Xiang Piao Piao Classic Milk Tea (available on Scarlett Supermarket 思家客国货超市), you can enjoy a hot cuppa anytime, anywhere! The milk tea kit comes with everything you need — tea, sugar, nata de coco and even a straw. This will be every tea lover’s favourite Chinese snack as it has a light roasted flavour that goes well with the sweet nata de coco bits. Other flavours to try include the dasheen (yam), white peach and coffee!

16. MIZONE Vitamin Beverage

china beverage snack brand mizone vitamin drink healthy
(Credit: Scarlett Supermarket 思家客国货超市)

Plain water is always good but what if you want to switch things up with  some added flavour? The MIZONE Vitamin Beverage (available on Scarlett Supermarket 思家客国货超市) will be right up your alley. This  popular Chinese drink is known for its rich vitamin composition, including vitamin C, B6 and B12. While not to be taken as a complete nutrient replacement drink, you’ll still be enticed to drink a fair bit with its refreshing and fruity flavours like cactus lime and grapefruit!

17. Xiang Piao Piao Mix Milk Tea Series

china snack bubble tea instant xiang piao piao mix milk tea
(Credit: Scarlett Supermarket 思家客国货超市)

Bubble tea fans, rejoice! The Xiang Piao Piao Mix Milk Tea Series (available on Scarlett Supermarket 思家客国货超市) is your go-to when bubble tea stores are closed. Unlike the classic milk tea series, this range is made to be more of a dessert drink with actual chewy pearls! Satisfy your sweet tooth with the brown sugar flavour, or go for a less sweet option like the taro milk tea. Instead of regular pearls, the taro milk tea has taro pearls to amplify the yam taste!

18. Milky White Rabbit Milk Tea

chinese snack china milky white rabbit milk tea sweet
(Credit: Scarlett Supermarket 思家客国货超市)

When it comes to creative Chinese snacks, China never disappoints! Our childhood favourite candy is now made into a tasty drink with the Milky White Rabbit Milk Tea (available on Scarlett Supermarket 思家客国货超市). With a milky sweetness and a mix of fun flavours like sea salt cheese, this is a feel good snack to have when you’re feeling down or tired. It also comes with chewy nata de coco and other toppings like red bean — one cup is never enough!

19. SLW Baby Bottle Yogurt Drink

china drink slw baby bottle yogurt drink teat
(Credit: Thumbsup65)

While yogurt drinks are not new to the Chinese snack scene, the SLW Baby Bottle Yogurt Drink (available on Thumbsup65) is a special one that we’ve never seen before. Why so? You guessed it, the beverage is packed in a baby’s milk bottle complete with a functional bottle teat! While you can avoid the embarrassment by unscrewing the teat off and drinking straight from the bottle, the fun lies in the bottle feeding! Choose from mango, strawberry or original flavour and try not to get yogurt drunk! 

Free up space in your kitchen for these fancy Chinese supermarket snacks

From pungent beancurd to baby lobsters, you can always count on Chinese snacks from China to deliver yummy and unexpected flavours! Need more snack inspiration? Check out these Korean snacks that your favourite K-pop idols love! Let’s not forget that Japanese snacks are to-die-for too. Discover some popular Japanese snacks or head on over to our Don Don Donki shopping guide to stock up on your Japanese grocery essentials! 

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